strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

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Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by melissaa » Tue Sep 11, 2012 07:02 pm

Its so very odd and frustrating that it can literally go either way and really hvae a mind of its own! Tonight I started itching like MAD for about an hour but really bad for about 30 minutes. Mosly on my belly, but also on my chest, tush, and around my boobs. I finally pulled up my shirt and my entire belly was so red and blotchy! Then 10 minutes later it was gone. So ODD and I have no idea where it even came from! Also my bp tonight is pretty low 108/68!

Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by blythe » Tue Sep 11, 2012 06:35 pm

Just seconding Teresa, in your shoes I'd really want bloodwork today to make sure the pain you're experiencing isn't more serious. Here is a link to a lot of women sharing their different experiences with the URQ pain. viewtopic.php?f=85&t=492

HELLP often happens with PE, but can also occur without high bp or protein, so I'm less reassured that your bp is okay.

As for rest and activity, doctors prescribe bedrest because it seems to make sense, but so far research doesn't support it. After I was diagnosed in my second pregnancy I had one of the busiest days of my entire pregnancy - and my bp rang in super low. I like Caryn's explanation of how it's a "negotiation" between the placenta and mom's body of where the resources go, reflecting in fluctuation symptoms, but the underlying dysfunction doesn't go away.

Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by tree » Tue Sep 11, 2012 04:05 pm

I had HELLP without ever having diagnostically high blood pressure, and the epigastric pain feels different for everyone. Remind them that this is possible if they resist drawing new labs. HELLP and PE can move slowly in some women, but it can also move very very quickly. Monitor your symptoms very carefully if you decide to stay home. Please consider calling repeatedly until they talk to you or just going in to L&D if you feel worse. The biggest red flag that caused me to go in was a sudden onset of nausea in combination with the pain not going away. I hope this is terrible gas pain and a normally miserable headache. It could be, but you really want to be sure it isn't HELLP.

Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by melissaa » Tue Sep 11, 2012 02:45 pm

one thing I have noticed with the shoulder pain is that when its there, my chest seems a little tight... or my lungs maybe? my bp right now is 124/76 (which is higher for me but I guess not concerning to the dr since it isnt "criteria for diagnosis high"...thats the vibe im getting from them anyway). I was told yesterday that I didnt need to come back in unless my bp was consistently 140/90 and I was having epigastric pain under my right rib in the front. :/

Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by melissaa » Tue Sep 11, 2012 02:42 pm

It comes and goes so much. It was there for hours last night pretty bad, then gone this morning hen I got out of bed and then came back for an hour or two.. gone all day and starting back now (3:45) ;/ Very strange.
I called the ob nurse this morning when it returned but they have yet to call me back. Its frustrating b/c they seem to be blowing me off like its no big deal. I have an appt tomorrow, so at this point I guess im going to wait it out and see if they will re-do my labs tomorrow if for nothing but to give me thereassurance that nothing has changed since last weeks labs.

Re: strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by tree » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:45 am

The upper right quadrant and/or shoulder pain can be transient. Many of us have experienced it coming and going over a period of days or even weeks. It is worth getting checked out. The blood test is very fast and the only way to be certain that you liver is (or isn't) causing the pain. There are so many things that can cause abdominal pain in pregnancy, so it is good to rule out HELLP quickly if possible. Can you call in to find out if you could be seen in your doctor's office or go into L&D? They will probably want to see you very quickly with the headache and epigastric pain.

strange question about BP.. and shoulder pain

Post by melissaa » Tue Sep 11, 2012 12:22 am

Does exercise actually lower your BP? I decided togive my house a good scrubbing today before my bp goes any higher and they do put me on bedrest and I figured I would have to rest every 20 minutes or so to give my bp a rest, but so far my bp has remained about the same 124/74. It was much higher this weekend ranging from 130-140/80-90 and when I went in because of it yesterday they didnt seem concerned at all about that or the headache that wouldnt go away and instead prescribed me fioricet.. which didnt touch it.
I was having some right shoulder blade pain last night that really felt a lot like trapped gas or really bad heartburn in my shoulder. Kind of starting mid sholder blade in my back and radiating up my neck and down to about the bottom of my rib cage. My BP wasnt terrible so I decided to see how it felt today. I didnt feel it at all when I woke up but an hour later it was there again. It seems to come and go some today so im assuming its probably not the "right shoulder pain" im reading about?