BP still high

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Re : BP still high

Post by alexa5 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 01:29 pm

Wanted to add an interesting link...I think it is a great site for summarizing the various criteria for mild pre-e, severe pre-e, PIH, etc. http://www.fpnotebook.com/CV/OB/HyprtnsvDsrdrsOfPrgncy.htm

If you click on severe preeclampsia within the page (the ones in blue are the links to other pages) it gives you the paragraph that shows you only sometimes need to meet one criteria.

Re : BP still high

Post by brandib » Wed Jun 02, 2010 01:16 pm

Wow Alexa----I didn't think you could be diagnosed without meeting that lovely 300mg maker lol. But anyways, the Mfm's told me that the cardiologist may just say that I have high BP and leave it at that, but they think that with other symptoms I have, that I probably have some underlying condition. I just want my normal BP back so I don't worry about my brain popping anymore :0) LIke I just did the dishes and here we go again BP 140/110. I took that after sitting down for twenty minutes.

Re : BP still high

Post by alexa5 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 01:07 pm

That makes sense re: what they are confused about. But it almost sounds like they are looking for a reason for you to have high bp when there sometimes just isn't (like many of us around here). So, I guess that is why I am saying I am not sure why they are confused about not finding anything else wrong, because there most likely isn't if you are like many of the rest of us that just simply have lingering bp issues after pregnancy (even though we had no issues before or out of pregnancy). I know I have told you this before, but in my case I mainly had high bp, and yes, some protein did show up, but I am not certain that it got to diagnostic level, and they considered me severe pre-e based on pressures alone. I hadn't had any problems before that pregnancy in regard to high bp (only white coat syndrome, and now I know that both my pre-e and WCS are indicators of possible future cardiac issues). When I was postpartum, I had pretty high pressures....anywhere from 150 to 185 over 90 to 110, but no other issues in relation to that and no pp pre-e.

So, I still think in your case that though they didn't diagnose you with pre-e, you possibly had it--as I think you had a few readings over 160/100, and that is all it takes sometimes, especially with all of your accompanying symptoms. Of course I am not a doctor, but I wouldn't rule out pre-e just because your protein wasn't very high. I don't think mine was either, and I had no symptoms other than PIH starting at 28 weeks (and then the bit of protein that showed up close to delivery).

Editing to add something my doc said to me: I had called him while in the hospital (he doesn't practice at the hospital I had to be transferred to), as I was really frustrated with how they were keeping me in the hospital but not really doing much re: my pressures (no real plan as to meds, etc, for the long term). And he said that sometimes it takes a while for everything to normalize, thus why the PP appt is usually 6 weeks after delivery. He suggested I let them know he would monitor me outpatient, so I could leave the hospital and get on the meds I needed to fix the pressures. That is what worked for me...but the point being, though it never hurts to get everything checked out, it can just take a while for everything to normalize.

Re : BP still high

Post by brandib » Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:45 am

Alexa----I don't think its baffing to them that I'm still having issues, I think its that my pressures are so high and I don't have anything else popping out that is off to them. They thought I might have some rare tumor in the kidneys that causes really high BP's and flushing etc, which fits my symptoms, but the results were stonecold negative and they went over those results again yesterday and thats when they said that they are baffled because I wasn't diagnosed with preeclampsia so they don't think it's coming from that, I did have severe PIH though. I was on medecation for six weeks PP with my first ( I had severe Pe/hellp) So other than those BP meds, I've NEVER had BP issues or been on mdedecation long term and my pressures are just really high for whatever reason :0( Up until 18 weeks when my pressures started creeping up this pregnancy and then by 20 weeks had a hypertensive crisis, my BP's were like 115/70. I really can't wait to see that Cardiologist! The good news I did get though, is my hyperreflexia is gone! Well, almost, still some in the left side, but it was SEVERE and now it's almost completely normal. After I started seizing, when they would check my reflexes, I would practically kick them in the head! You know, not to start rambling or anything, but what I still find so odd is that I had bad hyppereflexia, headaches that could kill, clonus in my feet, crazy high BP's etc, but my protein never went beyond 250 so it "wasn't" pe this time. So I guess, all of this was caused by just PIH???....

