Anyone here or anyone you know had preeclampsia with twins?

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Re: Anyone here or anyone you know had preeclampsia with twi

Post by angieb » Thu Aug 02, 2012 03:14 pm

I am so sorry for your losses.

I am by no means a doctor or medical professional and obviously don't know anything about you, but my guess is that someone who had severe pre-e at 21 weeks (with twins or a singleton), would be very likely to get pre-e again, sometime, if you looked at the odds and the research. We actually don't have a lot of people, even with twin pregnancies, who get sick that early here. I have a friend who lost twins in her first pregnancy (also IVF), who got sick around 24 weeks. She was even on blood thinners with that pregnancy (which is something some doctors prescribe for people who had severe early onset pre-e especially with growth restriction). Unfortunately, her next rounds of IVF were not successful and they went the adoption route instead, they were given pretty high odds that she would get sick again even with a singleton, but they thought/hoped it would be much later, if it did happen.

While I didn't have twins, I did get severe pre-e and HELLP by 23 weeks (though symptoms were there definitely at 21 and 22 weeks) with just a singleton. I was given a 70% chance of getting pre-e again, and 12% chance of HELLP. I went on to have a healthy, pretty normal pregnancy with our first son. (Currently pregnant again with another boy, 25 weeks tomorrow and no signs of trouble yet.)

Even though the odds you are given may be pretty high, even with just a singleton, there are several people here who got sick in their first pregnancies, almost all with just 1 baby, between 18-26 weeks, and went on to have pregnancies where they either didn't get sick at all or got sick much, much later, and ultimately brought home a baby.

I remember that desperation to be pregnant again and take home a healthy baby, all too well. That first year is so rough, especially. Hang in there.

Re: Anyone here or anyone you know had preeclampsia with twi

Post by whereowhere » Thu Aug 02, 2012 01:10 am

Thanks, I am interested in maybe at the least the hope that I only had it because of it being a twin pregnancy. But I guess I'll never really know until the end of my future pregnancy/pregnancies. Thank you for sharing about the good results of people you knew. I have been tested for underlying issues, and it appears I have none. My doc seemed puzzled that I who has a good BMI could have it so early and so severe.

I have been told I have a 60% chance of having it again broken up into 20% chance it happens before 28 weeks again. A 20% chance it happens later, and a 20% chance of having it at later term. Then a 40% chance of not having it at all. But maybe having a singleton could help.

Re: Anyone here or anyone you know had preeclampsia with twi

Post by alexis » Wed Aug 01, 2012 08:32 am

I am so sorry for your loss.

Preeclampsia is more common in multiple pregnancies. One of our moderators here had eclampsia with her twins and had a healthy subsequent pregnancy. Amongst the other mothers of multiples I know, most did not develop preeclampsia again in subsequent pregnancies; however, none of them had another after such an early onset, so it's a very limited sample . Has your MFM given you any more information or tested for other underlying conditions?

Anyone here or anyone you know had preeclampsia with twins?

Post by whereowhere » Tue Jul 31, 2012 10:18 pm

I lost my beautiful twins from severe preeclampsia, almost 4 months ago. I was 21 weeks pregnant the day I delivered them. They did not survive the birth. I conceived them through IVF, and I will likely try again in just a few months, as my MFM told me to wait 6 months from the day of delivery. I am literally counting the days until October when I can try again. I will for sure only have one embryo put in this time. But, I wondered if anyone on here or knows of anyone who has had twins the first time with preeclampsia and did or did not have it in subsequent pregnancy. I am just wondering if it could be that I had it due to having twins or if I could maybe think that I may not have it at all if I only have one embryo put in. I am just trying to mentally prepare for another pregnancy. Would love any information you might have on this idea.