Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

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Re: Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by trish » Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:28 am

Just checking in on you! Just a note on labs - I always thought that if my labs were good I was fine but my OB dashed those hopes. She told me that labs can change very quickly so good labs merely means at the time they were done you were ok but that doesn't mean that tomorrow they might not be good.

Hope you are still hanging in there!

Re: Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by melissajtyler » Wed Oct 24, 2012 04:43 pm

Just wanted to thank everyone for their responses! After a LOT of fighting and strongarming including having to check back in at the hospital (I am dealing with a large regional hospital with a level 3 NICU who are the best in the area - yay - and lots of residents who don't bother to read charts - boo) I was finally dx'd with mild-moderate pre-e (mild protein - 371 - but SEVERE symptoms, I guess they split the difference LOL) I was told I am just one of those unlucky women who is super-sensitive to blood pressure changes. My labs are still fine and my headache is manageable, though still present. Still URQ pain and vision issues, too. Blah. My pressures have stabilized somewhat on Labetalol - I am generally in the 140/80 range now, still high for me, but better. And I'm seeing the doctor at least 3x a week until delivery. I'm not considered at risk for HELLP right now since my labs are perfect, but they are making me follow up with someone regarding my enlarged liver.

I am hoping we can hold out until 37 weeks, when my amnio is scheduled. If all is well with baby's lungs, we will deliver that day. My doctor feels that I may deliver before that on my own due to all the stress my body is under and this being my 5th, but we will see. Thanks for the replies - this board is and will continue to be a wealth of knowledge!

Re: Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by trish » Mon Oct 22, 2012 04:30 pm

Welcome & sorry to hear things aren't going well! If the headaches continue to bother you I might reconsider checking back into the hospital. Whether they can improve the headache or not (depending on what meds you can take) being in the hospital might be the best place for you. If anything happens they would be able to move quickly. I spent the last 2-3 weeks of my 3rd (and last!) pregnancy going back and forth from Dr. appts to L&D trips for headaches and finally (the week before Christmas) decided if I called in every time my head hurt, like my OB had told me to, I'd be at L&D constantly. Um - duh - that's probably where I SHOULD have been. LOL! But I was being silly (stupid) and just wanted to be home with my other little ones at Christmas.

When I went in for my regular appr the day after Christmas my OB sent me straight over to L&D to be delivered because my BP was so high (even on BP meds), my headache was awful & I just looked terrible apparently. Anyway, I wish someone had told me I was being silly.

I hope things continue to "creep" along for you but just be aware, sometimes things can get bad quickly & being monitored at the hospital might be a good idea. Hang in there & keep us posted! (((HUGS)))

Re: Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by nov_mum » Mon Oct 22, 2012 02:52 am

Sorry, I'm not much help except to say that I hope you can tick along as much as you can but I appreciate it must be like waiting for a loaded gun to go off.

Re: Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by tree » Sun Oct 21, 2012 09:16 pm

Welcome to the forum, and I am sorry you are going through this. It sounds absolutely miserable. How are you feeling now?
How often are they rechecking your labs? Epi-gastric pain and vomiting are bad signs in late pregnancy, especially if there is something going on with your liver. Were your liver enzymes (AST/ALT) high? If not, did they do a scan to determine that your liver is enlarged? Some women seem to hang on for a long time in a completely miserable state without getting quite bad enough to deliver. I agree that if it walks, quacks, and hurts like PE, you are probably headed there. Please make sure to call your doctor and/or just go to L&D if you start to feel awful again. I hope the Zofran is working for you.

Baby #5, 34w, my body is driving me crazy here...

Post by melissajtyler » Sat Oct 20, 2012 06:48 pm

Hi all,
Just wanted to post here to see if anyone had any insight on what is going on or has experienced anything similar.
I am 34w1d with baby #5. My first two pregnancies with my first husband were uncomplicated term deliveries - 36 weeker and twin 39 weekers. I had GD with the oldest but not the twins. Third pregnancy I had gestational hypertension and severe edema from 33 weeks on, but carried to 38 weeks and never developed pre-E.

This is #5, pregnancy #4, second baby with my husband-to-be, and I have had every issue in the book. Bled for the first 12 weeks, preterm labor at 26 weeks due to BV that they barely stopped in time, heavy bleeding that was unexplained at 30 weeks, and at 33 weeks I was admitted with a severe headache (9/10 pain-wise) epigastric pain, high BP (went up to 203/110 while I was in hospital) swelling in my hands and face, blurry, spotty vision, nausea and vomiting. BUT, all my labs were perfect! The only abnormality they found was an enlarged liver, and my protein/creantine ratio test was also slightly off. My 24h protein was 162 last Friday, and I dipped normal at my doctor's appointment this Wednesday.

I was discharged last Saturday, a week ago. I went back two days ago (Thursday) because the nausea and vomiting became severe and my headache ramped up again. I was dizzy and terrified I was going to pass out with only myself and my toddler here and started having major tunnel vision. My blood pressure has stayed steady in the 140/90 range while resting and spikes to 160/90+ when active (IE, at the doctor's office or right after arriving at the hospital.) I normally have BP in the 90/60 range, so this is quite high for me. I still have the headache, around 5/10 on the pain scale. I was prescribed Zofran and they upped my Labetalol to 200/2x a day. I am repeating the 24 hour urine test tomorrow because I dipped +2 protein at Labor & Delivery. I was offered rehospitalization for narcotics to try and control the headache I have had for 10 days straight now, but declined - I HATE being in the hospital and I react badly to narcotics (morphine didn't help during my first hospitalization so they were offering Dilaudid, which I get hives from. Trading one problem for another!) I hate that they don't seem interested in digging further and are just lobbing medication at me to control my symptoms :(

Baby seems fine, but I have not had a growth scan which I worry about. I also have GD and all of my babies have been big, but at my last U/S, she was measuring a week behind dates (where three weeks before she was measuring at least two weeks ahead.) I am worried her growth has slowed. She has passed all NSTs with flying colors and a BPP yesterday was perfect with good fluid.

So basically - I am not officially pre-E, but it's walking and quacking a lot like a duck right now. I feel just terrible - heartburny liver-area pain, headache, spotty vision, and my legs are starting to show pitting edema slightly. My BP seems to be settling into a predictable pattern rather than being labile, and I think the lack of spikes has improved my headache ever so slightly - as has the Zofran, since vomiting is such a physical and emotional stressor that it couldn't have been helping my head feel better. Just miserable. I am hoping the 24 hour urine gives us some clear answers as to how/if this is progressing and what our next steps might be. I just wish my body was giving us clear answers, period - the labs are really throwing me for a loop and my doctors seem confident that it's all going to be fine since my labs are.

Sorry if this is long-winded and rambling, I hope it makes sense! If you read it and have any insight, thank you in advance :)