Enzyme question!

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Re: Enzyme question!

Post by afaiz » Tue Apr 30, 2013 03:01 pm

Hi Angieb
Thanks so much for responding I am feeling fine I have some slight swelling in my feet and my wedding ring doesn't fit but other than that no other symptoms I feel good... Besides the fear and anxiety I haven't even really told anyone but our intermediate family's. we haven't even found out the gender I don't know if I am being overly crazy or just careful.

I know you always read how scary and hard it is to be pregnant after a loss but I never expected it to be this hard, your blog really is great for ppl that are just starting out there loss journeys and I read it and it inspires me to see you happy and doing well.

Re: Enzyme question!

Post by angieb » Tue Apr 30, 2013 01:14 pm

Most doctors don't deliver for protein in the urine, so I personally would be ok with not doing another 24 hr urine yet.

Aside from the bloodwork, how do you feel? Swelling? Headaches? Etc? If you are still feeling pretty good, I would try to pretend you never had the bloodwork, of course keep an eye on your symptoms but it sounds like you are doing well to me.

Hang in there!

Enzyme question!

Post by afaiz » Mon Apr 29, 2013 04:34 pm

Hello ladies

I had some questions about liver enzymes going up? I had hellp & pre-e during my first pregnancy which sadly ended in a loss at 24 weeks 4 days... I had elevated enzymes in the 200-300's starting at around 17 weeks with itching and was diagnosed as having cholestasis. Around 23 weeks I started having chest pains and heartburn and was not taken seriously. I had a seizure and was rushed to the emergency.
After delivery my enzymes, platelets or bp were not normalizing so I was given a biopsy and a diagnosis of autoimmune hepatitis and was on prednisone & imuran for 4-5 months I got off everything in September and got pregnant again in December I am now 24 weeks 5 days and am being watched very closely by my MFM and hepatologist... I am getting lab draws every week for the past 3 weeks from every 2 weeks since the beggining of pregnancy. The last 3 weeks I have noticed an upward trend and my enzymes are now 26 & 35 normal at the lab is (0-37 & 0- 65) from 20 & 30 : 3 weeks ago? I am extremely stressed about having to deliver early. Last check no protien in urine? Should I demand another 24 hr urine? My bp is good 110-120/70-80. Which is pretty normal for me..my bp non pregnant is around 110-75ish... It seems we are just watching and waiting but anyone been through or heard of anything like this. I am seeing my MFM weekly and doing growth us every 4 weeks? Since things are/were going well. Is there something I can request/ or demand to help my care? My MFM said she would start the bpp & nst at 32 weeks? My hepatologist said that this can be normal fluctuation but we need to watch closely and if they are any big increases be seen and I'm sure he will start me on steroids and or imuran? But does this sound like an Autoimmune issue? Or more hellp & preeclampsia related? Is there anything I can do.. I'm trying to watch my sodium intake, and not eat a lot of beef to not put strain on my liver. Any other recommendations?

I just got back from seeing my Rheumatologist and she didn't think there was any reason to start any medication or be concerned... She gave me an appt. in 5 weeks I think for my own sanity.