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Question for moms with babies getting Synergis

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Re : Question for moms with babies getting Synergis

Post by kara » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:45 am

There is a fine line between exposing him so he can build an immune system, and protecting them from serious illness. Once we got to 12 months our doctor told us to let her out more. She didn't have lung issues, but did have congenital heart defect. She didn't go to daycare until 18 months though. If he's had RSV already then it's less likely that he'll get sick again because he already has some immunity, plus the shots.

Re : Question for moms with babies getting Synergis

Post by chubbiesmom » Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:16 am

Thanks Kara for the response. He doesn't go to daycare. I have only taken him a few places since he was born. Mainly his trips away from the house consist of the pediatrician and pulmonologist lol. I did take him to see family this August, and he was sick nonstop from August until December. I guess I'm just super paranoid about him getting rsv again. It's reassuring to hear if he gets it, it should be a less severe case.

Thanks :)

Re : Question for moms with babies getting Synergis

Post by kara » Wed Dec 30, 2009 03:19 am

Hi Michelle,

Just like any vaccine, synagis helps baby build antibodies to the virus called RSV. It's important that you stay on the 28 day schedule for the shots through the season. Common sense things like hand washing are still important. It's not a 100% guarantee he won't get it, but it makes a big difference, and if he does get rsv it will likely be shorter and milder. Does he have ongoing lung issues? I'm guessing he does, considering his age. They don't frequently give a second season of synagis unless there are ongoing lung issues. 2/3 of kids get RSV by age one. RSV is a very common cold virus, but it can cause brochiolitis which is a more severe complication that can be devastating to preemies, those with chronic lung issues, certain heart defects, and the immune challenged. I'm glad he's getting the shots. Does he go to daycare?

Question for moms with babies getting Synergis

Post by chubbiesmom » Wed Dec 30, 2009 01:36 am

My son was a 35weeker(jan 2009) that developed rsv at 10 days old, viral pneumonia, pneomothorax,atelectasis, and 4 strains of bacterial penumonia. He was on a vent for 9 days on in the picu for 23 days. he was approved for the synergis shots and has had his 2nd shot. Does anyone know what a babies chances of getting rsv are while getting this shot.

Thsanks a ton