high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

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Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by kbielec » Tue Jul 10, 2012 09:44 am

At 19 .5 weeks I had dopplers done, MFM said right and left artery looked good and the cord flow was "not what they wanted it to be" 2 weeks later came back for another look and "all the flow looked surprisingly good"...not sure what changed in 2 weeks but baby had grown 4 oz (although she's on the small side, she's still growing). I am going back tomorrow and I am 23.5 weeks we'll see how it looks, hoping baby girl is a pound and the dopplers read good - you are exactly right though - it's STRESSFUL and scary! And I have come to dread the ultra sounds. Hang in there...

Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by jules2 » Mon Jul 09, 2012 06:43 am

Thanks, yes its nailbiting. I guess I'll have to see if its worse / better / same at 24 weeks. I wouldn't be surprised if I either developed early PE and had to deliver next week or if I made it to term with no problems....

Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by caryn » Sun Jul 08, 2012 04:09 pm

It is rotten at prediction. It's strongly correlated to preterm delivery, but placentas do "outgrow" the resistance as well. Sadly it is just a wait and see thing, which is nailbiting.

Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by jules2 » Sun Jul 08, 2012 02:34 am

Thanks to both of you. I had totally normal artery dopplers in my last pregnancy so of course am more worried now. Yes, it is a stressful test.

Guess I just have to wait till 24 weeks and hope its no worse by then.

Angie - congrats on your boy x

Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by angieb » Sat Jul 07, 2012 04:47 pm

I am glad that things seem to be going well with you except for this little blip! (Sorry I am really horrible about emailing.)

With Lucas, I did have notching on one of the blood flow/doppler studies. I don't really know how that compares to the resistance numbers and such, but I never did end up getting sick (and it really stressed me out.) My MFM is so unconvinced of any connection, we aren't even doing a bloodflow study this time (and that's fine with me, the last thing I need to do is stress about something that may not mean anything as it did the last time.) I am glad the baby is measuring on track and everything else is going well, try to focus on that.

And congrats on another girl! I am having another boy!

Re: high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by midwestmom » Sat Jul 07, 2012 04:18 pm

Hello! I can't give you any positive predictive values or scientific data, but I can tell you that my MFM has very little faith in results of uterine dopplers. He told me that there are so many false positives (results indicating uterine flow problems when there aren't any) that he sometimes doesn't even do them - he finds the studies are more stressful for patients than helpful to the management of many of his patients.
That's my anecdotal information about uterine doppler test, I hope that you have a problem-free pregnancy! Lauren

high uterine artery resistance 21 weeks

Post by jules2 » Sat Jul 07, 2012 01:01 pm


Am pregnant again. Probably totally crazy at my age and with my risks but bit too late for that now! I have not been posting up till now hoping all might be ok like last time.

But yesterday (at 20+6 gestation) had scan demonstrating left uterine artery doppler resistance index above 95% centile. But no notch (what exactly is the difference? Physics not my strong point....) Right artery was normal. They will repeat at 24 weeks. Obviously I am now very worried especially about early onset PE. Otherwise baby looked good, very active, great size, and all ok for now.

Anyone know just how "accurate" this is as a predictive tests for pre-eclampsia? Sensitivity, positive predictive values etc? Or if not even any positive stories about still reaching near or full term after such a result would cheer me up a bit! [negative stories ok too - I am realistic about the risks].

And its another girl. I am somehow doubly emotional about this after losing my first daughter. History repeating itself and all that.

Thanks all