What to do if she refuses to induce

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Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sam10 » Mon Apr 07, 2014 06:44 pm

oh. can't believe you haven't been cuddling with your baby already. good luck on your induction.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by MomTimesThree » Mon Apr 07, 2014 02:53 pm

Oh my goodness I can not believe you're still pregnant! Egads!

I wish you a very very safe labor and delivery tonight. Update when you're able!

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sparkedjenn » Mon Apr 07, 2014 01:34 pm

Still pregnant. But I went for my weekly appointment this morning and bp was 156/98. After 7 1/2 long weeks, I finally got a high reading in the office. I'm going in to be induced tonight, so he'll be here 1 day before his due date.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sam10 » Tue Apr 01, 2014 08:24 pm

Have been thinking of you. I would think you had your baby by now. Let us know how you are doing as you are able.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by MomTimesThree » Thu Mar 27, 2014 05:49 pm

I agree- those are some pretty significant changes - especially the change in urine output and color. Does it look like there is blood in your urine causing the color change?

You're so far along, I wouldn't hesitate to go to L&D for evaluation, especially if you are not confident in your OBs care.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sam10 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 04:30 pm

rusty colored urine is not something to not act upon, neither your weight gain nor the swelling in your face. please be seen as soon as possible and have a full check done (urine/blood). and I would wonder if they would wait for you to go into labor.
I am on the phone on the go and cant easily find old posts on rusty colored urine; but you can use the search function on the top right corner. please dont wait and be seen.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sparkedjenn » Thu Mar 27, 2014 03:43 pm

38+1. Still hanging in there. My face has been swelling up since Monday, and I'd definitely been gaining some water weight (4 pounds this week), but nothing excessive. My urine has been looking awfully rusty today, despite the fact that I've been drinking nearly a gallon of water a day. My bp has been ok (120's over high 80's). I have decided to go to my appointment tomorrow and just get it over with. I'm going to tell her that she can do a cervical check if she has a medical reason that she would like to, but that I don't want to know my progress. I'm also going to ask that they not tell me my blood pressure or the results of my urine spot test unless they are abnormal enough to change the plan of waiting until I go into labor. Otherwise, it's just better for my mental health to not know, so that I can just be in a place in my mind where everything is just fine and I'm going to go overdue with this (already over-8-pound) baby like nothing even happened.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sparkedjenn » Sun Mar 23, 2014 05:08 am

Thank you so much for the support. I know I just keep venting, but I don't know where to turn. It's 5:00 am here, and I've been up since before 1:00. Can't shut off my brain. I am kicking myself for even going back to this practice for this pregnancy. I wasn't all that happy with them or the hospital and the experience I had with DS. Nothing specific, but it just didn't feel right... like I was just another mom with another baby they are pushing through on an assembly line. But I figured it was the devil I knew, and maybe my expectations were just unrealistic. Now I'm feeling like it's way too late in the game to get out, and I am left dreading my birth experience.

I can't seem to stop thinking about how I'm going to refuse a cervical check at my next appointment and what conversation that might prompt. I've given up hope on improving this doctor-patient relationship with communication. I'd rather just show up and get in and out with minimal conversation. I think she might tell me that she'd like to know my progress to see if she might change her mind about inducing. And my response would be that induction is either medically necessary or it's not, regardless of how dilated I am. I think in her mind, she hasn't decided not to induce. She's decided not to decide because she thinks that will cover her butt.

There is a university hospital for children and women in my city where all of the other hospitals transfer to in the case of complications they aren't equipped for
I am going to call tomorrow to see if I can get an appointment with someone, even if it's just to ask questions.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by MomTimesThree » Sat Mar 22, 2014 01:16 pm

I'm very sorry your doctor is making you feel this way. For what it's worth I don't think you're nutty and that you should continue to monitor your symptoms VERY closely as your history was pre-e at term. And the diagnostic criteria for Pre-Eclampsia is readings of 140/90 and 300mg+ protein in a 24 hour catch which you've also had.

There's nothing normal about blood pressure of 160/100. Not when your pregnant... not even when you're not pregnant.

Your peace of mind is always what is most important, and you and your mommy gut are often the best gage of how you are doing. If you feel off or symptoms are increasing, you can always go directly to L&D- and you might consider L&D that staffs MFM (high risk doctors) 24/7.

Keep posted as you're able.

Re: What to do if she refuses to induce

Post by sparkedjenn » Fri Mar 21, 2014 09:27 pm

Well, baby looks great. He jumped to the 64th percentile for weight estimate. 7 lbs, 5 oz at 37+2, so that's great news!

Of course, as predicted, my BP was only 122/82. Trace protein in spot check. No real progress in dilation. So, no induction. She didn't care about my higher pressures at home. Didn't even ask if they'd been high, so I had to bring it up myself. She told me that I should just rest more. No labs, no repeat 24 hr urine. Just an appointment for next Friday. Then she tried to make a joke about how I should just go into labor instead of making her make a decision about inducing me. Ummm... not funny. AT. ALL.

I know I should be happy. This is good. I've been extremely stable for 5 whole weeks now. Baby looks good. I'm not having any serious symptoms. The visual stuff has mostly gone away, and that can happen outside of pre-e. Maybe I just don't even have pre-e at all. Maybe I always spill urine, and just don't know because I've only been tested in pregnancy. Maybe it really isn't a big deal for my BP to spike to >160/100 twice a week since it's going right back down. Maybe I never even had pre-e with my son two years ago and I just got induced because of a stomach bug, elevated bp due to throwing up, and protein in my urine from something else. I don't know. This whole ordeal has made me question my own judgement. I honestly just feel stupid and defeated, like that little voice in the back of my head that's supposed to tell you when something is wrong can't be trusted anymore. I have been crying off and on since she left the room to let me get dressed this morning.

I took off work much earlier than I'd planned, had to explain to my bosses and coworkers why, and then had to ask to come back to avoid using up all of my FMLA.... I never would have done that had she not told me that she was going to induce at 37 weeks. Now I feel like everyone is going to think I'm an idiot or just an attention-seeker when I'm still sitting around pregnant on my due date. Everyone has spent the last 3 days asking why I'm there and not in bed. I am embarrassed.

And I'm worried that it IS a big deal that my bp is spiking to >160/100 twice a week, and it IS a big deal that I'm spilling protein, and I'll end up with complications by the time labor naturally comes along. I'm afraid that she would literally let me or my baby die while she found every reason to not take me seriously.

I've already decided that I'm not going to my appointment next Friday. I will reschedule it for the next Wednesday when I hit 39 weeks. I'd honestly love to just wait until I have a problem or go into labor to see her, and only then in L&D. Because honestly, what's the point? It's not like I'm one of those women who is going to say, "Wow, I'm so glad they caught my high bp at my appointment. It had been just fine, and I never would have known!" We already know that I'm spilling protein. My GBS test was negative. If I get a UTI, it's not like it would be bringing on pre-term labor. I was letting her check my cervix because she wanted to see how favorable it was for induction, but have decided to refuse all cervical checks until I'm in labor now, because I really don't see a reason for them. She has only checked my fundal height 1 time over the course of 2 pregnancies. She's not doing labs. I can't think of anything else that they check for that could only be caught at one of these appointments. Aside from the possibility that I'll need to be induced for going way overdue, I can't think of anything I'd actually need a routine appointment with this woman for. Maybe that's crazy, and I'd never just skip out on my prenatal care completely, but that's how I feel right now.