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Re: Autopsies

Post by wooleybear » Thu Aug 16, 2012 04:24 pm

im so sorry for your loss missgamecock. sometimes it just doesn't make sense. my doc said if i get pregnant again i may have to go on antibiotics the whole time. that seems so extreme to me. i think the infection took over because my placenta was so week from the pre-e. hopefully if i get pregnant again i won't have pre-e a second time around, thus making the odds of infection lower too. thanks for your response

Re: Autopsies

Post by missgamecock » Thu Aug 09, 2012 09:48 pm

I lost my baby at 13 1/2 weeks due to infection. I had a very severe kidney infection (took 3 months to resolve and I had to be watched in my next pregnancy for it. Also had several trips to the ER and several rounds of IV antibiotics for severe kidney infections with my next pregnancy in the ER) and the worst case of flu I had ever had. Baby was fine at my ob's office a few days before. Went in for my NT US at my peri's office. No heartbeat. OB and Peri said it was very rare to happen. Less than 5% after 12 weeks. Very rare from an infection. The combination of the flu and the kidney infection was too much.

Re: Autopsies

Post by wooleybear » Thu Aug 02, 2012 08:58 am

yeah, i guess i thought the miscarriage had all to do with the pre-e. so i guess i was just more suprised than anything. i don't think i had any symptoms or did anything different to get an infection. so that kinda dumbfounds me too, i just keep going back to "there was no way of knowing, there was nothing i could of done."

Re: Autopsies

Post by kerisue » Thu Jul 26, 2012 02:15 pm

I don't really know much about infections and pregnancy, other in my infant loss grief group there have been a few couples who have had babies born still due to infections of some kind. My own mother had an infection with me which caused preterm birth, but (fortunately) I lived. I've never asked if she was told what kind of infection she had or how she got it. I hope someone else has some more info for you. Was it hard reading the autopsy? I think that would be very difficult.


Post by wooleybear » Tue Jul 24, 2012 07:42 pm

I got my autopsy back. Looks like I had an infection on top of my pre-e. Im out of town so I talked to my doctor on the phone and have since come up with more questions to ask him in an office visit about this when I return home. I believe my pre-e allowed the infection to penetrate the placenta because it was week from the pre-e and had fibriods on it. Has anyone else had an infection? I heard stories through friends of friends that they had an infection and lost the baby. My doctor said it was somewhat rare to get an infection and have it kill the baby, but it does happen. He gave it some long medical name, I have no idea how I could of gotten one, or where it came from. Something I need to ask him. Any relatable stories would be appreciated