How soon try for pregnancy?

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Re: How soon try for pregnancy?

Post by laney_p » Fri Sep 06, 2013 11:14 am

I am so sorry for your loss. In fact, there is actually research into preeclampsia risk being impacted by birth interval. Generally speaking, the sooner you conceive (within a period of about two years) science seems to suggest that you might have less of a risk, but that's possibly mitigated by other risk factors, like age and medical history. It's so subjective for each case! (Check out caryn's post about this... a bit old, but still pretty good information, especially the post about halfway down

I can definitely see why your MFM might want you to wait a bit considering your risk and possibly if you have other potential complications, just to make sure that she can get you and baby safely through another pregnancy! Plus, I bet that she will take into account this pregnancy as well. There might also be the intervals between kids in her consideration too. Sounds like you are in good hands and having a good conversation with your HCPs about your options.

Let us know how your c-section went and how you are doing!

Re: How soon try for pregnancy?

Post by whereowhere » Mon Sep 02, 2013 04:01 pm

Thanks ladies, and thanks for helping me see it from the perspective of having small children when being pregnant, or even just having one small child and how it can be a lot of work. Until I'm there, it's hard to imagine, but I'll be there soon enough. Going Thursday for my C-section. I feel a little less anxious about it all now, the deciding when to have my next baby. My sister also told me yesterday that one of her friends who has 3 children, the youngest is about 6 or 7 is trying again, and she is 43! They even had her husband's vasectomy reversed because she wants to have another baby. So, between you all and her telling me that, I feel a little better about just relaxing and seeing how things go when I get there.

Re: How soon try for pregnancy?

Post by angieb » Sun Sep 01, 2013 09:50 pm

Eh, I wouldn't take that advice too seriously, in all my years here I have never seen anything indicating a higher risk of pre-e due to being closely spaced. (Nor stillbirth risk increasing.) My doctors' biggest concern were the repeat c-sections and were fine when I got pregnant again when DS1 was 9 months. They just wanted a year between deliveries for the scar to heal. My third pregnancy was pretty much okay, made it 37 wks, I spilled pre-e levels of protein and got really swollen but my bp stayed normal.

My boys are 18 months apart and it is really hard having them so close together, we are just now getting to a good place where I am reasonably comfortable going out with both of them on my own without it ending in total disaster and chaos. Given your age, I would probably shoot for 9 months pp/18 months spacing.

DS1 was an easy baby but it was still rough having an active toddler and being pregnant. (Highly recommend trying for a spring or early summer baby, being pregnant over the super hot summer WITH a toddler really didn't help.) DS2 is a horrible sleeper, he never naps for more than a half hour at a time and has not slept through the night yet even at 10 months old, and wakes up for the day no later than 6 am. If DS1 had been more like DS2, we might not have tried again at all. Age isn't really a factor for us except that I want to get the pregnancy stuff over with once and for all, I am eyeing next fall when DS2 will be close to 2 for one last baby (to start trying). The older DS1 gets the more helpful he is with DS2 and they already play together, I think 2 years apart is nice spacing from a parenting perspective.

Re: How soon try for pregnancy?

Post by sam10 » Sun Sep 01, 2013 08:31 pm

I know, I am in the same boat. I am turning 41 in a few days. I would do two things: First I would have the baby and see how you are doing once you have settled in as a family of three. Babies are tiring and babies can be very different in their temperament. My daughter who is 10 months old is a terrible sleeper and it is tough to be a sleep deprived mom. At the moment I could not imagine being pregnant with so little sleep and an infant on the move. But having said that, babies are different, moms and dads are different. So, wait and see how it goes and perhaps you will know better in a few months.
Then I would seek a second opinion regarding a subsequent pregnancy sooner than 12 months, but I would consult with an MFM and perhaps regular OB.

Fingers crossed for a few more days of no complications (and sleep as much as you can ;) )

How soon try for pregnancy?

Post by whereowhere » Sun Sep 01, 2013 03:22 pm

I had a twin loss in 2012 from severe preeclampsia at 21 weeks. I am now set to deliver my rainbow baby by C-section on September 5. After I lost my twins, my MFM told me to wait at least 6 months to TTC again. So, I did, and we got pregnant 9 months after losing my twins.

I asked my MFM again this time how long we should wait to TTC again. This time she said a MINIMUM of six months, but she really recommends waiting 12 months to TTC. She said she recommends that for anyone TTC, and not because I am having a C-section. She just said that the risk of preeclampsia and stillbirth is higher if we don't wait 12 months to TTC, and especially since I already had preeclampsia.

The thing is, I am turning 41 in November, and we have some embryos that we want to implant, so we would like to even try at least 2 more pregnancies! If I wait her recommended time to get pregnant again, we would be having our second baby at the age of 42! I know some Hollywood actresses get pregnant later by IVF, but they don't have histories of severe preeclampsia already like I do! What do you all think about this. I didn't wait a full year last time, and I did not get preeclampsia. I'm so worried I am running out of time, and do not want to be pregnant and 47!