This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

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Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by mandersjoy » Thu Jul 04, 2013 06:49 am

I'm so sorry this has been so rough. If we're on here, then more than likely we completely understand your fears and anxieties. I'm pregnant again (I had a miscarriage before my son and one after, and had him at 27 weeks with severe pre-e.) You really feel like you can't relax until the baby is healthy and in your arms. The one thing I can say to put your mind a little more at ease is that your baby is probably doing just fine since you are having all these symptoms (usually means a high HCG level.) Try to take it easy on yourself...who cares if the house isn't picked up right now?! You're growing a human! Are you a journaling type lady? I find it really helps. You can even journal letters to your little girl to keep your mind focused on the positive, and to enjoy this time a little more. Know that we care.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by ellemoon » Fri May 31, 2013 11:01 am

This pregnancy has definitely been harder than my last one- just in different ways. I'm carrying another girl, so I know that's not the difference. I had horrible morning sickness and fatigue this time and last time all I had was some nausea here and there. I tried to be optimistic and think that maybe it meant I was growing a healthier placenta this time? Who knows. BUT I also had horrible, horrible swelling and headaches early on with my last pregnancy and I'm not experiencing any of that (yet) this time. So, it's just different.

I've also had a lot more aches and pains this time around. I had what I thought was sciatic pain last week that has seemed to have subsided and I have this horrible varicose vein on my hoo-ha that hurts when I stand or walk. Also fatigue has hit HARD again this week (week 26). So far everything is going good. BP's have been low, 24 hour protein was 138 last week (baseline 130) and no swelling. I really hate to complain as well. I told myself that if I were able to carry a baby to term, I would NEVER complain about late pregnancy. It's tough because you want to be able to ENJOY the pregnancy because you never know when it may be cut too short. Having a history of pre-e takes a lot of naivity and joy out of a second pregnancy. We know what can happen and we want to cherish the moments we do have with our baby inside of us... but yet we are miserable because of the symptoms!

I really envy women who have wonderful, symptom free, full term pregnancies. They really don't know how blessed they are. It kind of makes me laugh a little when women get SO bent out of shape about the prospect of a c-section being the worst thing that could EVER happen *insert sarcasm*. If they only knew.

I hope things start to get better for you as you enter the 2nd trimester and you are able to enjoy your pregnancy a little more.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by laughinggirl127 » Fri May 31, 2013 05:19 am

Sorry you are feeling so crumy. I would talk to your dr about treating some of your symptoms. Lots of meds are safe for pregnancy and there is no reason to suffer needlessly. I was on prilosec and zantac during my entire pregnancy. I had horrible nausea from my heartburn. I can tell you if I missed a pill I was miserable. Hope it gets better as you ease out of the first trimester. And don't think it is all a road to pree. Lots of women have all of your symptoms and don't get pree. Just a regular old rough pregnancy. Chin up.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by princess purr » Thu May 30, 2013 08:04 pm

Thank you, I keep telling myself other women here have done it, I might not get PE again... things might be okay this time. I'm sure you know and understand the fears all to well.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by Shannonlynn » Thu May 30, 2013 03:59 pm

Hey Val definitely hang in there. I had some of the same stuff when I was pregnant with Gavin and I think about 16 weeks things started to clear up. I had the racing pulse, aversions, and nausea. It was about the first time I felt Gavin flutter that it got better. It will change, you just have to be patient. Easier said than done,I know. The fatigue will get better and then worse again. I'm sure you know. Relax if you are able.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by princess purr » Thu May 30, 2013 11:28 am

Thank you. I am trying, but it is hard, I just feel like crying. I have been thinking this is a boy, I just feel so different this time. I just want a healthy me, and healthy baby. It doesn't help I'm surrounded by pregnant women that all seem to be having super easy pregnancies and that we are buying a house tomorrow and I have done NOTHING at all, it is all falling on my hubby and I have no idea how i'm going to get the energy to help pack and unpack.

Re: This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by iralu1 » Thu May 30, 2013 10:48 am

Hang in there! I hope you are able to stay positive and that everything works out for you. They say that every pregnancy is different. I also had a very smooth pregnancy until I got sick at 26 weeks and 5 days and I was carrying a girl. I've heard that a woman can feel worse with male babies since it's genetically more different from you and there's extra hormones (testosterone) in your body.

I hope you have a good visit with your peri and everything checks out. Be safe and try to take it easy. :)

This pregnancy is so different... having a hard time

Post by princess purr » Thu May 30, 2013 10:12 am

The early part of Veronica's pregnancy was really easy and let me say I always said I would never be one of those women that complained about pregnancy after living through preeclampsia...but this pregnancy so far I have had spotting, horrible leg cramps, horrible nauseous, fatigue, tons of food aversions, now I'm having shortness of breath, fast pulse etc. I can't wait to see my peri on Wednesday. I'm hoping this means the second part of my pregnancy is going to be easy, because to be honest I enjoyed every minute of Veronica's pregnancy until I got sick, and this one, I feel like I'm not getting to enjoy it at all so far, and I'm scared that the whole thing is going to be like this and end with preeclampsia.
This has made me decide that this will be my last pregnancy, we are going to look into adoption for (God willing) our second child. I just want this baby and me to be healthy, but feeling so crummy is making it hard to think positive.