Scared / Nervous Dad

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Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by mada » Thu Oct 30, 2003 07:51 pm

So glad to hear things are looking up[:)] I will absolutley keep you both in my prayers...keep looking towards those weekly goals!! Every day that baby is in is better!! 28 weeks is a great milestone!!

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by nervousdad » Thu Oct 30, 2003 08:28 am

Thank you for all your kind posts and words of encouragement. After a 4-day stay in the hospital with another round of tests (to include blood work, urine collection, BP monitoring, etc.) our doctor decided to let my wife go home, and be on bed-rest. In the hospital, the BP continued to be normal, and the blood work was good. The urine still had high levels of protein - so, the initial protein levels were 1200 mg, and after another test a week later, it dropped slightly to 1140 mg. Not a significant drop, but not an increase either, so we were somewhat realived.

We have been monitoring my wife's BP since we have been home, all have been in the normal range, averaging around 110/78. She will get a headache around mid-day, and after that subsides, it is usually just a day spent in bed, or on the couch. We are 28w 2d today and hoping to get further and further, but we are taking it a day at a time. We have another appointment w/ our Dr. today and we'll see what she has to say. We are going in 2x a week to check the baby's status (heart beat, etc.) and seeing our Dr. weekly.

Please continue to keep us in your thoughts and prayers and offer advice when you think of it - everything you have said thus far is reassuring and helps us out in our effort to keep our daughter from being delivered as long as possible.

Thanks so much.

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by angelical » Mon Oct 27, 2003 06:19 am


18 months ago, my husband, Kevin, could have written your post - - almost to the letter.

I told him about your post, and he said to tell you, if you'd like to email him, he'd be happy to give you insight from another "nervous dad".

(Our son was born at 28 weeks.)

Good luck!

Sharel & Kevin
Aaron - 28 weeker
Born 5/2/02 due to preeclampsia & HELLP

Our miracle boy is doing great!!

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by jabeau » Sun Oct 26, 2003 04:44 pm

It is so good to see a dad that is concerned and taking this seriously. You are doing the right thing by getting informed and knowing what to expect and how to handle the situation. Hope everything works out well for both you and your wife and baby. Best of luck. One thing in you and your wifes favor, you are getting informed and that is a very positive thing.
All the best

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by kdreher » Sun Oct 26, 2003 03:35 pm

HI, I just wanted to send my thoughts and say hang in there. What you are both going through is very scary and sometimes disappointing for your first pregnancy. Many of us have been through what you are dealing with. It is good to hear that the Dr. Needles is on top of everything and you wife is being watched. No matter when your daughter comes in to your life, it will be a blessing.
I wish you all the best and we hope you keep us posted.

Kris (34)
DH, Tom (33)
Tyler 3-9-95 to 3-23-95 (26 wks pe/HELLP) or

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by laura » Sat Oct 25, 2003 10:05 am

It sounds like your wife is getting very proactive care-- and really, that's a huge part toward getting both baby and mom through this safely.

What I would do is talk to your wife's doctors and ask them what is going to make them want to deliver your wife- what the BP they're looking for? What's the protein they're looking for? How are her other labs? Her kidney and liver labs? Preeclampsia can often cause problems with the ability to clot... how's her clotting time and platelets?

Hang in there. Getting to 28 weeks is a milestone. That's the big one. Go to our other section of the forum, "parents of preemies" and those parents over there know EVERYTHING about what you're going through. take care, and please let us know how your little family is doing!

DH Jack-30
Allie 5-13-98 (35 weeks-pre-e)
Baby Camille 4-17-03 (36 weeks- htn and oligo)

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by mada » Sat Oct 25, 2003 06:27 am

Hello and welcome to the forum!!
I can imagine how nerve racking this must all be for you and your wife...I have to say that i am very happy that you have such a great knowledgable doc. Some docs won't even worry if the labs(blood tests) come back normal. So, your wife is in very good hands. Echoing Ileana, it sounds like your wife does have mild PE...I was diagnosed at 33 weeks and was able to hold out for 3 weeks after that...Also, I had a friend who was diagnosed at 24 weeks sort of similiar to your wife, labs were good, protien was high....She was able to make it to 32 weeks!! That's 8 weeks after diagnosis[:)] Hang in there and know that you are indeed in very good hands..Let us know how things are going....

Mada Harpster

Sam 6-29-00 36weeks P.E.
Ben 11-03-01 No P.E.

Re : Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by ileana » Sat Oct 25, 2003 06:10 am


I'm so sorry to hear about your problems.

The bad news is that she has mild preeclampsia (>300mg protein and BP of S>140 or D>90). Preeclampsia becomes severe if she gets to more than 3000 mg protein or if the BP rises a lot. Severe preeclampsia would probably insure an immediate delivery. Another possible complication is HELLP. This is when the liver and kidneys fail. The blood tests that she is doing are for this condition. Again, if HELLP happens, the baby will be delivered ASAP.

The good news is that they discovered the pree early and that she is under observation in the hospital. The average time between finding the pree and delivery is 2 weeks. However, in your case, if they keep the BP under control, you might have more time.

The really really good news is that the baby is ahead of time and that the placenta looks good. This is the most important thing. Babies that have good weight are usually doing ok when delivered after 28weeks. The rate of survivability at 28w is 80%, and most of these babies have restricted growth (unlike yours).
Did they give your wife the steroid shots yet? These are for the baby's lungs maturation, so he can survive outside. If they didn't do it yet, it's good sign, it means that they are not expecting delivery too soon. Anyway, you might want to ask if and when will they do it.

I'm not a doctor, so all the above is only from what I read or saw on this Forum. But it might give you some ideas about what to ask your doctors.

Are you in a tertiary center? This is a hospital with a NICU that can handle very early newborns. Even though your baby will surely make it to 28w, they have more experience in the larger NICUs.

Good luck to you and keep us posted.
I'm sure there are other women on the Forum that have been on bedrest with mild preeclampsia for a longer time. Also other ones that had very early newborns. They will be able to give you more advise.

Good health to your wife and kid!

Ileana 33
Angel stillborn 24w p-e 2/17/03

Scared / Nervous Dad

Post by nervousdad » Fri Oct 24, 2003 11:30 pm

Hello - as my UserName indicates, I am a nervous father to be. My wife had an pre-natal appointment this past Tuesday and her BP read 130/100, so the doctor waited about 20 mins and it didn't change much. As a precaution, they checked her into the hospital for a 48 hr observation period. Immediately the BP was back down to normal range, then they began a Mag-Sulfate drip and ran tests for blood, did an ultra-sound, and began a 24 hr urine collection. The blood work looked fine, the ultra-sound indicated the our little girl was growing about 2 days ahead of schedule and the placenta was in very good shape. The Doctor decided to let us go home and would call us after the urine had been analyzed - and here's where the problem was. Even though everything else was fine, the protein level in my wife's 24-hr urine sample was 4x normal - approx. 1,000 mg, according to our Dr. Needless to say, she wanted us to come back to the hospital, where my wife is now. After checking in, the BP was normal, the blood work looked fine, and they started her on a low Mag-Sulf drip as a precautionary measure. Tonight my wife is going to start another 24-hr urine collection. The Dr. told us we would be in the hospital until the baby was delivered. We recently completed our 27th week of pregnancy (2 days ago). The Dr. indicated that given her experience, she would be happy if our baby could stay in the womb for another month, but she would not be surprised if the baby was delivered in a week or two.

I am trying to learn more about this condition. My wife and I are both very nervous and very scared. This is our first child and the thought of having to give birth in possibly the 28th week is tough to think about - does anybody have any ideas/suggestions/advice/reassurance given our situation?