Weight and blood pressure fluctuations

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Re: Weight and blood pressure fluctuations

Post by Raposa » Sat Oct 20, 2012 07:35 am

I don't even have a scale at home. I've always focused on eating healthily and letting my weight take care of itself. The only difference with how I was dressed is that I've switched to my cushy maternity pants instead of shorts.

I do have a home monitor for blood pressure, which I need to trade in since it isn't working right. :( I've never had white coat hypertension, though. I was downright surprised by how low the blood pressure was on Friday. I was expecting higher based on how high it was on Wednesday.

Re: Weight and blood pressure fluctuations

Post by julieb » Fri Oct 19, 2012 07:28 pm

Do you keep track of your weight at home? I know that within the last 4 weeks, where I live, the weather has gotten much colder so my weight went up a lot at my doctor because I was wearing jeans and a heavier shirt instead of shorts and a tshirt. Plus, they weigh you after you have eaten and stuff so I just keep track of my weight at home about once a week when I get up in the morning. Do you keep track of your BP at home? I always have higher BP at the doctor than I do at home and I write down my BPs at home so I can keep consistent track of them at roughly the same time every day so I will hopefully notice a change if it starts to rise. I hope your BP stays down!

Weight and blood pressure fluctuations

Post by Raposa » Fri Oct 19, 2012 05:09 pm

I had my regular 24 week checkup with my regular OB today. My blood pressure was 132/78 and my weight was 178 lbs. This would be great, except my blood pressure at my primary care was 142/100 on Wednesday and my weight at my last appointment 4 weeks ago was 161 lbs (a loss of 7 lbs from the appt before that). So that's a big weight gain and a pretty big pressure swing.

My toddler was fussy earlier this week due to recovering from a bug, so I suspect some of Wednesday's blood pressure high might have been stress from dealing with the tantrums. Still, stress normally doesn't affect me that much. The weight is an even bigger question mark. I don't have any swelling yet, not even in my feet or ankles.

I have an appointment in a week with the MFM for another ultrasound. My OB wants me to mention the weight to them and see about adjusting my medication even though my blood pressure was good at this visit. I'm hoping for more information then, but in the meantime I'm just puzzled. Any ideas about the weight? If I'm not swelling, then what the heck is going on?

The baby's heartbeat was good, by the way, and he's still kicking plenty, so I'm not really worried about him yet. I just wish I knew more what was going on with my body right now. :/