Feeding Issues (Looong post )

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Re : Feeding Issues (Looong post )

Post by sj » Tue Aug 24, 2010 11:44 pm

Hi Julie

Sent you a pm, pls respond at your convenience.

Re : Feeding Issues (Looong post )

Post by julieb » Thu Aug 19, 2010 04:45 pm

Your story sounds so much like mine! My DS is 3 and we just did some feeding therapy with him because he has absolutely no interest in food and we were still feeding him baby food. The root of his problems turned out to be a sensory disorder which we started working on last summer with brushing and listening therapy. After his sensory issues have resolved, we are now left with still no interest in food because he always used to gag and throw up so he is completely traumatized by all of that. He is now eating solid food but meals take a very long time and he is very tiny. If left on his own, he also would never ask to eat or drink. We did try an appetite stimulant and it did not work for us because there were underlying issues, not just not feeling hungry. If you want to email me I would love to tell you how we finally managed to get help because, like you, our ped kept blowing me off. My DS also did not like things on his tongue prior to his sensory therapy. You can get my email from my profile if you want to chat more!!

Feeding Issues (Looong post )

Post by sj » Thu Aug 19, 2010 02:27 pm

I have posted on this forum in the past abt my micto preemie's eating issue. He has absolutely no interest in food. none whatspever no cake no candies no chips. I have spoken to my ped. who seems to think he is fine and dismisses my concern. Yes he has been growing in height and weight because I sit with him at every meal for an hour so that he finishes his meal. Some of you may think this is a wrong approach but I have tried the approach where I wait for him to ask me if he is hungry. Eg one day he ate no BK no lunch no snack not even water till 5 pm (no exaggeration here) at which point I broke down and fed him his meal. I am not concerned abt his weight or height I just want him to feel hungry. I have made 2 trips to speech therapist and she says everything is fine. In the past she did mention taking him to a ped. gastoentologist and giving him appetite enhancer.

He has never shown interest in food and when he sits with me he dreams of cars and trains so he forgets to chew. On another note he chews everything including yogurt before swallowing. Also when he opens his mouth to eat or drink his tongue is rolled up so he puts food under his tongue not over and then rolls it to the side.

Anybody has experience with appetite enhancers? Your thoughts.