BP and anxiety

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Re : BP and anxiety

Post by l412angel » Mon Apr 19, 2010 07:35 pm

Sam I will say that I felt the same was as you! I could not even think of TTC...I started coming around 4 months PP. Feeling better etc. I went to see a new MFM and OB, im seeing a cardiologist and my regular doc to be tested for all underlying conditions so that has helped me.

Not to say that "it gets better" but your fears will eventually not overcome you as much. :) The wounds are still fresh give yourself time to heal :)

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by sam10 » Mon Apr 19, 2010 07:14 pm

I have developed panic attacks as a result from PE and Henry's passing, so I really understand how you are feeling.
At the moment I stay away from my BP machine, since just looking at it freaks me out. A week ago when I saw my primary care physician, my BP was normal.
My MFM told me, when I was released from the hospital, that even when I was anxious and nervous, or stressed, my BP would go up, however, it should not stay elevated.

I am not sure how I can overcome my fears, or even think of TTC with the anxiety I am experiencing.

I understand you so well.

@miracal_momma: your BP is really high. Perhaps, you want to check with your doctors?

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by julieb » Mon Apr 19, 2010 07:12 pm

My BP definitely goes up with anxiety! There are days that I am more anxious than others and my BP is up higher on those days. When I see a BP machine I feel my chest tighten up and it gets hard to breathe...especially at the doctor or hospital. My BP is up now with this pregnancy but I know it is not quite as high as the readings I am getting because the bp cuff makes me feel so much anxiety! Unfortunately there is no way to know what my normal BP actually is because I am never relaxed when I take it. I wish I never had to take my BP again!!

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by l412angel » Mon Apr 19, 2010 04:47 pm

Oh boy! I would call in with those high numbers. It can be PP PE OR HELLP. I was on medication when I took mine 3 days after delivery and mine was 160/135 and I was hospitalized! Your BPS are very worrysome!

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by miracle_momma » Mon Apr 19, 2010 04:00 pm

22 days after my emergency c-section I checked my bp (last night) and it was 155/115, 156/112, and the third reading was 159/116... and im on meds twice a day

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by l412angel » Tue Feb 02, 2010 11:58 am

My MFM told me there are anxiety meds you can be on while pregnant. You may want to ask about that. My BP is just always higher when I have anxiety. This morning no anxiety and a BP reading of 100/70

Re : BP and anxiety

Post by jend01 » Tue Feb 02, 2010 09:56 am

I am right there with you with the BP and anxiety issues. I am currently on meds for both and I am very nervous about TTC because I know if I do I will need to come off the anxiety meds and I will be a wreck. I'm not sure if BP goes up with anxiety. I'm sure so more knowledgeable people will chime in. I can only tell you my experience. I forgot to take my meds one day and I was very concerned about it. I had my BP taken it and was pretty high which cause me to start freaking out and led to an anxiety attack and the emergency room. Once I got to the hospital my BP was normal again. So what I took from that was that my anxiety did cause my BP to go up. I am interested to see what some other people say about this too! :)

BP and anxiety

Post by l412angel » Mon Feb 01, 2010 11:30 am

So as we all do I have good days and bad days...yesterday (to make a long story short) I headed to the urgent care (ended up I have bronchitis) That shot my anxiety way up for the day...seeing machines, having my bp taken having a doc in the room just made my mind race! My bp was fine at the office 110/70 but my heart rate was 135! (My normal is around 88-92) The rest of the day I had anxiety and even though I am not pregnant I am anal and take my BP every day well last night (after the dugger story) it was 126/89 heart rate 126!

This am first reading (because I was for some reason anxious to take it) it was 115/84 heart rate 125...then I relaxed some and took it later and its back to 109/72 heart rate 88...So I guess even though I am not pregnant I am still all nervous about the anxiety with BP.

Does anxiety raise BP? Reason I am asking is because we were given the go ahead to TTC in may and I am just nervous that if I have an anxiety ridden day my BP will be nuts and thenon top of that I will be pregnant! :( Its like somedays are fantastic and I am so positive and want to be pregnant and then days like yesterday I would be FREAKING out if I was pregnant.

Thanks for listening :)