Did anyone have nephrotic range proteinuria prior to preg?

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Re: Did anyone have nephrotic range proteinuria prior to pre

Post by MandiS » Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:23 am

Thanks, Lauren! I definitely will need to see a high-risk doctor before I try. I've just been putting it off in hopes that the proteinuria will be treated first. It's still always nice to hear from others with similar situations, though. That way if a high-risk dr says there's no way you can get pregnant, I guess I can just cling to the hope that someone else went through it and made out okay? I've searched online to find *someone else* with nephrotic range proteinuria before pregnancy, but can't seem to find anyone else.

Re: Did anyone have nephrotic range proteinuria prior to pre

Post by MomTimesThree » Mon Jun 10, 2013 01:57 am

I remember your previous posts, and I'm glad you seem to have gotten closer the bottom of the chronic proteinuria.. and possible relation to the chronic high blood pressure. I did not have any known kidney issues prior to our pregnancies- when we did a baseline 24 hour during our 3rd, we already had proteinuria and it was discussed that this was most likely due to damage from my previous pregnancy. Though after my last pregnancy, we did another 24 hour to see where I stand, and it was only on the higher limit of normal. Pregnancy puts your whole body through the wringer if you ask me- and for those of us with complications even more so.

I think a piece of the puzzle that you are missing and that would help provide you clarity is to schedule a pre-conception appointment with a maternal fetal medicine doctor (high risk OB). You would have to see one anyway during a pregnancy, so establishing care with one now would be beneficial. They are used to high risk factors and will be able to provide you a bit of a road map of what type of care and pregnancy you might expect. You can find a list here- https://www.smfm.org/MFM%20Member%20Locator%20Page.cfm


Did anyone have nephrotic range proteinuria prior to preg?

Post by MandiS » Sat Jun 08, 2013 08:41 pm

Hi all,

I was just wondering if anyone here had nephrotic range proteinuria prior to pregnancy? I am not pregnant, but am really hoping to try in the next year or so. I recently found out that I have IgA nephropathy, but I do have 100% kidney function at this point in time. At my first and only 24 hour urine collection, I passed over 4 grams of protein. My nephrologist has me on Lisinopril to help reduce the proteinuria, but we don't know if I'm treatable yet or not. I guess it can go either way. He says I can have a baby, but between the IgA Nephropathy and chronic high blood pressure, which may or may not be caused from my weight (trying to lose some before pregnancy) or the kidney disease itself, I will be very high-risk and must be monitored closely. I was just wondering if there's anywhere out there who also had such a high level of protein in their urine prior to getting pregnant and how things turned out. I would also love to hear from anyone else who has IgA Nephropathy or another form of chronic kidney disease. Do you still have the same level of kidney function or did pregnancy take a huge toll on your kidneys?

Thanks in advance.