Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

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Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by bsherricca » Wed Jul 25, 2012 11:27 am

BBC thanks for sharing your story u put into words what i could not ...everyone basically pretends that it never happened ... while i understand people dont know what to say i think for me that is the hardest part ..... its really tough ...thank God for this forum where u begin to realise unfortunately/fortunately you are not alone in this experience .....

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by Kathrynwwjd » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:57 am

Went back to the doctors today but he wants me to stay on lisinopril for a bit longer.
I chased the hospital for an post-mortem results and planning future pregnancies appointment. They said I would not hear from them until 3 weeks or so because the consultant is on holiday.

Jules2 - it would be good to talk. I did try and pm you but not sure if it worked or not.

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by blythe » Fri Jul 13, 2012 00:32 am

I just wanted to add this link into this thread - Jules2 is right, our Experts have said pretty clearly that stress doesn't cause PE, if that helps at all to hear...


Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by BBC » Tue Jul 10, 2012 02:17 pm

Kathryn and bsherrica, I'm very sorry for your recent losses. I lost my little boy at 34/35 weeks back in March. I'm not sure that I was too stressed per say, but life is always a juggling act, especially for women. Just getting to work every day involved a bus and a train and a 3/4 mile walk (each way), and you would be surprised at how few people in New York offer pregnant women seats on the train and bus. My experience with my pregnancy has led me to think about what I want in the future, and I think I may stop working around viability if I am fortunate enough to get pregnant again. I think it will be very hard financially speaking, but the stress of frequent doctors appointments and getting back to work, and taking the time to make sure I'm resting and eating well, I think it may be worth it for me.

bsherrica ,I can relate to your birth experience to some degree. My doctor was on vacation when I went into crisis. I had a very normal pregnancy with a few oddities, like I had the shortness of breath from about 12 weeks on, but weight was normal, no swelling, no proteins, good BP. 7 days after my last dr appointment I got a lot of swelling, fatigue, and cramps in my calf muscles. I called my dr on Thursday and Friday and he recommended physical therapy, which I scheduled for the next Tuesday (I wish he would have had me come in for a BP check). Thursday night I used my home doppler to listen to my little boy's heart beat, which was loud and steady. Friday and Saturday were whirlwind days, putting together baby furniture, attending my last Lamaze class, and Sunday we had my baby shower. By that point I was really swollen, but I had spoken to my dr 2 days ago, listened to my babies heartbeat, and everything was fine, and isn't the home stretch of pregnancy the hardest and most uncomfortable? Monday I was back at work and a friend who came to the shower called me and said I should check my BP because I looked puffy. I stopped at a drug store on my way home from work and got a reading of 155/120 (or something like that). Went home call my dr, while I was waiting for a call back my husband came home with a BP cuff and got similar readings. DR confirmed we should come in just to get checked out.... and after waiting in L&D for over an hour, the nurse couldn’t find my son's heartbeat. From Monday to Wednesday I saw a new doctor (from my dr’s practice) everyday, and was delivered by the hospital’s midwife, because the dr from my practice was off somewhere else when I went into transition. I did have drugs and a nurse, and the midwife turned out to be great, but she wasn't there until the very end, and it was really scary until she came, and I didn't even know her name until after I delivered. I can’t imagine if I had been alone; you are amazing. I would like to say I don’t know how you did it; but unfortunately I do know how you did it, you did it because you had no choice.

I had a very good relationship with my dr before this happened, and it has been hard for me to deal with the fact that he didn’t call me in to the office that Friday, or that he wasn’t there for me to deliver my son. It’s almost like a betrayal because previously he was such a good dr, and was very compassionate when I had a pervious miscarriage and he performed my DNC (which was a really hard thing for me to agree to).
Anyway, my pe-e went away about a week after my delivery. The hypertension specialist I have been following up with says there is no way to know if my high blood pressure was caused by my baby going into crisis, or if I developed high BP which caused my baby to go into crisis.

Kathryn, regarding time off from work, a year is amazing. I had two weeks off (including the time I was in the hospital). It was really hard to think about going back to work, but after a few weeks it becomes normal. It’s good for me to get out of the house and have a way to be productive, but it does take a toll in that after a while it seems like you and everyone else you interact with daily are pretending the whole thing never happened. But I’m not sure that negative outweighs the positives of going back to work. Before I went back I sat home all day and cried, so I’m kind of glad to not be doing that anymore.

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by jules2 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 01:19 pm

I am in the UK too and as you can see I luckily had a very different ending in the 2nd pregnancy after my first tragic pregnancy in 2009. I am happy to talk with you if this might help at all.

So very very sorry to hear about your baby girl ....

