Preeclampsia causing Congestive Heart Failure

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Re: Preeclampsia causing Congestive Heart Failure

Post by miller8487 » Thu Oct 27, 2011 06:51 pm

Yes, this was my first. She's was healthy as can be. I'm glad that I see someone that shares this with me. When my husband took me to the er and they rushed me to the hospital were I was treated, it was the scarest thing. The er dr basically told me that if I waited just 2 more days, I won't be here. That's how fast mine came upon me. Right now I'm scared to even try for another one cause I know that there might be that chance. Right now I'm doing good. My dr hasn't taken me off any meds yet but says that in the monthes to come, there is a chance that he will.

Re: Preeclampsia causing Congestive Heart Failure

Post by sara2009 » Fri Oct 21, 2011 11:49 am

Hi miller,
I have been searching with someone that had the exact same thing CHF after pre-E and I posted two different sites with no reply. I m glad I found your post.
Anyway, I had exact same story with my first preg, diagnosed pre-E @ 35W and 6 days and they decided induction right away. Everything went fine healthy baby went home and after 3 days I had difficulty breathing went to ER and they found that there was fluid in my lungs. I was given lasix as well. Thingd went fine, and I went to cardiologist who told me how serious things were and I had CHF. I was shocked literally devastated oz never had any heart issue nor my family.He put me on lisipnoril though my BP was OK and also heart echo after 3 months. My first echo showed everything went back to normal. I did another echo after 6 months and same result normal. Then he stopped medication.
I was so scared it took me 4 yrs alot of consultation to get preg again. Now I m 24 wks and praying pre-E free pregnancy.

You will probably recover from it very soon.Just when you need to try again consult with your cardiologist and MFM.

Was this your first preg? Hpw are you doing now?

Re: Preeclampsia causing Congestive Heart Failure

Post by kerisue » Sat Oct 01, 2011 09:41 pm

I had congestive heart failure during my pregnancy- which is why the doctors made me deliver so early. My docs attributed the chf to the severe preeclampsia. My heart returned to absolute normal not too long after the pregnancy.

Preeclampsia causing Congestive Heart Failure

Post by miller8487 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 08:44 pm

I was found I had preeclamsia when I was 35 weeks in my pregnancy. At 37 weeks i delivered my baby from being bed rest in the hospital. I was so swallon and my blood pressure was really high. I lefted the hospital 3 days later from delivering. 2 days after comign home, I went to ER having trouble breathing. It was found that there was fliud around my heart and basically slowing it down. They sent me to a better hospital that had a heart department. Here they told me that I had Heart Failure. Run tests to make sure. They gave me lasix to help getting rid of the fliud. I lost about 50 lbs. within 4 days. Now I'm seeing a doctor for my heart and on meds to help it. The doctor says it could take 6 monthes to a year to recover. I'm looking for someone that has the samething that I had and/or heard anyone that has anything on it.