L & D...link between preterm labor and developing pre-e?

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Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by holly3372@msn.com » Fri Sep 28, 2012 08:08 am

Mine was 213 at 20 weeks, I see the MFM for ultrasound today so will ask about another test. Ok good for you that she is still running your labs and 24 hour urine.Keep us posted. Hang in there, you are not alone

Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by melissaa » Fri Sep 28, 2012 07:54 am

My 24 hour came back at 194.. up slightly from 4 weeks ago (I think it was 185 then)

Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by princess purr » Thu Sep 27, 2012 05:44 pm

It drives me crazy when I hear docs being so lax about preeclampsia. It can move so fast and it is not like your doppler is going to lye! Decells in heart rate are what ended up making me get a csection at 26.5 weeks!

Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by melissaa » Thu Sep 27, 2012 04:25 pm

It basically ended with her saying that everything looked reassuring. She already had ordered bloodwork and 24 hr for that day b/c I demanded them. I went back in today for a scheduled ob visit. My bp seems so irratic. I checked it earlier today when I was feeling really hot all the sudden and tingly and it was 133/106. Then about 30 minutes later I felt ok so I checked it and it was 105/69. At the office today it was 124/80. She basically told me the same thing she did yesterday but she did ask what happened with my previous pregnancies and she scheduled me to come back in next Friday. I had an NST b/c I asked for it and she was supposed to come back in and talk with me about the results of that but just sent a nurse in to tell us we could leave even though the baby only moved 3 times the entire test and her HR was pretty much the same the whole time (Im not sure what this means but it was total opposite of last NST). She said my lab work looked good and will get my 24 hr results tomorrow.
My pre-e labs with my other two pregnancies tested for almost everything under the sun and these, they only show uric acid, AST, ALT, and platelets. Here are the results from mine
UA: 3.0
AST: 13
ALT: 12
Platelets: 173

Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by holly3372@msn.com » Thu Sep 27, 2012 03:34 pm

Ok, so how did the appointment end? I know this is so frustrating believe me! My docs are all telling me the same thing, well your bp looks good so no need for another U/S or 24 hour urine test at this time but I still insisted on them both .

Re: L & D last night :/ *updated*

Post by melissaa » Thu Sep 27, 2012 09:53 am

So I went in yesterday after the dr FINALLY answered the nurses message from me (the last time I called with continued bleeding last week she never returned my message and the nurse had to finally schedule me with a diff dr b/c the other dr "was thinking about it but didnt know what to do") and decided to have me come in for a bp check and go ahead and repeat my labs per my request b/c of the high bp's in triage and continued headaches, shoulder pain.ect. I got there epecting to be there 5 minutes to check bp and give blood, get my jug.. and they told me I HAD to see her b/c of the nature of the visit. So I had to sit in the room with both my kids (in the worst part of the day for them) for an hour and 20 minutes before she finally came in. She then asked me what happened at L&D b/c they ont get a report, so I told her everything and she basically was smiling the entire time and when I finished she totally blew me off. Telling me "well your bp looks beautiful here today and you have no potein on the dip". She told me that she knows this is my baby and I want to protect it and that she knows I KNOW my body.. blah blah.. but that "everything looks VERY reassuring!". She also said that she really wishes I would just go on to neuro and let them give me drugs for my headache (which I know are class C b/c they did the same thing with my son.. had me take all these different class C drugs and none of them even helped). She also told m to stop using my doppler b/c it was only causing more stress. I was LIVID! I want to know what exactly is reassuring about pressures (for 6 hours) in L&D as high as 170 and 92 and contractions that need to be controlle with terbutaline.. as well as all the other symptoms Im experiencing!? Im SOOO annoyed and frustrated and feel like shes not listening! This Dr is new in the practice and JUST out of her residency and becuase of her overly reassuring attitude.. Im even more concerned b/c Im afraid she is going to miss something!

Re: L & D last night :/

Post by holly3372@msn.com » Wed Sep 26, 2012 09:39 am

I don't know for sure about preterm labor and preeclampsia but I do agree that you should get that 24 hour urine test started asap along with labs. I will be thinking of you, keep us posted.

L & D...link between preterm labor and developing pre-e?

Post by melissaa » Wed Sep 26, 2012 08:29 am

I have a medical grade doppler that I bought the beginning of my pregnancy (it helps me feel more at ease after what happened with DD being in distress at the end of my pregnancy). I hadnt used it in about a week so I pulled it out and listened for a bit. I happened to have two contractions in the short time I was listening and both times, her heartrate dropped to 80BPM. After that, everytime I stood up I felt like I was having a continuous contraction that wouldnt subside until I sat down. I started seeing spots again and my bp was 148/70s so I called the on call and they wanted me to go in to L & D. When I got there they hooked me up and I was actually having contractions every 2-5 minutes and her heartrate was only dropping to the 100-115 range and coming back up shortly after and she was moving great. They ran a huge bag of fluids and the contractions only intensified so they gave me another bag of fluids and a shot of terbutaline (which is scary when you already have a heart issue already) and they finally slowed to about 4 an hour and I stayed a fingertip dialated so they sent me home on modified bedrest until my next ob appt. My bp the whole time we were there was ranging from high 120s/70s to 170s/90s and I had a headache te whole time we were there but they never did lab work. This morning my bp is running 138/78 and my protein dip looks funny again (some neg-trace with an outline and spots of +2-+3. :/ I have an appt tomorrow but im considering seeing if they will repeat my labs and 24 hr today so they will be back in time to review at my appt tomorrow.

Does anyone know if theres a link between pre-term labor and possible developing pre-e? Ive never had pre-term labor with any of my pregnancies so this is new teritory for me. (I'm 30 weeks today).... I take this statement back now that im remembering more details. I was having regular contractions and didnt know it with my first when I went in for an NST and her HR dropped and she had IUGR and had to be delivered at 35 weeks. I started having regular ctx (irritable uterus) with my son at 29 weeks and he was delivered at 36 weeks after an amio for lung dev. because of rising bp's and protein.