Leg swelling at 12 weeks?

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Re: Leg swelling at 12 weeks?

Post by whereowhere » Wed Mar 20, 2013 09:40 pm

Thank you, Sam10, I appreciate your words. You have so been there! I talked more to my doc about it today. She said if it's accompanied by a raise in protein or blood pressure there is more cause for concern. I am showing neither. She also told me that some women who never even get pre-e come in even this early in pregnancy with legs like tree trunks. She says it is not an automatic sign that I will have pre-e in this pregnancy just because I had this swelling. Feeling a little more relieved.

Re: Leg swelling at 12 weeks?

Post by sam10 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 08:06 pm

Oh, I remember showing up in panic at my doc's over my swollen feet when pregnant with Matilda. I was not even out of my first trimester. My doc looked at me and my feet and said that it will likely get worse during the course of my pregnancy. He was more worried if I had swelled in my face and hands.
I so very well understand how you are feeling. Remember that you lost your precious babies and each 'sign' that you associate with PE will make your internal alarm go off. As unpleasant as it is, it is also a good thing. My doc always encouraged me to report everything, so they could evaluate and decide whether it was nothing or something to worry about. I am glad you told your doctor about the swelling.
Keeping my fingers crossed for an uneventful pregnancy.

Leg swelling at 12 weeks?

Post by whereowhere » Tue Mar 19, 2013 01:16 am

I had severe preeclampsia and lost my twins at 21 weeks pregnant. I first started with leg swelling at around the 17-18 week mark. This time I am carrying one baby. I have had two days with no noticeable leg swelling. But, for two days this week, I had swelling in the same leg that was swelled last time with my twins. I called my doctor (who knows my pre-e risk) who told me that 90% of pregnant women have swelling. She said if it gets better with rest and being off my feet, that is likely a good sign. If it gets worse even after a night off my feet, that could be pre-e related. I had been in a car for a few hours the day I had the worst swelling. But indeed, the swelling went down that next morning after rest. It freaked me so much though, as I had nightmares even before I became pregnant again of looking down to see my leg swollen huge. I know it's still early for pre-e to show, but I hate that I've already had swelling. Anyone have any thoughts? Anyone have swelling and then go on with a pre-e free pregnancy? Just any thoughts or knowledge on this is appreciated.