Bummed about her weight at 18 mos

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Re: Bummed about her weight at 18 mos

Post by lola1971 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:01 am

Thanks ladies! It makes me feel better and not so alone in my concerns. I hope that some day soon I can look back and think...."why was I soo worried" ....thanks again.

Re: Bummed about her weight at 18 mos

Post by trish » Wed Feb 09, 2011 08:16 pm

I totally understand! Like you said, the good thing is that she *is* happy, healthy & growing - even if it's along her own curve. My 3rd DD was barely even preemie at 36 weeks but was 17.5 lbs at a year, 19.5 at 18 months & all of 22 at 2 years - and she was only 31.5 inches at 2 years! She just turned 3 in Dec. and was 26 lbs & 35 inches. She's still wearing 24 month & 2T pants (that fall off her constantly!) Tiny but mighty!

Neither of her big sisters were preemies but were both right about the same sizes around the same ages. They are 7 & almost 6 now and not even the shortest in their classes - at all!! But they were at the very bottom of the charts until they were about 4. But I understand - and agree that I wish I had trouble gaining weight!! LOL!!

Re: Bummed about her weight at 18 mos

Post by susheli » Tue Feb 08, 2011 10:07 pm

Hi Iola,

I know what you mean! Both my daughters have been really slow weight gainers, and I've always struggled with this. I think there is just something in our mommy-make-up that wants our little ones to have that extra pudginess in case they get sick or we go through a winter of starvation, you know, the old, inborn biological instincts. That's my explanation, anyway. My 18-month old, who was born small as I had severe PE, but was not a preemie, currently weighs barely 19pounds. She eats well and is just a tiny one. Her sister, born at 34 weeks and less that 4 pounds due to IUGR, was tiny until she was about three. Now she's the tallest girl in her class and her weight is normal! It's hard sometimes for us to trust doctors, we've been through too much and are expecting bad news, trying to prepare for it almost, BUT we all know from our PE days that when doctors ARE worried, it's clear and they tell us. Right? So what I tell myself is if my pediatrician isn't worried at all, then my girls are fine. Tiny for their age, but marvelous. It sounds like your daughter is the same.

Take care,

Bummed about her weight at 18 mos

Post by lola1971 » Tue Feb 08, 2011 05:43 pm

I can't help it...even though my dd is happy and healthy and on her own curve...I was really bummed to hear her weigh in at 18 months was 17.6lbs. I was hoping she would break 20...at least. She eats fine...loves her fruit and veggies and iron levels are good (no anemia). Eat meat when she feels like it...so why doesnt' she gain a more weight?? Her dr isn't worried and since she was born she was a poor weight gainer...but still.

Thanks for listening. I guess ultimately i just worry because she is so tiny. Her length is about 31 inches so she is getting taller. ugh...frustrating. why can't I be the one who has problem gaining weight :).