I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

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Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by season » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:35 pm

Lots of kids rear face until the age of three or four. They just find a position for their legs. It is safer, even with longer legs - forward facing before the age of 2 increases the risk of spinal injury. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends it because there is a clear risk of toddlers forward facing.


Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by audrey s. » Thu Sep 03, 2009 05:46 pm

We had a problem with the rear-facing seat, IIRC, in that my daughter at those ages was too tall but did not weigh enough. So her legs were literally sticking into the upholstery of the seat and as she grew taller, she could not extend her legs at all. That did not seem "safer" to us, so we turned her around a bit early weight-wise so that she could move her feet around. She got a foot stuck once when she was kicking away, and that was what prompted us to turn her around (I don't remember the age, though, now that she's 14!).

She definitely took forever to grow out of things, and was wearing 2-Ts to pre-K at the age of 4. Now she is a bit shorter than most of her friends and still slender, even though she wasn't all that small when she was born. I grew 5 inches during my three high school years, though, so I keep telling her not to worry, she WILL grow!

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by jamie w » Tue Sep 01, 2009 06:37 pm

i am glad you called them. I also am a control freak- and a micro managing control freak at that. Eventhough they come to our house I felt like I had to be there even if my husband is home. So I was there the first few times and then decided I had to let some of my control go and started not requiring that I be there for all sessions so I totally understand what you mean. Best of luck!!!

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by hols537 » Tue Sep 01, 2009 01:44 pm

Here's a site on carseats. I never used the buying guide, but it has links to all the other important safety sites, so I always go from there :) http://www.carseatdata.org/

For what it's worth, I moved Jonathan out of his bucket seat shortly after his 6 month visit (he was 18.7lbs and 27.5") into a Britax Roundabout (rear-facing). I just was done with the bucket seat's weight and huge size (the passenger seat could not be back at all). He has been safe and comfortable ever since.

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by amanda » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:22 am

So I went ahead and made the call yesterday - witing now on getting a 'new' intake evaluation done so we can get started. I talked with them and you are right Jamie - they will do the sessions at daycare but I'm such a control freak that I really want to be there (I know, silly) I'm hoping that as we get to understand what they are doing that I'll release some of my control on the issue.

SueAnn - thanks for the pep talk on the clothes - I think that buying her some new things WILL help my attitude about the clothes - sometimes I feel like I *just can't* look at them any more. Then of course I remind myself how lucky I am to be feeling like that - things could have been much much different. Backwards/Forwards I don't care - I'll take either.

Thanks all!

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by jamie w » Tue Sep 01, 2009 06:24 am

IIRC EI's whole thing is that they are supposed to meet the child where they are. I know they will provide services at a daycare so I do not see why they couldn't do the eval at daycare. I would certainly give them a call.

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by season » Mon Aug 31, 2009 10:58 pm

I'm so sorry you are struggling with her slow growth. It does sound like getting her evaluated would be a good idea. Many kids improve a lot with therapy. Getting new clothes sounds like a good plan - just to give you and her a little boost. Just because they still fit does not meant hat she has to wear them.

FYI - as car seats go the bucket is no safer than a convertible - as long as the child fits the seat. Some babies start out rear facing in a convertible seat. If you want her in a convertible seat, then by all means put her in one. Keep in mind though that it is safer to rear face until at least the age of 2 (the new AAP recommendation.)


Also, keep in mind that in many states the law requires a minimum of 1 year old and 20 pound before forward facing. Many car seat as well have requirements of at least 22 pounds and some also have height requirements for forward facing.

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by missgamecock » Mon Aug 31, 2009 09:25 pm

Carters outlet rocks!! Great deals. Just tried on fall/winter clothes on Cate yesterday - she is in a size 3/6 mos at 7 1/2 mos old. Actually the Carter's 3/6 mos sleeper/pants/shirts was a little big while Target Circo brand is a perfect fit. Old Navy 6 mos is HUGE HUGE HUGE on her as is the Gap. Her teacher today told me they had a 2 week old come in and visit the room. She was holding Cate. She said OMG Cate was that size at 4 mos old when she started. To me she looks big because she is 3 times the size she was when she was born. However, to other people, she is tiny. Cate's daycare is set within a nursing home. She said when they go out in the stroller, people often say how cute. She is advanced for her age. Is she about 4 mos old? Her daycare teacher replies, um no she is 7 1/2 mos old!!

As we found out with Kirsten, they do tend to catch up eventually. For her it was like 2nd grade and bam she gained 20lbs. You can't even tell now she was so small.

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by kdreher » Mon Aug 31, 2009 01:37 pm

Michael is 9 mos and a little over 15 lbs, however he is wearing 6-9 tops and mainly 6 mos bottoms. I went ahead and got some 6 mos for winter and 9 mos as well. I just figured I'd buy a lot of separates and got a lot of great stuff at the Carter's outlet. I find Carter's fits him best so that's what we'll stick to.

I know it's incredibly hard and you just want to speed things up. Many of us feel your pain...just remember we might be small, but we are mighty...and she's healthy and happy too so that's all that matters.

Re : I'm tired of using the bucket seat...

Post by amanda » Mon Aug 31, 2009 01:03 pm

Sorry it's been a while since I came back - its been a little crazy around here. :)

I asked about the big kid car seat when I went to the pedi the other day. She weighed...are you ready? 18.2 pds. Frighteningly I know the .2 pounds. I still remember how many grams=ounce and how many ounces=pound - interestingly I cannot apply this knowledge to cooking. Go figure.

The car seat. They were like, yeah move her - what are you waiting on? Funny? At 15 months they were like, don't move her, keep her in the bucket as long as possible. When I commented about the difference they were like, well, technically, a bucket IS safer. Great! So now I can move her to the 'less safe' seat because I want her to be a big girl OR I can keep her in the 'more safe' bucket. Thanks for letting mama make THAT decision.

I give up. I've just taken all the winter stuff that will be going onto it's 3rd winter and given it away. I'm buying fresh stuff for this winter AND I am going to have it altered to fit. Hopefully someone around will have a teeny tiny one around that can wear them someday.

OMG I'm so tired of the grunt...usually it comes with a whine too! She did way 'wow' last night and, thank goodness she's started to shake her head "no" when she doesn't want something. It's a start. She knows WHAT the words mean though.

I need to do the IE but I have no idea when I would be able for them to see her - I wonder if they would go to daycare. I think I'll check on that today.

Thanks guys - I knew you would understand. UGH - just grow already!!