spot urine PCR test

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Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by tree » Sat Dec 08, 2012 08:52 pm


Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by alexis » Sat Dec 08, 2012 07:08 pm

Congratulations! I'm so glad you're both doing well.

Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by Betheney » Sun Dec 02, 2012 02:16 am

I didn't realise i never updated this thread.

On the 20th the doctors decided after all of my meds being constantly raised and having no effect on my BP and having my BP consistently hit readings like 165/112 they decided enough was enough and it's too dangerous for my wellbeing to keep me pregnant so the plan was to give me cervadil that night at 5pm and ARM and put on the drip the following morning. Apparently the cervadil was all i needed and i gave birth to my son at 3:46am, his name is Remi and i'm so in love. He's in the special care nursery at the moment as he was born at 33+5 but he's going really well and breathed the moment he was born. He's also a total trooper with feeding and latches really well most days.


Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by alexis » Sun Nov 18, 2012 02:35 pm

Wow, what a rollercoaster!

There is a study called HYPITAT that says that after 37 weeks, there's more risk than benefit to expectant management, even if your preeclampsia is mild. The study came out a couple of years ago and OBs have been incorporating it into practice, but not all do. That's why you're hearing 2 different possible scenarios.

It's really not easy to predict progression--your blood pressure is quite high though (labetalol doesn't treat the underlying problem--it temporarily lowers your BP, lowering your risk of seizure and hopefully keeping a good blood flow to the baby). Estimates about a week, three weeks, 37 weeks--they're educated guesses based on experience. These kinds of guesses aren't bad--they just have limitations. That's why we keep monitoring because preeclampsia is not predictable.

Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by Betheney » Sun Nov 18, 2012 06:05 am

Ok so an update, sorry if it's out of context a bit, it's a summary I sent a friend and have copy pasted here.

What an effing rollercoaster

I finally had a doctor who has seen me before and who I know isnt an idiot. She said my initial spot urine test that gave me a reading of 0.06 and I was told a reading above 0.03 is preeclampsia IS NOT the same measurement as the 12hrs urine test where I got a 0.38

So because I know preeclampsia is diagnosed at 300mg per 24hrs. I assumed .03 = 300mg and so .38 is 3800 and the midwife said i had to double it because it was only 12hrs so for 24hrs it's .76 which I thought was 7600. So the doctor said NO not only does it not have to be doubled but the .38 is the equivalent of 380 NOT 3800.

So I've gone from thinking it's 7600 to having it be 380. Lol. Even if it does need to be doubled 760 also doesn't warrant immediate delivery.

So now I know my kidneys are not being damaged as each day goes by and delivery is not imminent. The midwife yesterday obviously got the figures a lil mixed as she was the one who got me onto the idea my readings were crazy crazy high.

But now that I KNOW the kidneys aren't bad at all. I wonder why the head midwife thinks I'll only last another 1-2weeks. When the doctor said the other day I could go for a lot more weeks.

Not having one straight opinion and answer sucks so much. One doctor said max 37, next doctor said she would never say that it could be 37, 38, 39 if things stay stable. Then I went back into hospital but nothing had changed diagnosis wise my BP just needed to be brought back down. But yet this head midwife has given me 1-2weeks.

Mind * much? Lol.


Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by alexis » Sat Nov 17, 2012 05:03 pm

That is a very rapid increase. I'm glad you went back in. Thinking of you and your baby.

Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by Betheney » Sat Nov 17, 2012 01:29 pm

For those following my story.....

My BP shot up and I was admitted to hospital for a med review and so a urine test on Tuesday showed I had .06 protein which is the equivalent of 600 in the 24hrs test

I was put back in hospital Friday because my BP had shot up again so I completed a 12hrs urine test on Saturday and the results came back this morning (Sunday) I was told it was 3800! And that to make it the 24hrs equivalent I have to double it to 7600....

The nurse gave me my results so I have to wait for a doctor. She said they have a meeting at 8am (in 1.5hours) and they'll probably come and see me first.

Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by Betheney » Fri Nov 16, 2012 01:26 pm

Thanks for the info!! Very helpful.

I've noticed my urine yesterday and today has been crazy concentrated. I could definitely be drinking more water but it's still pretty concentrated for the length of time between pees and the amount I am drinking.

Should I ask them to retest my urine? In case it's gotten worse? It's the kidneys that also cause edema isn't it? I still don't have any swelling at all. Last night my fingers seem to of swollen and I nearly couldn't get my wedding rings off but by this morning my hands look normal again


Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by alexis » Fri Nov 16, 2012 08:10 am

300 in 24 hours is considered diagnostic for preeclampsia (along with blood pressure over 140/90). So 600 may sound low in comparison to people with protein in the thousands, but it is still preeclampsia, and well over the diagnostic level. "Severe" vs "mild" is not always a useful distinction but protein is only one of the things used to diagnose that, as well.

Delivery isn't timed solely according to protein level--it's about risk to you and the baby (vs. benefits of staying in) and that risk may go up while your protein levels are still at the lower end of the range. In addition, preeclampsia is unpredictable--it may worsen very slowly over time, or it may progress rapidly. (I went from negative dipstick to protein in the thousands in 2 weeks.)

I'm glad you're being monitored closely.

Re: spot urine PCR test

Post by Betheney » Fri Nov 16, 2012 02:31 am

Yeah I asked the midwife today about the reading she said it does mean 600 in the readings that I read online. I have read a lot of posts from women who say they're readings are like 280, 250 and it's difficult to get a PE diagnosis so I thought 600 sounded crazy high. But when I talked to the midwife today she said it is high and definitely preeclampsia.I said what does that mean for my kidneys I don't want them to be falling apart when does the protein in urine get so high it itself forces delivery and she said one woman this week it hit 5000 and they delivered her so that's about when. So yes I can now see just like you said while 600 is high it's not mind blowingly high and we got a while until then.

When I got PIH at 29 weeks I was transferred to a high risk maternity clinic. They have me going to twice weekly CTGs and ultrasounds which check fluid levels and umbilical flow. I also have once fortnightly ultrasounds. So as it is I already have tonnes of monitoring so that won't change they just said the only thing that will change will be I will now have once weekly blood tests as well.

In my original post I was actually 32.5 weeks and I'm 33 weeks today. The change from 200mg bi-daily to 200mg four times daily may have worked for the hospital stay but now two days later at another routine check up its back right up around 150; 160/108-110 with one reading of 145/100. So I'm back in hospital for another med review. They've decided to give me 300mg labetalol 4 times daily but the first dose has had no impact an hour later and it was 150/110 it seems I take a while to respond to the labetalol so they've given me an extra 100mg so in a sense making the last dose 400mg which will hopefully bring it down NOW while the 300mg starts to really kick in.

Thank you so much for your replies and support. I'm so lost and a little upset at the moment. Second time in a week I've been admitted for med review and I'm not going to be out tomorrow and it's my daughter's 2nd birthday :(