BP creeping up, or normal?

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Re: BP creeping up, or normal?

Post by ebonymama » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:12 am

hello ladies,

i just joined seeking out answers and doing research on how i can control my hypertension as i now pregnant again...my first was lost at 33 weeks due to placenta abruption.... :cry:

before my pregnancy my bps were normal with bp meds like teens to 120's over 70's and 80's now my regular doc has changed it to methyldopa or aldomet (pregnancy anti hypertensive medication) and that is not working so good....i dont think the docs know of anything else...i live in the caribbean...we are so behind with healthcare... :cry:

i doh know what to do......

may i ask what meds yall are on so i can mention it to the doc so she can look into it....

Re: BP creeping up, or normal?

Post by princess purr » Mon Aug 05, 2013 06:59 pm

Glad your appointment went well. I'm 21 weeks, and today mine was 103/66 which I found disappointing because it has been 90's/50's or low 60's.... I guess when you have had PE in the past it is normal to stalk and worry about your blood pressure.

Re: BP creeping up, or normal?

Post by kaxy » Mon Aug 05, 2013 03:43 pm

My BP is doing better today and yesterday -- 118/75. Whew! My appointment went well today. Measuring on-target, weight gain is good, BP good, protein fine.

Barring any overt pre-e symptoms, I'll just carry on until 39-40w. The doc said definitely not past 40w, but if my cervix was favorable at 39 we could talk induction. Of course, if I have pre-e it would be sooner.

Normally I'd be anti-induction, but with my history I just hope I hit 37w and go into labor a few days later or so!

BP creeping up, or normal?

Post by kaxy » Sun Aug 04, 2013 08:26 pm

I've been checking my BP at home once in awhile and logging it in an app. It's usually weekly, though lately as I've gotten further along (now 30 weeks) I'm checking it more often. Last night, I was disappointed to see 133/89. Ten minutes later, it was 125/89, but the diastolic is still higher than I'd prefer.

Today it is doing better, 118/82.

Last month, I was more in the 1-teen/75ish range.

I go to the OB tomorrow for a regular appointment and will share my readings with her and get her take. Of course even my worst BP so far is technically still ok, even though it was squeaking up there.

Is it true that BP just is a little lower in the 2nd trimester, and then goes up a bit in the third anyway?

I know I could certainly develop pre-e with this pregnancy and would be surprised if I didn't, but Lord help me make it to full-term first!