Update and Medication

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Re : Update and Medication

Post by wpratley » Sun Feb 01, 2004 10:44 am

Hi Suzanne-

I was put on aldomet at 20 weeks and they increased my dose until about 28 weeks to a dose of 3X500mg, twice daily. I was hospitalized at 28 weeks and they started giving me labetalol. They eventually weaned me off the aldomet and at the end I was on labetalol 100mg X3, twice daily. That seemed to do the trick for me. I was able to get to 33 weeks. The drugs had no effect on the baby! He's doing great and reaching all his milestones right on par. I wish you lots of luck and hope it goes smooth for you!

Ryan - 33 weeks - severe p/e

Re : Update and Medication

Post by suzanne » Sat Jan 31, 2004 06:04 am

It's so comforting to hear your stories that are similar to mine! You can just feel so isolated sometimes. All my friends loved being pregnant, and just can't understand why I am not more "upbeat" and excited. I try to explain I'm VERY upbeat and excited about the baby, just not the pregnancy really!

I was wrong about the dose of Aldomet---it's actually 500MG twice a day, not 250MG. My BP this morning was 117/85, so lower. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Something I was wondering---how often do all of you take your BP at home? I was given conflicting advice at the drs. One time I was told just once a day, other times to take it a lot. I am tending to take it about 4 times a day, more if I feel like it might be high. I don't want to stress myself out by taking it too much, but I feel like once a day isn't enough.

Also, those of you with older kids, how do you explain to them about the pregnancy issues? My sons are very concerned. They ask me often if the baby is okay, if I am okay, etc. They are a little confused between blood pressure and blood sugar (as my husband is a diabetic and checks his blood sugar a lot) but they know that something is up and seem to worry a lot. Guess they get that from me...! I try to be calm and matter of fact about it. But wonder if anyone has a strategy for helping kids understand?

Thanks again to all! Have a great low BP day!

Suzanne (37) and DH Tony (41) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

Re : Update and Medication

Post by iansmom » Fri Jan 30, 2004 05:15 pm

Suzanne, our stories sound similar -- have you heard that one before! I have been on 500mg Aldomet for two years (since last bout with pree). It worked fine until I got pregnant again. So, between weeks 6 and 10 we ended up doubling my dosage. That resulted in more consistent readings, but still too high. So, at week 11 I was put on Nifedipine 90 mg. it is a class C, but for me the ridiculously high BP was more of a risk than the drug. I have had few problems. I got migraines when my BP first went down. Your body gets used to the high ones. Good luck.

Ian 12/26/01 - 26 weeks P/E & HELLP
#2 EDD July 15, 2004

Re : Update and Medication

Post by akemt » Fri Jan 30, 2004 01:39 pm


I could normally tell too. And, I also don't really know how to explain it! lol And odd feeling is about the best answer. Sometimes it felt like being tired without actually being tired, I think...though that kind of happens alot in pregnancy and is also hard to describe!

Catherine (22)
DH Britton (27)
Emma Margaret (03/02/03) 37 weeks from PIH & oligo
Baby #2 due August 11, 2004

Re : Update and Medication

Post by catherine » Fri Jan 30, 2004 12:01 am

Hi Suzanne, I'm glad that your doctor was so responsive. Aldomet has the longest track record for use in pregnant women. If it works for you then great. If it doesn't control your bp well enough then I'd imagine that your OB will be willing to try something else. I haven't any experience of the sensation of elevated bp though I know that lots of others have posted that they do sense when it goes up. I do sort of know the sensation of when it drops. It sure makes me dizzy. Having that happen won't do you much harm, provided you sit down rather than pass out or fall down [xx(]. My guess, and I am no expert, is better a few dizzy spells that than prolonged bp elevations.

Catherine (37)
DH, Dave (40)
Finn (6)
Lucy (2)Preeclampsia & HELLP
Chloe (7/2/03)

Re : Update and Medication

Post by suzanne » Fri Jan 30, 2004 11:52 am

Hi, all, here's the latest update! Yesterday my BP at home was really running higher (highest was 140/104) so I called my dr---they saw me today and I am going to start aldomet tonight (250MG twice a day). My BP at the drs. office this time was 160/100.

I am worried but hopeful---reading the boards here I know aldomet is an older drug and some others seem to be more effective, but I am sort of glad to be starting SOMETHING---hope it does help. The dr. said my BP was labile (I think that is the term) because it does vary a good deal from time to time. It makes me wonder if something that will lower it all the time might make it too low sometimes. The nurse said I could probably tell the times when it was high, and she is right, although I didn't believe myself, but I usually can predict before taking it at home which times it will be high. Do others have that feeling? It's sort of a dizzy feeling but not really, more just an odd feeling.

Hope all are having a good day!

Suzanne (37) and DH Tony (41) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

Re : Update and Medication

Post by catherine » Wed Jan 28, 2004 08:21 pm

I know it's frustrating when your body won't show off for the MDs.. sort of like a toddler that won't say hi when they've been chatting up a storm not moments before [:p]. I just have to say, the BI is a wonderful place to have a baby. I thought they were great. Admittedly almost 7 years since I was there but the nursing care in L&D and ante/post partum is really superb.

Catherine (37)
DH, Dave (40)
Finn (6)
Lucy (2)Preeclampsia & HELLP
Chloe (7/2/03)

Re : Update and Medication

Post by taras mom » Wed Jan 28, 2004 07:34 pm

Suzanne, I've been on lisinopril 10 mg BID, atenolol 100 mg, and nifedipine 30 mg for quite a while, and I've never had any side effects. If I forget to take the atenolol in the morning, by evening my pulse is noticeably higher, but that's all.

Carol (38)
DH Bill (40)
Tara Mairichi
12/7-12/9, 2002
The Mightiest Little Angel

Re : Update and Medication

Post by suzanne » Wed Jan 28, 2004 06:54 am

Thanks to all for your support! The drs. appt. yesterday was a little frustrating. My BP there was actually lower than it had been the last time and lower than it had been running at home, 122/80. So the nurse and dr. decided to hold off a week on medication. They ran lots of blood tests, and tested my urine (no protein!) and want me back on Feb 4th. If the lower number goes over 94 (my highest read to date) when I test at home, I should call right away. This morning it was back up to 144/88. I appreciate the info on BP types and doses!

It was fun to hear about your traffic woes in Boston, Catherine! I grew up in Maine, and it's taken the 15 years I've lived here now to get so I can pretty much drive a lot of places---but not on the highway, and not into the downtown! I know just what you mean about people on the T not giving up seats. With my first two, it happened SO often that I would be standing when hugely pregnant! Usually when someone DID give me a seat, it was the last person you would expect---oftentimes someone who looked like a potential mugger! Delivering at BI on marathon day would certainly have been a nightmare---glad you avoided that!! I had both my boys at BI and will have this one there too.

Hope all of you have a great and low BP day!

Suzanne (37) and DH Tony (41) + William (9, severe PE, born at 32 weeks) and Freddy (6, fairly typical pregnancy) and Baby (due approx. 8/26/04!)

Re : Update and Medication

Post by deerhart » Tue Jan 27, 2004 02:48 pm

While pregnant, I once observed a gentleman with not one but two prosthetic legs get on the B-line train at BU on Commonwealth Ave, and NOBODY got up to give the guy a seat!!! IF I'd been sitting I would have.

Might I point out that being pregnant someone SHOULD have given their seat up to you as well!

That is one thing I should brag on my husband about, he's very good at doing the little things like that.


Mommy to Alex and Mason