DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

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Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by kdreher » Mon Aug 31, 2009 02:03 pm

I am going to have a big bday party for Michael's first...mainly for us adults, but until he's really old enough it will be small family parties and nothing more. I can't deal with the stress and drama or cost. I'm glad all worked out for you but sounds like it was quite the hassle.

Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by sckitzo » Wed Aug 26, 2009 01:28 pm

We are throwing a house warming party at our new house this sat, we sent the invitations, then a follow email to remind everyone to RSVP. Yet this week we are still going to be one the phone calling people to see if they are coming. There are people who have not RSVP'd but we "know" they are coming, and others to say yes, then don't come. Then there is always at least one that in intentionally not invited that shows up anyway. What do you do. I just hope that you are able to rest now and get you BP under control, and that hannah can apprechiate everything you do for her and that she had a great time.

Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by surefoott » Tue Aug 25, 2009 10:53 am

I realize we are now beyond this post, and I am really late to the party! (no pun intended); HOWEVER, I truly am appalled at the rudeness of these people. I have 3 kids and have had my share of giving parties as well as hauling them to parties and I have never come across something so incredibly nervy. I agree with Trish, though; people just don't RSVP anymore to ANYTHING! In any case, Suzanne, you are absolutely correct in that now you know NOT to invite next year. I'm glad all worked out fine in the end and the important thing is that Hannah had a great time and hopefully mama got to rest afterwards!

Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by hannahsmom » Sun Aug 23, 2009 08:51 am

Thanks, ladies, for your input. The party is over and I am a little less stressed. The parents still brought that other child, even though I made it known that there would not be room for her. I gave their daughter her tokens but I didn't give the other girl any because I only had enough token cups for the children that were invited. The parents bought the girl tokens. Then the other girl sat with the children and ate pizza, which was fine because there was plenty, but it ended up pushing another child to the next table which made me mad, but the child't mom was sitting at that other table so it worked out. At the end of the party, only the daughter and not the friend got a goody bag because I was not purchasing another one for the extra child. We also had to take one of Hannah's friends with us because her mom had to work and we were put on the spot and of course we agreed to take her - which we should have said not. The child ran my husband ragged and Hannah didn't get as much attention as she should have because he was chasing the other child and I had to stay in the booth with my feet up. But all in all it was fun, my parents came and we saw friends we hadn't seen for a while. But now I know who NOT to invite next year!

Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by missgamecock » Sat Aug 22, 2009 03:48 pm

I would be furious!!!!! That is beyond rude. I have three kids. Fortunately, Kirsten's friends are only children so we don't run into the sibling thing. Except one, but she has all brothers that wouldn't be caught dead at a girl party. Anyway, we have run into this with Sara. I have explained to Sara that this is Kirsten's friend and Kirsten was the one invited. Then Sara and I go do something fun or maybe even ordinary like grocery shopping. I'll get her a little treat while I am out like M&Ms or something. We run into it all the time with Sara cause she is the little sister. Although I know the parents of Kirsten's friends would not mind having Sara along (cause they are all only kids and they all consider Sara THEIR little sister!), I justhavn't done it cause it is rude. I have explained that to Sara in a 4 year old sort of way. If I can explain it to a 4 year old. I am sure an 8 year would understand. If she has a friend that she wants to bring, she should A) decline the invitation B) set up a play date at another time. I would have CEC print out a one child bill too!!!

Re : DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by trish » Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:21 am

It's very rude!!! 1: to RSVP so late & 2: to invite another child??? It's one thing if it's at your house & maybe one more kid wouldn't make much difference but at a pay per child place that is huge!! Sometimes I wonder if anyone else actually throws parties because I have found it nearly impossible to get *any* kind of an RSVP from people. (and I would assume that if you hosted parties you'd realize how important an RSVP is!) I give phone & e-mail so there are even options but it usually comes down to me calling parents a few days before a party to get an answer. (((HUGS)))

And BTW: I'd probably hand her a bill when she walked in & get the $$ upfront. I bet if you asked you could have CEC print out a 1 child "bill" for you.

DD's bday party is stressing me out!!!

Post by hannahsmom » Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:32 pm

Okay, my DD Hannah has been an only child for 8 years now. She was born very prematurely and weighed one pound and was not expected to survive, so we have always made a huge deal for her birthday. Well, this year, I am unexpectedly (and gratefully) pregnant. I am 24 weeks and already on modified bedrest. DD has been looking forward to a party at Chuck E. Cheese this year, and my OB gave me permission to go, so we have it all planned. We sent out the invitations in plenty of time, and, as usual, EVERY child that we invited is coming. I guess it's my fault for inviting so many kids, but here's the problem. We have neighbor children that my DD plays with, but most of them have siblings, so I feel obligated to invite them. That has doubled the number of children we intended to invite. So we got a final count and I had to give the final count to the place on Thursday. Right now it's Friday night, and one of our neighbors called to RSVP (I had already included her daughter in the final count because they always RSVP late.) The neighbor says her daughter has a friend spending the night and says they would like to bring the friend, too. Mind you, this place charges a high amount per child, and we are already strapped because I will be completely out of work next month. So of course I am stressed about the additional cost, stressed because that will add even one more child to the table and the mix and the stress. My dd doesn't even like this other girl. So I told the mother that I had already given the final count and told her that we have to pay per child, so she says she will pay for the chid, which won't happen because everything is added to one ticket, and I know I will get stuck with the bill. I also told her there may not be room at the table and she said the girl can sit with her and her husband. I am mad about this - does anyone else find this to be rude? I have finally decided that I am not adding her to the list. The parents can buy her tokens and so forth. I do not need this stress, and we are already having to take an extra child with us to the party since her mom has to work, and this child is a bit hard to keep up with. My blood pressure is through the roof right now. I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening!