Protein in urine but blood pressure still normal

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Re: Protein in urine but blood pressure still normal

Post by MrsFisher » Sun Jan 27, 2013 07:33 pm

Thanks for your reply! That's comforting to know you got to 37 weeks, fingers crossed I can do the same! Even 34 weeks plus would be good. Will just have to take it day by day.

Re: Protein in urine but blood pressure still normal

Post by angieb » Sun Jan 27, 2013 03:51 pm

I had a 24 hr urine of 700ish with my newest son around 31 wks, plus swelling, but made it 37 wks,no NICU time. (BP stayed pretty decent.) For what it's worth, DS1 was a 36 weeker and did no NICU time,while I have a friend whose baby was just born at 39 wks (on her own. not induced), and she is in the never know, hopefully your little one won't need it!

Protein in urine but blood pressure still normal

Post by MrsFisher » Sun Jan 27, 2013 00:20 am

Hi there,

A bit of background on me - my first baby was born at 29+6 due to severe pre eclampsia also thought to be complicated by acute fatty liver of pregnancy. After I was diagnosed, my son was delivered by emergency c-section the following morning. He weighed 2lbs 15 oz. He is 19 months now and doing great- you wouldn't know he was born early.

I'm now 30+1 (yay-have beaten last pregnancy!). Everything has been going well (apart from a lot of stress and worry on my behalf) up until recently. My OB has been doing weekly bloods and urine and bloods so far have been perfect, however starting at 28+6, I have showed protein in my urine. I haven't done a 24 hour collection because OB feels that the random collection (which was sent to the lab) was just as accurate. Protein the previous week had been 19 and the following week showed 40, which is a marked increase ( I think 30 is the cut off?). He didnt repeat the urine test this week as felt it won't go away now and it's more important to monitor bloods and blood pressure to see what happens there. Blood pressure has been completely normal both at home and in doctors office. No swelling other than some very mild ankle swelling which resolves after rest. I will add here that I've had a mild headache on and off for the last 3 days (stress after finding out about the protein?) and yesterday I had a very short episode of these silvery slithery things in my peripheral vision. It was very short and hasn't happened since (over 24 hrs ago now). I took my blood pressure right afterwards and it was only 105/67. I'm assuming if the headache/visual disturbance was Pre-e related that I would have high blood pressure? My bloods (liver/kidney function/platelets etc) were done 3 days ago and all completely normal.

Sorry for the rambling post! I guess my main question is- has anyone else experienced the proteinuria before your blood pressure has risen and how long did it take for this to rise and to get a pre eclampsia diagnosis? How long till delivery? My doctor has said he hopes I can make it to 34 weeks and I might even get to 37. He won't let me go past 37 though. Really, really hoping to avoid the NICU this time around!