Chronic HTN

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Re: Chronic HTN

Post by ellemoon » Fri May 18, 2012 08:40 am

Thank you so much ladies! I will definitely wait and see what MFM says. I'm not going to give up hope just get.
I did actually see a different OB than the one that delivered DD and she told me that my previous OB "wasn't too off base with suggesting a tubal because the risks are so high" She also told me that statistics show that subsequent pregnancies after pre-e result in delivering even earlier...which is different from what I have heard. She also told me that she "couldn't believe I would even want to do it again after that experience" and she said I "might not be so lucky next time". Well, I don't consider it "lucky" that I developed pre-e at 28 weeks and delivered a 2lb baby! I mean, we are so blessed that she is healthy and so am I but lucky? That word doesn't even describe this. So, it's just all so discouraging. It's nice to have people to talk to about all this because no one else understands. Not even DH. It's so hard to know what is the right thing to do. It's such a personal decision and it's probably the hardest decision I've had to make thus far. A part of me is happy with DD and content with having just her but then a greater part of me really wants to experience a full term pregnancy and bringing a baby home from the hospital WITH me. I just want a normal experience, I know all of you understand and want the same things. Thanks for letting me vent!

Re: Chronic HTN

Post by JB » Thu May 17, 2012 07:44 pm

Hi ellemoon,

My story isn't exactly the same as yours, but I did have a very negative OB experience like yours after my daughter was born. I delivered my daughter last year, about a month before you delivered yours, at 29 weeks 6 days. I was diagnosed at 29 weeks 3 days at my regular monthly checkup. I had swelling, headaches, and other symptoms for a few weeks before that, but I naively thought they were regular pregnancy symptoms. After I gave birth my OB told me I should not have any more children and urged me to have my tubes tied (she refused to give me hormonal birth control because my blood pressure was still high, even though my nephrologist said it would be OK). I wasn't ready to take that step, so my husband and I tried to make do with "natural" family planning. I ended up getting pregnant again within 6 months of delivery. It took so long to get pregnant before that I really didn't think I had to worry about it that much.

Although I was not a chronic hypertensive before pregnancy, my blood pressure took a long time to come down to normal afterward, and then only did so with medication. My nephrologist (I donated a kidney in 2008, so I see a nephrologist annually to check my kidney function) was managing my hypertension post-pregnancy. I told him that my OB had recommended not having any more children and asked his opinion. He said that he had treated a lot of women with blood pressure issues who had preeclampsia, and he said if his wife had my history he would not let that deter them from trying for more children. When I got pregnant I saw him before I saw my new OB (I decided not to return to the other one) so that he could switch me to pregnancy-safe BP meds. He was very positive about my chances at a successful pregnancy and recommended his wife's OB. After a couple of weeks he decided to take me off blood pressure meds altogether because my pressures were good on a very low dose of the pregnancy safe stuff (he said it likely came down due to the natural decrease that occurs in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy).

I then went to my new OB. She did not have a negative attitude toward the pregnancy, but she was cautious. She started me on low dose aspirin, had all sorts of lab work done (including a 24-hour urine) and had me see an MFM right away. The MFM said he was very optimistic that I would be able to deliver a healthy baby close to, if not, full term, but he said I would likely be back on blood pressure medication by the time I delivered. He also predicted the baby would actually probably be large this time. He didn't feel the need to provide my primary prenatal care, but remained available to my OB for consultation as needed.

That was 8 months ago. I am currently 35 weeks 2 days, my blood pressure has remained stable off medication, and my baby is measuring large (I developed gestational diabetes this time, so that is one reason why. I have also heard that sometimes pregnancies subsequent to PE produce large babies.. which is what my MFM was alluding to when he predicted a large baby). My new OB has remained very cautious. I have had appointments every two weeks since the beginning, growth ultrasounds every four weeks since week 26, NSTs twice a week since week 32, and fluid ultrasounds every week since week 32. Everything so far has been going well. My fingers are still crossed for a full-term delivery, but even if I have to deliver now I am much less afraid than I was when I started the pregnancy.

If I were you I would definitely wait to hear what the MFM says, and possibly find a new OB. My last OB was very negative and (in my opinion) judgmental. My new OB is so much nicer. I love that she is so cautious and follows me very closely, but I feel like overall she has more of a positive attitude than my last OB.

Re: Chronic HTN

Post by kerisue » Thu May 17, 2012 04:33 pm

I haven't had a subsequent pregnancy, but my OB said the same thing yours said about not having another pregnancy. Such a devastating thing to hear. I have heard that from several other posters too. However, I also saw an MFM who did not discourage me from trying again and I have not heard (on this forum) of one saying so. Good thing you're already hooked up with an appointment with an MFM! I hope you get some good information from the MFM about a subsequent pregnancy.

Chronic HTN

Post by ellemoon » Thu May 17, 2012 02:17 pm

Hi guys!
I thought I would introduce myself. I've been lurking for a little while. My name is Leslie, I'm 25, from NC and I had my daughter, April 24, 2011 at 29w1d due to severe pre-e. I have chronic HTN (and have since I was 17 & 30lbs lighter, it's hereditary) I had swelling that started pretty early in pregnancy that the doctors just dismissed and I ended up developing severe pre-e pretty much over night at 28w2d and delivered DD 5 days later by classical c-section. I took Methyldopa during the pregnancy- I'm not sure of the exact dosage.
I just saw my OB recently and she basically told me that the risks are way too high for me to have another pregnancy and that I should just have my tubes tied. This made me so sad. I have dealt with a lot of PTSD and bitterness from the pregnancy being ended too soon. I greived the fact that I missed out on the 3rd trimester and I would love so much to be able to experience a full term, healthy pregnancy. I'm just not sure if that's in the cards for me. I have an appt scheduled with MFM June 8th and I will see what they say but I was just curious...
How many of you have chronic HTN and then developed pre-e? Did you have another pregnancy? Was it pre-e free? What did you do differently? I guess what I'm getting at, is there any hope for me? I would love for DD to have a sibling and I would love to experience pregnancy again but I definitely don't want DD to lose her mother in the process. Thanks for your help and guidance in advance!