Husband needs help with HELLP

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Re: Husband needs help with HELLP

Post by sam10 » Mon Dec 16, 2013 08:07 pm

How are the three of you doing? How is mom and how is the baby?

Re: Husband needs help with HELLP

Post by sam10 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 09:46 pm

Hello and welcome.

I am sorry that your wife had to deliver early due to HELLP syndrome, but I am glad to hear that she is recovering well and your baby boy is also doing well.
If you do not feel that the care your wife receives is thorough, please keep the nurses/doctors on their toes. Unfortunately, this has been the case for many of us. Try to get as much info on preeclampsia/HELLP as you can, so you are informed and can be an informed patient/husband. This will allow you to ask questions and have a dialogue with your care team (both nurses and doctors). Often times doctors/nurses forget that us laypeople do not know all the details.

Many of us women who deliver early and/or via emergent c-section mourn the fact that we did not get to experience the end of our pregnancy nor that we could have the birth that we had anticipated. Also, your wife will be at higher risk for postpartum depression (this is at least the info that I was told when I was discharged). Being preemie parents comes with many unexpected challenges. I would also check with the counseling service of your hospital. After all, both of you went through a traumatic birth experience. Many of us seek counseling after leaving the hospital. It has definitely helped me to come to terms with my situation.

PE/HELLP can be an issue up to 6 weeks postpartum. Sometimes symptoms can get worse before they get better.So it is important to know the signs and symptoms. Here is a link with all the info.
My BP was all over the place during the postpartum period.I was, therefore, re-hospitalized, since my BP seemed stable at first, but then got all messed up. It took a while to find the correct medication. Dont' be surprised if the medication will need to be changed/adjusted frequently. Buy a BP cuff to use at home, so your wife can check her BP. Once released, her care will be switched to her primary care or internist. I would get in touch with her doctor, so they know what to expect. I also saw a cardiologist a few months postpartum, to have my heart checked. Studies suggest that women who have had PE/HELLP are at greater risk for cardiovascular disease later in life.

My doctors did not check my urine any more during the postpartum period. They did, however, check my blood. Please ask your doctors why no further blood is drawn?

Please feel free to ask any other questions. Congratulations on your new baby boy.

Husband needs help with HELLP

Post by DaveB » Fri Dec 13, 2013 04:00 pm

I'm sorry for the rushed post. My wife is now recovering from HELLP, as a result of high BP, Protein in her Urine, her liver starting to fail plus low platelets, our beautiful baby boy was delivered by emergency c section on Sunday morning at 30 weeks. Thankfully he's doing really well. My wife has recovered enough (5 days later) to be moved to a postnatal ward.
Her BP with tablets is under control and she is starting to feel better. As a result the dr's are monitoring her less and they are not doing blood tests and urine checks until she is discharged.

Please advise me on what I need to ask the doctors at this stage, do you know if it is it possible to relapse, what do I need to do as a husband? What would you like your man to have done for you?
She's seems to be recovering well but I need to keep her on the midwife/ dr's radar in a busy ward.
Any advise would be great fully received.