Update - 32 weeks and counting

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Re: Update - 32 weeks and counting

Post by crocusgirl » Wed May 16, 2012 05:00 pm

Things I did differently -

Before we even tried for #2, we met with the MFM who treated me with baby #1, to learn if trying again was even a good idea. She thought I was a good candidate, and advised me to start doing low-dose aspirin as soon as I got pregnant, which I did. I also took calcium supplements too, as apparently calcium can have some anti-hypertensive effects. As soon as I was pregnant, I was seen by the PE/HELLP clinic at our women's hospital, where they did a bunch of bloodwork and I had 3 scans to check for "notching". By 24 weeks, my notching was basically gone, and I was told I could stop taking the aspirin. Other than that, I am just hypervigilant. Any time I feel funny, I wander over to the pharmacy and take my blood pressure. I check for signs of swelling, and I bought myself the urine test sticks and do that every couple of days. So far this pregnancy has been totally different. I have had very minor swelling in my feet, only when I have been on them too long, no sign of protein and my BP has been sticking right around 100/60. Last time, it was 155/110 right before I was admitted to hospital, and my feet were monsterous (as were hands and face). I guess the universe just smiled on us this time. I hope it stays that way. The doctors are still keeping an eye for creeping BP as I get closer to the end, but so far, so good.

Re: Update - 32 weeks and counting

Post by aajatwins » Wed May 16, 2012 02:59 pm

Glad to hear everything is still looking good!! It will be baby time before you know it!!

Re: Update - 32 weeks and counting

Post by kbielec » Wed May 16, 2012 08:46 am

Can I ask, are you doing anything differently this pregnancy that you didn't do in the first that you think is helping you?

Update - 32 weeks and counting

Post by crocusgirl » Tue May 15, 2012 10:39 pm

Had my second appointment with my OB on Monday. Everything is still looking good...I hit 32 weeks tomorrow with no signs of rising BP or protein. YAY! I go for another ultrasound on Friday to check growth and fluid but everything indicates the very squirmy tyke is growing well. I will have a scheduled c-section on June 29 (38+2) unless something changes with my health, or the little one decided on her own to "check out".

I have had some heartburn, but it's just heartburn - TUMS takes care of it. I am really sick of TUMS. Feet have been a bit puffy if I am on them too long, but nothing at all like it was with my first pregnancy.

Here's hopinh June 29 comes with no additional stuff!