Odds of having a preemie

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Re : Odds of having a preemie

Post by kara » Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:46 am

Odds of having a preemie are higher *if* you develope PE/HELLP, because the only way to stop the progression is delivery of the placenta (and baby, obviously). Now, a doc is going to try and get you as far along as possible, all the while balancing your health and babies health. It's sometimes a very fine line. They won't *try* to keep you from going full-term, but they will deliver early if eihter your health is deteriorating significantly, or it is determined that baby would do better outside than inside (that was the case in my pregnancy). Some docs will deliver at 37 weeks for a woman with a PE history who is beginning to show signs to play it safe. Others will push as far to the end as possible. 28 weeks is the point were babies have a better chance than not, of surviving. Certainly babies as early as 24 weeks have survived, but docs feel a lot better about delivering a 28 weeker, than a 26 weeker. Alot has to do with lung development and size/weight. 28 weekers aren't home-free, of course, but it's a big milestone.

Odds of having a preemie

Post by atvlady » Fri Aug 21, 2009 12:23 am

Well ladies I am going to TTC late September. I am afraid of pre-e, PIH and HELLP returning. My question is, would a woman's odds be higher then that of a normal pregnancy of having a preemie due to these syndromes? Also, does drs try to keep you from going full term in fear that these syndromes may return or you could have a still born? Thanks