Chronic HBP, medicine too soon?

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Re: Chronic HBP, medicine too soon?

Post by sam10 » Thu Jul 11, 2013 08:05 pm

I would monitor at home and report your numbers back to your doctor, so s/he can adjust your medication as needed. I used a free app on my phone that let me then send an summary email to my doc/nurse (and I had all my results at my fingertips wherever I went). This allowed them to adjust my meds based on my readings.I am not quite sure what the thresholds are for chronics, but they might be slightly different, so your thoughts about your BP going too low might be right. I do not have chronic HBP, but I am sure somebody who has experience with it, will chime in soon.

Chronic HBP, medicine too soon?

Post by jedbelv » Thu Jul 11, 2013 01:27 pm

Hi everyone,

I have spent countless hours reading through previous posts and am so glad I found this forum! I have read so much valuable information!

I need advice from anyone with experience with chronic hbp in pregnancy. I was on Bystolic prior to becoming pregnant but discontinued it during week 3 of pregnancy due to a significant first trimester dip in pressures. They have been running systolic 110's to 130 and mid 70's - 80's for lower number without any meds. Tuesday night and last night I got readings of 140/90 but this morning it was back in the 120/84 range. This morning when the nurse found out about last nights reading she mentioned it to ob and I was told I needed to start Aldomet 250 twice a day right away and they called it in to my pharmacy. I am in 9 weeks 2 days and though I know I will need to start taking the aldomet eventually, I don't want my pressures to be too low this early on.
When I asked what range they should be in she said 120-130 over 70-80's. Those are the numbers I get all day except at night when I am tired, so I am worried about starting the aldomet 2x a day right now and going too low. The nurse did not seem to have any answers to my questions and just kept repeating "this is what ob said you should do". Could there be adverse effects if my blood pressure is lower than what I am accustomed to this early in pregnancy? I don't see ob until next Friday.