OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

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Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by holly3372@msn.com » Mon Nov 05, 2012 07:46 am

I agree my friend, better safe then sorry especially when dealing witha doctor like this. You have to advocate for yourself, you know your bady and feel somethings not right . Got to L&D get checked out there insist on it and tell them about the babys movements. Will be thinking of you and checking to see how you are.

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by trish » Sun Nov 04, 2012 07:32 pm

My OB had headaches that were not relieved by Tylenol as a go directly to L&D symptom. "The" PE headache & blurry vision isn't caused by high BP - it's caused by brain swelling which can surprisingly happen with a normal BP. If it were me, I'd call in to my OB and/or go ahead into L&D. Better to be safe than sorry.

Update when you can. (((HUGS)))

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by melissaa » Sun Nov 04, 2012 04:42 pm

Thanks! Im really confused this weekend.. Im feeling absolutely awful.. headaches are terrible and blurry vision.. Id expect my BP to be higher but instead its all over the place again after hoovering 150/90 almost all of last week. Today and yesterday I've gotten readings like 124/70 and 151/90. What gives? I guess its frustrating b/c I feel so bad but my dr doesnt take anything seriously unless my bp is through the roof. I just know if I were to go in just for feeling bad, they'd basically laugh at me.
The baby seems to be moving less and less too. She was perfect on her BPP Thursday so im trying not to worry. She's had spurts of good movement today but overall has had WAAY more time not moving that actually moving and when I try to get her to move, I dont get much of a response.. like shes really sleepy.

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by holly3372@msn.com » Sun Nov 04, 2012 09:04 am

Great news as far as getting your care transfered to your MFM, I am not liking the waiting around until we are in an emergency situation.Please keep us posted on your NST tomorrow and how things are going. You are in my thoughts.

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by melissaa » Sun Nov 04, 2012 07:46 am

The head supervisor called me Friday afternoon and asked me about my appt with MFM and what they said. When I told her what the MFM said and told her that I felt the same way about not wanting to wait around on something to happen and end up in an emergency situation she completely agreed and said she would feel the exact same way. She was incredibly supportive. I casually mentioned the issues from last night and how I didnt care to really call in about them b/c they never seem concerned when I do and she said she was going to call the dr and let him know. She said she would like for the MFM and my ob to get together to discuss a plan for 37 weeks and she would get back with me. She called me about 15 minutes later and said that my ob told her that if things were WORSE and my bp was over 150/90 then I could come in to L&d if I wanted (he is there on call) to or I could monitor at home if things are the same as they were last night (which they are.. apparently thats still not a concern).

She said that he told her that if I choose to monitor at home, then I can just transfer my care over to MFM and she is going to try to get me in earlier over there (as in Monday). So my interpretation is that he doesnt even care to speak with them about any other option but 39 week delivery and is still not at all concerned.. and does not share their views of treating patients with PIH and mild pre-e the same.

She was able to get my appt with them moved to Wednesday for a nurse visit and then Thurs. for an NST and MFM visit. I still go to my OB MOnday for an NST and after that they are considering my care transferred.

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by MomTimesThree » Fri Nov 02, 2012 11:19 am

Ay, that's so frustrating. Like you I like your MFMs response much better, especially given your history. Could you leave a message directly for that doctor and explain your concerns and not get off the phone with her until she either owns you as a patient or writes her instructions to your OB... or if they are connected with the hospital you will deliver at to put it your chart directions to induce no later than 37 weeks?

Once you have the recommendation from the MFM in writing to your OB you could also play a bit of hard ball with them (although that would be difficult for your relationship with them), and if your OB continues to push for wait and see to ask her to document your unease with it in your chart and that it is different from the MFMs recommendation...

That's such a difficult situation. At 35 weeks with our last we went into a bit of an orphaned patient stage and it was very stressful to not know for a bit who "owned" us as a patient and would make decisions, so I really feel for you!!

Re: OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by melissaa » Fri Nov 02, 2012 08:33 am

I just got off the phone with the receptionist who went back and forth on the phone with me and the nurse. She said they cant see me as a new patient until the 12th (and I guess techincally even though I've been seen there twice, im not their patient so im considered a "new" patient... I dont get that). She said I should definitely call my OB though and let them know about last nights headaches, blurred vision and BP's b/c thats not something to mess around with. I told her it wouldnt matter b/c they dont care unless my labs come back full blown pre-eclampsia. She said she wasnt sure where the MFM I saw yesterday was but she wasnt in the office today. She said she would try to get in touch with her and see if she would call me back but this lady is so scatterbrained she cant remember anything. GAH this is so aggrivating!

OB and MFM... two totally different opinions

Post by melissaa » Fri Nov 02, 2012 07:48 am

Yesterday I had an NST/OB appt in the morning. I dropped off my labs and started my NST and bp was 130/81 after sitting in the recliner for 15 minutes. They said baby was reactive but her strip looked almost identical to the strip earlier in the week when they couldnt determine a clear baseline. Her HR dropped a few times and so no one knows if it was stress or just close to baseline and it did it again yesterday. After sitting the entire 35 minutes on the NST, they checked my bp again and it was 136/87 (for some reason mine goes up with rest) I saw the OB who once again told me that my headaches and blurry vision were not from the PIH or anything and not concerning in the least, were still pushing on towards 39 weeks and to stop worrying about things. They ask me to keep BP log at home but then act like they dont believe me when I bring in numbers like 164/90, 145/85, and 151/92 (which is coming straight from my BP log this week) He said "I understand you get higher BP numbers at home but theyre fine here". I swear to them its b/c im up walking around there. When I sit and rest is when my headache starts back up stronger, my blurry vision gets worse (which sucks b/c this happens while im driving b/c im "sitting", and my bp goes up and up.
THEN, I went across the street to MFM for my follow up growth scan. Baby's growth was perfect, she was practice breathing..ect. The MFM came in and did a quick re-scan and talked to me about my history seemed concerned about my BP's being that high considering my normal is 90-100/50-60. A reading from earlier in my pregnancy was 95/50. I told her about my BP rising with rest and the headaches and blurry vision and asked her what her opinion was. She raised her eyebrows and said "if you looked at my funny I would deliver you right now" and that if I gave her any other reason at all she wouldnt hesitate with those BP's and those symptoms. She said in their office, they treat people with PIH and mild pre-e the same in the fact that they dont like to let them go past 37 weeks due to the pact that both diseases progress the same and they both eventually end up affecting the baby. They dont like to sit around and wait on things to happen. I feel SOO much more comfortable with her response b/c thats exactly how I feel. I feel like she was looking for an excuse TO deliver me, where as my OB is looking for every excuse not to and just waiting around on something bad to happen before he makes that call.
My OB nurse called on my way out the door to let me know my labs came back ok, My protein was back up to 198 after being 160 the week before and my platelets are still hoovering the 140-150 mark, liver enzymes and KF are still the same.
The thing is.. after I left I decided to call the MFM office back and ask if they could take over my care. The receptionist treated me like a new patient even though I told her Id been there twice and had already been referred and they had my records. She said she could gladly get me in but the soonest would be Nov. 16th. I will be 37 weeks then, so its frustrating. She said she could have a nurse call me but they never did yesterday. I REALLY want to see this dr but idk what to do. Last night I had a HORRENDOUS headache and blurry vision with bp of 150/90. What can I do? What should I do? If I call my OB, he's just going to say the same thing he has said all along.. "well you labs are fine so you're fine".