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Post by ktdwll » Thu Sep 23, 2010 00:21 am

Kata can't get her pain level below a 7 or 8. She says it is in the area of where her gall bladder was and feels like that type of pain. She goes in for an ultrasound tomorrow at 1 pm and is having an upper GI on 10/5. We are hoping for answers sooner than later.


Post by mnmom » Wed Sep 22, 2010 01:10 pm

How stressful! To answer your last question, that should most definately be a question to her doctor. Has she been tested for underlying conditions? That is one way that some of us are able to connect the dots as far as health. But, the majority of us can't really seem to find any sort of connection between preeclampsia and other issues, even though it seems they should connect. Because she is seeing different specialist, I would be sure that they all have a complete file, including the preeclampsia and HELLP information. Good luck.


Post by ktdwll » Tue Sep 21, 2010 11:58 pm

Hi all,

My daughter Kata had a CT scan on 8/27 which showed cysts on her ovaries. Yesterday on 9/20, she had a "burst" of vaginal bleeding and along with severe abdominal pain went to her GP. He did a pelvic and said she had a 1 inch mass on her left ovary that he didn't think was the cysts. He set up another CT as he thought she may have kidney stones again. The CT showed only cysts, They also ran a blood test for an eptopic pregnancy, which we think is negative since we haven't gotten a call yet. She has an ultrasound on Friday. She sees her gastro dr in the morning. It just seems to me her pregnancy, preeclampsia, and HELLP have brought out these issues. The drs don't seems to think they are related butI can't believe all the health issues she's had in the last 2 1/2 years are not related, ( kidney stones, gall bladder, hyperthroid, depression) somehow to the pregnancy. Lille is 14 months old. Should these problems still be lingering? What should we ask they we aren't? Are we missing some red flag? Oh she is also on Mirena. Could it be PCOS?