Cord blood banking decision?

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Re : Cord blood banking decision?

Post by jmom08 » Tue May 25, 2010 00:05 am

Thanks everyone (and thanks Nicole, that would be awesome)! :)
I called the major companies with more Q's again today, but it didn't help much. It feels like the more info we have, the harder the decision gets. There really needs to be a good unbiased resource out there with all the facts & stats (I haven't found one -- certainly not the companies themselves). Big sigh.
But it is good to know we aren't crazy for considering it!

Re : Cord blood banking decision?

Post by muddmomma2 » Tue May 25, 2010 00:04 am

I am also interested in banking my childs cord blood! I am currently 32 weeks and 3 days....I only made it to 29 weeks with my son. I too feel that we can't put a price tag on the chance to help our children in the case of an emergancy. I mean, I know it is ify if we will ever need it and I too hope we don't (I would much rather my money be wasted) BUT, I like having that comfort knowing it is there just in case and could possible help. I also like the fact that my sone has a 1/4 chance of being able to use his sisters cord blood! I know it isn't as good as 100% gaurentee but it is def. better than nothing! I am not 100% sure about any of the details, but I do know that when it comes to my children I am willing to protect them in ANY form possible...even if it is expensive! I kind of look at it like an insurance plan lol...I might not need it but I still want it JUST IN CASE!!! Let me know what you decide or if you get more info..I would also love to learn more on the subject! Thanks and hope this helps!!! :)

Re : Cord blood banking decision?

Post by rebecca2 » Mon May 24, 2010 11:31 pm

I discussed the cord blood with my OB and he recommends banking it assuming it doesn't create a financial hardship. I also looked into public banking but that isn't an option around here.

After all the research, we decided to bank both cord blood and tissue. Like Brianne, I'm hoping in the long run it is not needed and it is just money lost.

Re : Cord blood banking decision?

Post by misscoleyp » Mon May 24, 2010 09:37 pm

Emily, I have a local friend that banked their son's cordblood. She was just posting something on FB about it the other day. I'll look it up and send it to you.


Re : Cord blood banking decision?

Post by brianned5 » Mon May 24, 2010 06:41 pm

PE never played a role in my decision to bank my children's cordblood. I had the kit for Kylie, but she was delivered at 25 weeks and her cordblood couldn't be collected. After we lost her I got pregnant again fairly quickly. Kyndall was delivered at 36 weeks and I did bank her cordblood. Money never played a role in our decision and hopefully she'll never need it and it's money lost. I plan to bank the cordblood for any future children I have also.

Cord blood banking decision?

Post by jmom08 » Mon May 24, 2010 05:27 pm

I know this isn't relevant to many of us because of early deliveries (I've been told it's only possible to bank/donate cord blood past 34 weeks?), but it's something DH & I are researching, and I was wondering if others had done recent research and had reached conclusions they would be willing to share.

I'm also curious in light of some of the challenges that can be faced by preeclampsia survivors (like babies diagnosed with CP) & the sales pitches we're getting from the private banking companies re: future promise of stem cell research in those areas. We are taking the companies' statistics generally with a grain of salt (I think I've read that the 1 in 217 number applies to the chances of using stem cells from *any* source, not just cord blood, by the age of 70?).

It sounds like for most people (if I'm interpreting all this correctly!!), the chances of finding a match could actually be higher through a using public bank than using own or sibling's cord blood, which would make us want to donate as opposed to private bank (that, and huge cost difference!). However, we have another factor (mixed ethnicity) that sounds like it might decrease chances of finding a public bank match.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts & info. My OB's office (who I realize receives compensation for the cord blood collections) is strongly in favor of cord blood banking, but our pediatrician thinks the cost outweighs the small chance of benefit for families without a known condition they're hoping to treat.

I'm especially interested to know if/how preeclampsia played a role in your research & decisions (maybe there's factors DH & I aren't aware of & haven't yet considered?).

Thanks in advance for any replies :)