Pregnant After Severe PE x2

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Re: Pregnant After Severe PE x2

Post by maaron » Tue Aug 14, 2012 05:24 pm

Yes, I am in the US. Last time I was put on injectable heparin 2x day + 1 baby aspirin daily. They took me off the heparin at 20 wks and it was only a few days before my BP started to rise. I was under the care of a whole team of special DRs. I have a new OB now (insurance change). She is going to keep me on the heparin for the entire preg (although I have never tested pos for any clotting disorders). She has also referred me to her "go to" MFM Dr. I will see him in 2 wks. Last time it was not the PE that caused our DS to be stillborn. I got polyhydramnios which caused me to go into premature labor. It's a long story with very interesting twists and turns (including getting my pressures and 24 Urine to drop), but the end result was that I got a tear in my sac and had to deliver but the baby got stuck in the birth canal for a long time. He suffered too much injury during the birth to survive.

I am trying to stay optimistic, but I have told my husband and DR that if this preg starts showing signs & symptoms of my others, I will have to end it. I feel like it's unfair to my DH and our new daughter to put myself in that kind of danger again. So I am praying for a miracle... that this preg somehow goes textbook. ;)

Re: Pregnant After Severe PE x2

Post by angieb » Tue Aug 14, 2012 02:46 pm

I am so sorry for your losses . Are you in the US? In your shoes I would be consulting with MULTIPLE high risk doctors (either MFM's or perinatalogists), to find a plan you are most comfortable with. Have you been on blood thinners in any previous pregnancies? I would ask about them for sure. What kind of monitoring did you have last time? I would want to be seeing someone high risk immediately, just based on your history alone.

I don't blame you for being terrified about three under 1! We will have 2 under 2 and my 15 month old is crazy active, it is rough being pregnant and trying to keep up with him, wrestle 27 pounds of tantruming toddler into his car seat while pregnant (when it was 108 degrees out, blech!) But you will figure it out!

Re: Pregnant After Severe PE x2

Post by maaron » Tue Aug 14, 2012 02:27 pm

Thanks so much for your validation, prayers and encouragement. I pray that all goes well for you and your baby as well!

Re: Pregnant After Severe PE x2

Post by leeann34 » Tue Aug 14, 2012 02:24 pm

Well...the deed has been done so to I would feel just like you. Scared but hopeful that I could carry a pregnancy to term. I lost my first child because of severe pe and i am currently 28 weeks pregnant with my second. I at times remain anxious tearful and scared but I take one day at a time and do the best I can. I don't blame you for not wanting to terminate. Our children are a part of us and a blessing to us. I will pray that you will have a good outcome with your precious babies.

Pregnant After Severe PE x2

Post by maaron » Tue Aug 14, 2012 01:57 pm

I am pregnant for the 9th time. Of my previous 8 pregnancies, 6 were mcs and 2 were stillbirths. With both SBs, I had severe PE (the 1st time was early onset). My DH and I just adopted a beautiful baby girl who is now 5 wks old and we were NOT TTC. When I was 5 days late I thought my AF was just off b/c of the baby coming and lack of sleep. Needless to say I was shocked & terrified when the PT was pos. I was recently diagnosed by a team of DRs in France who were conducting a study on gene mutation NLRP7. This study shows that women affected by this mutation suffer from recurrent molar pregs & losses. My DNA was shown to have the gene mutation. What this means is that it's not entirely outside the realm of possibility that I could carry & give birth to a healthy baby, but it's about 1 millimeter on the side of possibility. To make things more interesting, my OB had me get an early US to check viability. I was 5wk 4 days preg. The US showed 2, that's TWO gest sacs & yolk sacs!!! It was too early to detect HBs, so I have to go back for a follow up on Aug. 27th. All I can say is I have to laugh b/c otherwise I'd cry. :( With my history alone, we have grounds to terminate, but I just can't do it. I guess I choose to believe in miracles. There's part of me that is more terrified that it will actually work this time & I will end up with 3 babies under the age of 1 yr. old! Our daughter & these twins would be exactly 9 mos apart. It would sorta be like having triplets. My DH is struggling with the whole thing. He has seen me through so much, all the time fearing for my life. I'm also afraid to tell any friends or family members whats happening b/c I fear they'll judge me... judge me for getting preg again with my hist and judge for not terming. We lost our last baby (boy) 1 yr ago on Aug 23. I said I could never do this again... am I crazy? Am I totally insane for attempting this yet again?? ...Feeling helpless & alone right now.