new here and seeking advice

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Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by sherry fisher » Wed Dec 03, 2003 06:53 pm

Just keep in mind that PE can come on VERY quickly from here! Pay attention to your body right now! I hope your DR is seeing you again in a week?!?!?! Keep us posted!

Sherry Fisher (28)
DH: Bill (35)
Proud Mama to:
#1) Alex 1/1/94-PE
#2) Abbie 12/17/97-PIH
#3 Will 08/03/02-PP PE
#4) EDD: 4/27/04

Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by akemt » Wed Dec 03, 2003 05:35 pm

Diana, It is quite common for doctors/nurses to take BP laying down. I don't know why, if the medical experts say it isn't accurate, that they keep doing it!?! I guess it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks. But you can be sure when I have a 2nd pg there will be upright BP's I'm glad you are finding information!

Catherine (22)
DH Britton (27)
Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo

Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by sweetdreamz » Wed Dec 03, 2003 05:22 pm


i dont know, they didnt tell me the results of the little urine sample they took, but i have to do the 24 hour jug.

for me, symptoms are headache, swollen legs from the knees down, swollen tingly fingers and of course the LOVELY 30 lb in three week weight gain lol. i will make it a priority to be more aware now that i know to be looking for something.


Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by sweetdreamz » Wed Dec 03, 2003 05:19 pm

thanks for the reply. i am really glad i found this board as well. and i think i will get a bp cuff like you said, just in case. lol now all i have to do is learn to read it.

i was reading on another thread where the experts all replied that bp should be taken sitting up, and that lying down can give false reassurance. lol that makes me nervous since thats what the nurses at l&d had me do. i laid down and it was back down. plus also nervous that in the early stages the bp can fluctuate. at my doc, there is a tendency to sort of dismiss things as no big deal, and i got more info from reading a few threads here than i got from doc.

a good thing is that ill have more educated questions to ask when i go back next week. once again, thanks for replying.


Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by lisac » Wed Dec 03, 2003 05:15 pm

Hi Diana,

Was there any protein in your urine? The best thing you can do is pay attention to how you feel. Preeclampsia can develop really quickly. If you get a headache, blurred vision, or abdominal pain then call the doctor right away. If there's any way to check your pressure over the course of the next week (until your appt), that would be reassuring.
I've heard that blood pressure can jump around in the early stages w/PE and then will ultimately remain elevated. If the diagnosis is PE, they would have to assess the severity before weighing options. They'd want to monitor you and delay delivery as long as you and baby are not at risk. I think I've heard that babies at 32 wks do well, and 34 wks is even better. You are very close! :)
Remember not to hesitate to call the doctor if anything changes in how you feel.
Take care,

Re : new here and seeking advice

Post by akemt » Wed Dec 03, 2003 05:02 pm

Diana, I'm glad you found this website! I have found great information and support here and expect you will find the same.

My name is Catherine (not a doctor [;)]) and 9 months ago I had my daughter, 3 weeks early by induction, because of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH). PIH is like preeclampsia in that your blood pressure rises, but I had no protein in my urine. When I was first diagnosed my blood pressures (and swelling too) fluctuated quite a bit. My BP would go anywhere from 110/70 to 160/110 (on rare occasion, though as I was immediately put on strict bedrest for a condition caused by the higher BP called Oligohydramniosis). Perhaps that is a bit too much info at once! Sorry. Anyway, your blood pressure appears to be in the PIH range, Preeclampsia is diagnosed when you have both raised BP and protein in your urine (2+ , I beleive, on a urine dip stick test). 32 weeks is a great place to be, though obviously we all want you to make it to 40 weeks!

A diagnosis of PIH requires two BP's at or above 140/90 atleast a half hour apart (and the PE blood pressure requirement is the same, but with the addition of the proteinuria). IS THAT RIGHT LADIES??? I hope I got that right.

As to how your doctor will treat your PE if you do have it is hard to say. Some suggest bedrest, some don't and a "no salt" diet is no longer recommended...just normal salt intake. Normally if your bp stays in the 150/100 range you will either be delivered or medicated. That is a question to ask your doctor. Be sure his answer is one that you are comfortable with and that you understand fully. Also, now is a good time to do your last minute baby preparations just in case. I made it 8 weeks past my diagnosis date, but that is often not the case with many women. So little is known about the disease that it is difficult to predict.

My recommendation:
Become familiar with the signs and symptoms of PE a list can be found at:

and watch closely for anything new or any changes in severity. PE can change dramatically in only a few hours so keeping a close watch out is important. I would also suggest keeping tack of your blood pressure...whether by going to the drug store (they tend to have automatic BP machines) or getting your own BP cuff.

Good luck! Keep us well updated and feel free to ask any more questions!

Catherine (22)
DH Britton (27)
Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo

new here and seeking advice

Post by sweetdreamz » Wed Dec 03, 2003 04:38 pm

ok well first off hello all. hope everyone is well. im new here, currently 32 weeks along.

Well anyway i went to my appt today and they tell me ive gained 30 lbs in three weeks!!! 30 friggin pounds. after my initial shock my nurse and i both realized it might have something to do with all the swelling in my legs and hands. well so she checks my blood pressure and its 150/88. (yikes)

so doc comes in about 15 mins later and its 140/90. they send me for a blood test, test my urine and after a lot of running around (a little over an hour) because the different depts couldnt decide who was supposed to do the tests, they hook me up for a non stress test for the baby to make sure the baby was ok. he was doing perfect.

But anyways heres my question. after about an hour or so, by the time i got to the NST it progressively went lower and lower till it got normal. the doctor still wanted to see me in a week though. So if its pre-eclamsia, does that mean a sustained high blood pressure? or does it waver sometimes. Doctor still seemed concerned, but felt better that it went down.
With the swelling i get, thats what happens, sometimes its really bad, other times it goes down a whole lot, to almost normal size. anyways any stories or advice will help. if she diagnoses this as pre eclamsia, what will be done? (lol sorry thats two questions i guess)