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new here - Hello!

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Re : new here - Hello!

Post by celticepona » Wed Jun 02, 2004 07:42 am

Hello Emilly,

I am so sorry for your loss, many don't realize that this horrid disease affects us and our babies both...I too had the excruciating migranes, for the week before I was induced, and postpartum. My headaches went away when I was put on bp meds however, and I haven't had one since. I agree to check your bp...this disease has a tendency to overstay its welcome sometimes...and call your doc, tell them your concerns...and keep us updated.

PS...I too would love to have a bro or sis for my Emily, but I can never carry again because of my bout with PE...so I may consider adoption down the road...good luck!

DD Emily born 4-01-04 at 37 weeks due to severe PE/Eclampsia. Currently postpartum.
preeclampsic/hyperreflexic. On medication.


Re : new here - Hello!

Post by for faith » Tue Jun 01, 2004 09:39 am

Emily - So sorry for your loss of Lydia, I lost my daughter shortly after you in January.

I agree to get a monitor, I was on BP medication for about a month after Faith was born, but didn't have continued headaches.

Wishing you peace and hoping you find all the answers you are looking for before you have a brother or sister for Lydia.


mommy to:
Tyler - 4 (36 wks, PIH)
Angel baby - 1/20/03 (11 wks)
Faith Kristine - 1/5/04-1/30/04 (30 weeks due to severe PE, passed due to NEC & Sepsis(preemie complications))

Re : new here - Hello!

Post by julie f » Sun May 30, 2004 04:30 am


I am so sory for the loss of your daughter. I lost my precious little son last year as well and it is just the most unimaginable pain, I am truly sorry.

I also purchased a home monitor after my experience with preeclampsia. More for peace of mind than anything else really but, I believe it was a good investment.

I hope that you are feeling better soon, please let us know what your doctor says about it.

Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

Julie (27)
Zachary James, 7/22/03-7/27/03, born at 26wks - severe pe

Praying for a miracle... TTC #2 is a go!

Southern California Coordinator

Re : new here - Hello!

Post by sjs40 » Sun May 30, 2004 01:58 am

Hi Em
We have 'met' before too, and you know my pe experience was last July. I just wanted to let you know that since my 6wk check at the gp I have had a BP machine at home. I am still on Atenolol, and check my bp every day, but only have to see the gp if I am worried, or otherwise every couple of months for her to check bp officially. If you are getting headaches and are worried they are connected to bp maybe you could ask your surgery for the loan of a machine? Failing that, I know you can buy the one I use, and I would be happy to let you know the details.

Take care,
Sue x

Sue (40)
Chris (37)
DD Eleanor Susan (Ellie)
born at 27wks severe PE
24 July 03 - 20 August 03

Re : new here - Hello!

Post by josiah1112 » Sun May 30, 2004 12:49 am

Hi Emily.

We've "chatted" before. Welcome to this site.
Your Lydia and my Josiah both passed away in
December. - I guess December will never be the
same for us, huh? I want to wish you all of the
best in TTC in the future. About your headaches,
you may want to purchase a BP machine to monitor
your blood pressure at home. This way, you can rule
out if it is related to or not to your head ache.
The machine will also come in handy for you in a
future pregnancy. Take Care of yourself and let us
know how things are going.

Gloria mom to Josiah 11/12/03- 12/4/03 @ 26wks pre e
Moderator- Foro Latino
Future Adoptive Mom

Re : new here - Hello!

Post by angelkat » Sun May 30, 2004 05:22 am

I am so sadden to read the loss of your little girl.

My 11 year old son is a CF pateint. Even thought I tested negitive he is still possitive due to his CF marker is not one usually tested for. He is currently a very active 11 year old with playing sports and doing very thing an 11 year old does. Yes, at times, his diease keeps him in the house taken tons of meds and treatments but neverless, he loves life just the same.

As for you headaches, have you taken your BP?... Headaches could be signs of many different things and needs to be address by your doctor....

Please feel free to tell us about your angel any time. We know what you are going thru and if we could help we would like to do so...

Moderator Grief and Loss
Mommy to
Drew(13)PE 37 wks
Ky (11)PE 34 wks
~i~ Katlyne(12/9/02-04/02/03)25 wks
Casey Looking at Aug
Katlyne's Tribute Site

new here - Hello!

Post by emilly » Sun May 30, 2004 04:55 am

Hi. I found this site while looking for information.

Read a few posts and thought id join if thats ok!

I also saw a few people on here who i also know through other sites.

My names Emilly and i live in England. I had severe pre-eclampsia with my daughter who was my first child. I had alot of the signs for months, yet was given other explanations. Eventually i went into my doctors surgery as i was throwing up constantly and had the worst headache of my life (im sure you all know that feeling) he then called an ambulance, i was taken into hospital and had to deliver my daughter at 27 weeks by c-section.

She weighed 1.6lbs and was the most perfect little angel id ever seen. We called her Lydia. They told me if id waited any longer i would of died. Lydia suffered a brain hemmorhage before she was born because of my high bp.

She lived for 5 days, and passed away in our arms when everything they tried failed to save her.

My BP went back to normal a couple of months later after taking nifedapine.

I just wanted to say your all very strong, and its so nice to meet people who have experienced the same, but also so sad they had to.

The PM results showed Lydia was perfect, appart from a small suspicion she had cystic fibrosis, although this wouldnt have attributed to her death. We are currently awaiting results to see if we are carriers of cf to decide weather Lydia had this. Also if we are the chances are 1 in 4 of having a baby with CF.

We would love to have a brother or sister for Lydia, but want to make sure its safe to do so.

The reason i found this site was because i was looking for some answers to my headaches. Ive had a headache now for almost a week, sometimes faint sometimes strong. I wonder if any of you have experienced this?

Anyway nice to meet you all
Lots of Love

Mummy to little Lydia, born 16th December 03. Passed away 21st Dec 03 in her parents arms. Forever missed.