I want to try again already!

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Re: I want to try again already!

Post by princess purr » Fri Aug 19, 2011 09:47 am

Yea, we really need to be buddies because you sound JUST LIKE ME!!! I was JUST saying, this sunday I am going to start again LOL I need to just start NOW and stop waiting for Sunday... I have no idea where I got it that I need to start stuff on Sundays LOL

Re: I want to try again already!

Post by flori » Fri Aug 19, 2011 09:26 am

The last two cycles I ovulated and got AF within two weeks. I was also watching what I eat and working out those cycles. I haven't done any additional exercise (other than the walking I do at work) for 3 weeks! I always tell myself that I'll start on Sunday.. and then before I know it it's Thursday and I'm telling myself I'll start on Sunday again lol. We should start the weight-loss buddy thread again. :)

Re: I want to try again already!

Post by princess purr » Fri Aug 19, 2011 09:21 am

I know the feeling... We are planning on waiting until November and I feel like i just want to go for it now before I loss my nerve!!! But I also really want to drop some weight although this past month I have not been doing so hot with that plan :-( Plus I have to go back to the OBGYN in early sept for some tests relating to the last time I was there...ugh!!!! Good luck!!!! Hope you can start trying soon :-) My cycles seem to be a lot more regular when I am working out and eating healthier... my chart says I o'd two days ago but I have a feeling when I put tomorrows in it will take it away because this is way early in the cycle for me. I'm normally around day 20

I want to try again already!

Post by flori » Fri Aug 19, 2011 09:00 am

I know I should wait and continue (restart :? ) trying to lose weight and exercise regularly, but I am so ready to try again. I have been having such vivid baby dreams:

Dream 1: I was holding a baby boy while asking my mom, "He's cute, isn't he?"
Dream 2: Once again holding a baby boy, this time he pooped so much it came out of his diaper and I had to ask my mom to hold him while I changed my shirt (lol) and got a new diaper.
Dream 3: I had a baby girl and was breast feeding her. I think I said "This is our second baby girl" and "She's hungry" during the feeding. (my favorite dream because it was certain in the dream the baby was mine)

After the dreams I feel my arms ache and feel so empty.

I am frustrated with my cycle. FF showed ovulation on day 19, but then after I entered today's temp it said that ovulation could no longer be detected! So now I'm on CD38 and no O yet. Poo. I had been hoping we would conceive naturally because I am worried about the idea of multiples with fertility treatments. I would love twins, but the increased risk of PE it would add scares me.

Anyway, this was a random rant, I know. I need to get motivated to lose weight! Also, I can't wait for the end of the year. DH and I were talking and since I work in retail, we might start trying again after the holidays. I was pregnant during the crazy Christmas season last year and I am convinced the high stress level I was experiencing may have played a part in everything. Come on 2012!