beginnings of pre-e...??

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Re: beginnings of pre-e...??

Post by sonflawah » Sat Apr 20, 2013 09:47 am

I hope this is just a blip! My doctor was going through my medical records from my previous pregnancy and said technically "if you're pulling hairs" I had pre-e that time too. My protein was 304 on the only 24 hour test I took @ around 35 weeks and my BP was regularly hovering around 140/90. He's confused as to why they let me go to 41 weeks and didn't do follow up 24 hour urine tests. I'm glad this new doctor is more proactive.

The plan going forward, according to my doc, is that I will be monitored closely with more frequent visits until my BP and protein come down or I deliver. If I do develop pre-e, he would like to see me to go to 37-39 weeks, but definitely not past 40. I'll have to have a csection too because since my first was a csection, he doesn't want to induce a VBAC so unless my little man decides to come early on his own... no VBAC for me. That is, if this turns into pre-e.

I haven't talked to him about how pre-e is managed yet if I do end up with it. He seems reluctant to talk about it, and says we won't worry about that until it becomes a problem. Sometimes I get the feeling he's just not trying to scare me. He did say that it is really early in my pregnancy to develop pre-e, even though it can happen anytime after 20 weeks, and that it concerns him how early it is. Do people usually have to go on bed rest? I've been trying to take it easy at home (I'm a sahm), but with a 15 month old running around, it's easier said than done.

Re: beginnings of pre-e...??

Post by MomTimesThree » Sat Apr 20, 2013 02:15 am

It's tricky because it is different for everyone. For some it is a slow progression and for others it comes on very quick- one of the reasons it can be so dangerous. I am one of the slow progression folks, at the same time there are many mommas here with very fast onsets.

I'm glad your doctor raised the flag with your increased BP level, especially your diastolic and your proteinuria- which you're right, not diagnostic yet, but higher than folks would want to see, especially in conjunction with the high BP.

What is the plan going forward? While I hope this is all a blip in your pregnancy, I also commend ya for being proactive and learning about the road you might find yourself on- though again, I hope its not the case!

Keep posted when you can and be sure to check out the signs and symptoms and be alert for them. ... d-symptoms


beginnings of pre-e...??

Post by sonflawah » Sat Apr 20, 2013 02:02 am

Now I'm 27 weeks pregnant and I think I might be getting pre-e. My blood pressure is normally 100-110/60-70, and at my last appointment the first measurement was 128/108 and the second was 124/84 (after sitting for 1/2 an hour). Protein in my urine is 227, which I know isn't preeclamptic, but my doctor says it is higher than he would like. I'm afraid I could be getting pre-e, but I'm unsure if it would come on gradually like this. How does pre-e usually start??