Would You Risk It?

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Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by flori » Wed Mar 27, 2013 00:02 am

I like this thread. I'm in the same boat, needing to lose 40ish plus pounds, but wanting to try again NOW.. especially since the two year window just closed on us. I don't know what I spent the last two years doing, but it wasn't getting serious about losing weight. I'd try for a while and then give up and then try again and then give up. I think over the last two years I'd lose and gain back the same 15 pounds.

I am learning towards the "risk it" option, but that is just me. I see so many women have healthy pregnancies and they're twice my size.. it makes me so jealous. I want to be pregnant too! Anyway, it's completely your decision, of course. I had two doctors give me two different opinions. Get yourself tested for everything under then sun and then "weigh" your options. Of course, everyone says it does help to be at a healthy weight for overall pregnancy health, preeclampsia aside.

Good luck.

Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by MandiS » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:49 am

Thanks for sharing. Angieb. I've had my thyroid checked, and I know I don't have PCOS. I'm not sure what else to have them check for--aside from whatever my nephrologist finds wrong with me. I know I don't have type I or type II diabetes, but as I understand, there other types that don't show up in glucose tests that may cause proteinuria.

Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by angieb » Wed Mar 13, 2013 04:27 pm

I think to some extent it is a crap shoot. I have a friend who was very overweight, high bp, with a strong family history of pre-eclampsia and diabetes. She had 2 healthy pregnancies. I was about 25, normal weight, good bp, no family history, and developed severe pre-e at 23 wks that killed our daughter. My next pregnancy I went into about 25 lbs over my ideal weight and had a healthy pregnancy.

Have you had hormones and everything checked? (An endocrinologist usually is good for that.) If your hormone levels are off that could make it much harder to lose weight. Also may want to rule out PCOS, there are meds that can help women who are insulin-resistant.

Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by sam10 » Wed Mar 13, 2013 00:30 am

Me neither until I was diagnosed with PE during my pregnancy with Henry.

Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by MandiS » Tue Mar 12, 2013 11:18 pm

Thanks so much for responding (and for responding in my other thread, too)! I actually didn't even know high-risk doctors existed, let alone what to call them, so thanks for that info!

Re: Would You Risk It?

Post by sam10 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 07:32 pm

Going into pregnancy with existing high blood pressure means being at higher risk for PE. There are some indicators that say losing weight can reduce the risk of developing PE. Will help find related topics that have been discussed in these forums. You can also search for it via the search function.
Losing weight can often help reduce/regulate BP. But I am not a doctor and am not familiar with your medical background. There are overweight women who sail through pregnancy without complications and there are very fit women who develop PE and/or related disorders.
I would, however, not dismiss your concerned OBs advice. PE is a serious pregnancy complication that can be very unpredictable. One thing you could do is get a second opinion and/or get a consultation with a high-risk ob (also called MFM or perinatologist). They are very familiar with all sorts of pregnancy complications. Good thing is that you are following up with a nephrologist re your proteinuria.

Would You Risk It?

Post by MandiS » Sun Mar 10, 2013 08:44 pm

I'm 25 years old, not pregnant at the moment, and I have chronic proteinuria. I'm not sure what the cause is yet; I saw a urologist who said it was due to cystitis, but I'm now following up with a nephrologist in the next few weeks hoping to find the cause. In addition to chronic proteinuria, I have chronic high blood pressure, which I'm controlling with Methyldopa already. I really want to conceive now because I have concerns about infertility, but my OBGYN recommended that I try to lose 40 pounds first because of the risk of pre-eclampsia. She made it sound like death would be likely. I've had friends with similar risk factors as me (high blood pressure and obesity) who had normal, healthy babies and were okay themselves, so I'm sort of confused. Are the risks are drastic as my doctor makes them seem? Is high blood pressure very uncontrollable during pregnancy? I've been trying to lose weight, but it hasn't been coming off easily; I've only lost 8 pounds in 3 months with 90 minutes of exercise a day and a healthy diet. It's very frustrating.

Anyway, my question is: If you were me, would you risk getting pregnant right now, or would you keep waiting until you lost 40 lbs to be in the "normal" BMI range before trying?