30 weeks and low fluid

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Re: 30 weeks and low fluid

Post by danielsmom » Sat Jan 05, 2013 04:04 pm

My fluid dropped significantly around 34 weeks to a 7 and hung there until we delivered at 38w4d. I never had any other complications. BP was ideal, never any protein, etc. My doctor asked what I did for a living and when I told him I worked from home he seemed relieved and just said, "take it easy as much as you can and drink lots of water."

Congrats on 30 weeks. Hope all will be well for the next few months. You're on the home stretch.

Re: 30 weeks and low fluid

Post by sam10 » Thu Jan 03, 2013 07:40 pm

I am sorry to hear that the fluid level is too low. I do not have much experience with low fluid levels, but there are some other posters who have had it and will perhaps share their info. Keep us posted

30 weeks and low fluid

Post by julieb » Wed Jan 02, 2013 09:02 am

So I saw my MFM at 28 weeks for a growth/doppler/fulid check and they found that my fluid was at a 9 which is lower than the average of about 13 that they were hoping to see. They don't start to get concerned until the fluid is at a 5 but because of my history it did concern them. Baby was doing great and weighing in at 2lbs 12oz which was the 55th% and blood flow looked great but I was told to drink extra water and rest as much as possible. I went back the next week, which was last week, and had another ultrasound for fluid check and it was a 10. Good news is my fluid went up just a little but it is still lower than it should be. We did dopplers again and they looked good. I have a growth ultrasound tomorrow and they will be checking my fluid and dopplers again as well. My MFM isn't too concerned with my fluid level since my BP has been stable and baby seems to be growing okay but it is making me nervous! Has anyone had lower fluid that didn't lead to any further complications? I feel like I am just waiting for other symptoms of PE to start showing up and it is driving me crazy! Good news is baby seems to be moving well so that is reassuring but I still can't help worrying! I am so happy to have made it to 30 weeks but of course I want to make it to 37 if I can :)