Advice needed lost my son, wanting another baby

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Re: Advice needed lost my son, wanting another baby

Post by kerisue » Thu Aug 23, 2012 03:12 pm

Sami, I'm so sorry about the loss of your son Ethan! I know that is the most devastating loss. I was 38 too when my first/only was born and died due to preeclampsia. Even though I have not been able to get pregnant since there are several "older" ladies here who have. Unfortunately, Preeclampsia can hit young and old, fit and not-fit. Anecdotally I have heard about a connection between placental abruption and preeclampsia (both probably related to inadequate placentation) but I don't know what the medical science says. You mentioned a "consultant." What kind of consultant is that? After my experience I found it helpful to see a high risk doctor- a maternal fetal medicine specialist or perinatalogist- to talk about what had happened to me, the chances of something happening in a future pregnancy, and how I would be monitored/treated in a future pregnancy. Good luck to you.

Advice needed lost my son, wanting another baby

Post by sami21 » Thu Aug 23, 2012 09:55 am

Hello all
I lost my son this year baby Ethan on feb 19th 2012 due to placenta abruption which led to preeclampsia and Hypertension for 8 weeks.
My partner and I are devastated which all parents are, i met my partner 15 months ago and were so in love, but I think time is against
us, my partner is 45 and Im 38 years old, I never wanted children before until now, so the loss of Ethan is massive.
has anyone had another baby after an abruption, I got the preeclampsia after he was born, two days after c section delivery.

I have never smoked and my last drink was June last year which was one glass of wine, never been a drinker, since the abruption and preeclampsia my liver function has took a while also to recover.

I want another baby but at present but I`m very anxious due to my loss, I had the placental abruption from 26 weeks until he was born at 32 + 4 days,
the bleed at the side of my placenta was 11cm across, and I`ve had all tests to see what the rational was behind it, but the consultants said it just
one of those things and there`s no answer for it.
I am fit for my age, well least that`s what I thought, Im a medical professional myself which I don`t think really help me seeing my blood pressure really high
and my blood results all over the place, I suppose i`m thankful my platelets in my blood went up 980 instead of down so I didn`t get hellp syndrome.
My consultant went on holiday the morning my son passed away, and she`ll look after me when I decide to get pregnant again, hopefully sooner rather than later.
I would love your advice and stories of success and pregnancies after Placenta Abruptions and PE,and how you cope carrying baby after you lose a precious gift.

thank you very much