There is no evidence stress is related to PE. I was much more stressed in my second successful pregnancy (moving house and job) than my first. It is natural after such a horrible and tragic event to try to find a "reason" why this happened - especially one you can change next time around. But you must not blame yourself - there was nothing more you could have done for your daughter. I am so sorry and realise how hard this is to accept xx

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by kerisue » Tue Jul 10, 2012 12:20 am

Kathryn- up to a year off work? Wow! My employers would never have allowed that- they gave me exactly what they legally had to- 12 weeks. Like you, I very much needed that time. I couldn't have gone back to work right away. That's cool that you've gotten involved with a charity supporting preeclampsia research/advocacy. I would caution you about the 50% odds they gave you though. That kind of prediction is best coming from a doctor who can review your particular medical records and situation (and even then it's a best guess). Keep in mind too that even if you do get it again in a second pregnancy, it may present later or in a different manner so you could (hopefully!!) have a very different outcome.

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by Kathrynwwjd » Tue Jul 10, 2012 02:05 am

So sorry to hear of your loss.
I too have been wondering about the stress connection. I am from Uk and got in touch with a charity that specialises in pre-eclampsia. They said that stress has nothing to do with it. The pre-eclampsia is there right from when the egg attaches to the womb lining.
I am lucky I am on maternity leave as the law says 24 weeks was a viable pregnancy. I have up to a year off work. I may go back sooner but I just could not face work at the moment.
I also find it hard to look at or be around other pregnant women.
You are right people just don't know what to say. I think the worst thing I have said to me so far is someone offering me a cuddle with their baby. It's the last thing I feel like doing right now.

We are still waiting for post mortem results. All I want to do is be pregnant again it's the thought of being pregnant that's keeping me going. Although the pre-eclampsia charity said I have a 50 % of getting it again due to having it so severely. I am still waiting for an appointment to see my obs to plan for future pregnancies.
I'm now on a really low dose of blood pressure medication. I'm hoping to come off the medication this Friday.

It's great we can connect on these forums and support each other.

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by kerisue » Mon Jul 09, 2012 07:12 pm

bsherrica, I'm so sorry for your loss too. You're right, going through this experience of a serious medical illness, almost dying, and losing our babies is one of the most- if not THE most- traumatic thing we will ever go through. I'm sorry that you felt so abandoned by your doctor. In my case when I became as ill as you were my doc literally couldn't treat me- they were calling in the specialists immediately. Frankly, you would probably want a specialist treating you during that critical time anyway. So today was your first day back at work? So tough!! I remember hating my first day back bc I was surrounded by pregnant people and no one knew what to say to me. As for the stress issue... I recall seeing some literature tying stress in with preeclampsia, but I don't remember the specifics, nor how reliable the research was. More recently Caryn posted some good research she found showing no connection between stress and preeclampsia. If I have time later I'll try and see if I can find it.
Again I'm so sorry about what happened to you and your precious baby.

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by bsherricca » Mon Jul 09, 2012 03:16 pm

I am so sorry for your loss. I know how you feel .......i also lost my first 5 weeks ago at 26 weeks due to PE. I came on here as i have my review this afternoon and i am not sure what to ask the doctor and i came acfross your posting .

This has easily been one of the most traumatic experiences and i have spent the better part of the last few weeks thinking i am just not going to wake up ...... during my pregnancy i never missed a doctors appointment i really really tried as i had had problems getting pregnant. I think the worst part for me is that the minute my gynae realised i may have PE (after what i realise was weeks of symptoms) he pretty much dumped me in the then i was diagnosed as severe PE within a week the baby died. i ended up delivering alone in the wee hours of the morning 2 days later no doctors to attend me no nurses no medication ...i pretty much almost died and thank God everyday for sparing my life . i still havent heard from my OBGYN for all he knows i am still in the hospital he dumped me in and my review this evening is with a DR recommended by a coworker who came to visit with me while i was still in hospital

Like some of the other posters i was extrmely stressed out before the PE set in due to work stress and I wonder if that had anything to do with it fact today was my first day back at work and my boss was so ashamed of the pressure he put me under in the weeks before i had to be hospitalised that he didnt say a word to me all day in fact he didnt even acknowledge tha i was back at work ....

i have seen a counsellor twice in the last few weeks. if you think it might help you should find someone to talk to i found that talking to the councellor really helped me especially since friends and family mean well but just dont fully understand are in my prayers

Re: Preelampsia at 24 Weeks

Post by Kathrynwwjd » Tue Jun 26, 2012 12:14 am

I have now been back to the doctors and have been put on a very low dose of blood pressure tablets. I am due have a blood pressure check this week then will see the doctor again the following week. Hoping to then come off the medication.

We had our baby girl's funeral on Friday it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Still waiting for an appointment for the post-mortem results and to plan for future pregnancies.