Engaging Promise Walk Participants to Create Lifelong Supporters

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Many of our newsletter readers will participate in or support a Promise Walk for Preeclampsia this May and June. The Promise Walks are one of the biggest fundraisers that the Preeclampsia Foundation hosts: they not only generate funds for the Foundation, but raise awareness about the disease in local communities. For many people, a walk is their first experience with the Foundation - their first time connecting with our community and becoming aware of preeclampsia's devastating impact. This connection is an excellent opportunity to motivate Promise Walk attendees to become year-round Foundation supporters within their local community.

There are many ways you can help get your neighbors, friends and families involved after the Walk is over:

  • Encourage walkers to sign up for the Expectations newsletter to stay connected and motivated about our work; to see the impact their contributions are making.
  • Host an event to raise awareness or money for the Preeclampsia Foundation. 92% of Promise Walk donations go directly back into programs of the Foundation (research, patient education, and provider education).
  • Take awareness brochures to doctors' offices and clinics in your community. If you go for your regular gynecological exam (and you should!), there is no good reason at all for you to not take brochures to your doctor's office with the request that they make them available to patients.
  • Use social media and networking. It's one of the fastest ways to spread the word about preeclampsia. Join the cause on Facebook and educate your Facebook friends by inviting them to join the cause. Forward this newsletter to your contacts with a personal account of why the cause is so important to you.
  • Educate your community. You can fight preeclampsia in your own backyard by asking community leaders to provide education. Think of the leaders you know in your community - your spiritual leader, your government representative, your club president, the CEO of your company, the scout troop leader, the school principal. Organize a speaking opportunity to tell your story or invite a survivor to speak, closing with a call-to-action for the audience.
  • Personally thank our sponsors and donors. Don't wait until next Walk season to engage them. Show them your appreciation and inform them of the successful outcomes from the Walk and how you plan to build on that in the future. Help them understand that they are a partner in that effort.

For more information or help obtaining awareness-raising items to distribute please contact Angela Little.

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