Re : BP still high

Post by alexa5 » Wed Jun 02, 2010 11:13 am

Glad you are being sent to a cardiologist, though I worry that you have to wait two weeks when they are worried about how your body is handling the high pressures. I hope that things go smoothly between now and then, but the cardiologist will be a great help to you and put your mind at ease. They are just so used to this type of thing and can handle it better. I guess I am not sure why the current docs find it baffling that you are having issues--I guess after hanging out here I see it as almost common for some of us to have bp issues after delivery. Plus you had a horrible pregnancy, so in all honesty it doesn't really surprise me you have lingering issues--though I wish you didn't!

Re : BP still high

Post by cosmogirl4056 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 11:49 pm

ugh brandi i dont kno how ur doing it i would beFREAKING out right now...u will be donewith this very soon!

Re : BP still high

Post by brandib » Tue Jun 01, 2010 10:47 pm

I saw my MfM's today and they were actually gonna start me on Hctz, but want to send me to a Cardiologist within two weeks instead. They were gonna do Hctz and procardia, but held off on it and are sending me to the cardio to see what they will do. My optic nerves are swollen and that seemed to really worry both of them. They said thats a clear sign that my BP's are staying too high and my body isn't handling it well. They also said that being as young as I am and healthy otherwise, that its baffling that my pressures are as crazy as they are. They think I have some underlying condition that they aren't finding and hopefully the cardiologist will figure it out. So in the next two weeks if my BP spikes, I'm suppose to go to the ER. Now that I'm not pregnant anymore, the Labetelol is dropping my pulse, so I can't up my dose and just pop more like I've been doing :0(.........It will all be under control soon.....right????

Re : BP still high

Post by cosmogirl4056 » Tue Jun 01, 2010 09:40 pm

i take just hctz by itself and it has brought my pressures down....i occassionally have a spike but not always....when i sit and rest for abit and take my pressure it is 115-130/70-80....not too bad for me....when ive been really busy and just take it qui5ck its like 140's-150's/80-90....which can be expected i guess....and yes although u take a diuretic u can still have a bit of swelling...i went back to work 4 weeks pp and the first busy day my ankles got swollen but they were down the next day and have not gone back up this was on saturday it is now tuesday so im crossing my fingers....this whole thing just gets your mind a going...its hard! i still feel like im dealing with stuff and my baby is one month old today.....ugh!

Re : BP still high

Post by alexa5 » Mon May 31, 2010 06:22 am

Glad other things are going well (retina, etc)! I know there are variety of meds, but hctz does seem to be a popular addition to labetalol and other meds. The other advantage is that it is a diuretic, so it helps with any swelling at all, and at first you might lose a couple of pounds :-) Of course when you go off of it, they come back though just because you are not on a med continually helping with excess fluid. Adding the hctz brought my pressues way down. I was probably as high as you with the labetalol alone, and then they went down to 115-130 over 60-75, which were great pressures for me as I have a slightly higher baseline. Now my pressures without meds have been 120's over 70's, which is better than prepregnancy. So, there is hope for you!

I think you will start feeling better, and the right meds will make a big difference. I don't blame you for wanting to feel normal!

Re : BP still high

Post by brandib » Sun May 30, 2010 09:57 pm

I don't know why they are weaning me so fast either, but I've been taking 400mg twice a day and my pressures have been ok, meaning, 140/90's and 150/100's. I have had a few higher spikes like 160/114 etc, but they've been pretty much around the 140's over higher 90's or early 100's.

I've seen a lot of people talk about hctz. I think maybe this might work for me. It sounds like this is what doctors use to control higher pressures. I have an appt on Wednesday with my MFM again for a BP check and etc. I've already seen the retina specialist and my retinas are good, except my optic nerves are very swollen, but he said that once my pressures are controlled for about 4 weeks, the visual symptoms should go away. ( lights, floaters, etc.) With all my crazy eyesight issues, I thought for sure something would be wrong with the retinas but thank God its not. Also, I'll be seeing my regular doc about my BP issues after my six week PP visit and then I'll also be seeing Neuro again here in a few weeks to check on the noggin :0) I haven't been referred to cardio yet, but my doc is going to. I can't wait to get the pressures under control. Alright alright alright....even if I have to stay on meds, at least find SOMETHING that would keep them "normal." I'm sick of "normal for me" instead of just " normal."