Very soon 20 weeks, nervous!

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Re: Very soon 20 weeks, nervous!

Post by whereowhere » Sat May 18, 2013 10:25 am

Thanks, ladies. Well, at this point, at 21 weeks, 2 days, my blood pressure is perfect, and no protein in my urine. So, so far I have made it past the point I lost my twins last time. It's a good feeling, though by no means am I out of the woods yet. I am on low dose aspirin and Lovenox, so curious to see whether that has any effect. Also, this is not an IVF pregnancy as my last pregnancy was. My instincts tell me that in my particular case, it may have somehow been IVF related, as I have no real huge underlying conditions to have it so early, nor is it anywhere in my family. We will have a better idea after this pregnancy whether I even develop it at all.

Re: Very soon 20 weeks, nervous!

Post by kaxy » Sun May 05, 2013 07:50 pm

Your concerns are certainly understandable! No suggestions, just virtual hugs and prayers sent your way.

Re: Very soon 20 weeks, nervous!

Post by princess purr » Sun May 05, 2013 05:31 pm

I'm currently pregnant and very nervous. Are you seeing an MFM or peri during this pregnancy? From what I have been told just because you got in the first, it does not mean you will get it in the second and it will normally be later. I guess all we can really do is think happy thoughts and hope for the best!

Very soon 20 weeks, nervous!

Post by whereowhere » Sun May 05, 2013 09:56 am

Hi, I lost twins last year at 21 weeks to severe preeclampsia. Though having twins is a risk for preeclampsia, I got it way earlier than normal, and I was a normal BMI. They put my risk at 60% of its returning at some time in a subsequent pregnancy. I am now 19 weeks and 3 days with a baby girl. So far, a little scare around 16 weeks with some slight rising BP's (the highest reached 130/90 which is not my norm), but now I seem to be having great BP's. I am still getting very nervous to enter the 20 week mark, especially since it hit me last time at the end of 20 weeks.

Any advice from other women on how they survived those early weeks when pre-e could come at any time, and the baby is too small to make it alive? Or anyone had any experience on just surviving pregnancy following traumatic pre-e in general without going crazy!? I am so afraid of having to go through the same horror, of not only losing my life, but the added fear of having to deliver a non-living child, one of the the worst horrors a mother can ever endure.