Alternative Supplements?

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Re: Alternative Supplements?

Post by blythe » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:01 pm

I did a lot of things in my second pregnancy that were a lot more extreme than exercising and eating healthier! I don't want to sound like I disagree :). My concern is that it's really hard to say for sure that something "can't hurt". It's about the risks vs the benefits - what I you were saying in your first post. I think we're all looking for something to make our next pregnancy go better so I get very cautious about emphasizing the risks. Good luck deciding for yourself - with the help of your doctor (will they do a pre-conception consult so you can ask these questions?) - how to weigh the risks / benefits (known and unknown) of supplementing. If I come across anything else about that particular supplement I'll definitely post it for you!

Re: Alternative Supplements?

Post by » Wed Jul 11, 2012 01:25 pm

Thank you Ladies for your responses. Between 2 doctors (I am only keeping one of them as primary OB) my probabilities are anywhere between 50-80% recurrence. My OB has put me on LDA since the preconception visit couple months ago (still in the should i or should i wait to TTC). To be honest i was resisting even taking LDA...the first 10 days i had to force myself because i am so weary of taking medicine, supplements even vitamins. But my tendency (for better or worse) is to try and be the total opposite of what i was prior to my pregnancy #1....i did not exercise too frequently, i did not follow a great diet....after the loss of my baby girl, and as soon as i felt strong enough (C-Ssection) i begun to exercise, try to replace items such as white bread for brown bread, nix the soda and keep sweet treats for the weekend...more fruit and vegetables, and more water. i have had a good few months :) and this is where looking at other supplements comes in. Anything that falls in the "if it does not help, it will not harm" category. I do not have an appointment with OB until i have a "positive" pregnancy result. and that could be a while :)
Thanks again, i will sleep some more on it :S

Re: Alternative Supplements?

Post by blythe » Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:14 am

I did a quick search of medical journals and didn't find any research on that supplement. I'm wary of any supplementation, especially unless explicitly recommended by your doctor. A few years ago there were reasons to think that supplementing vitamin C and E could help prevent preeclampsia, but when they did a big research study they found that it didn't help the vast majority of women and made some women worse. Pregnancy and preeclampsia are both very complicated, and as the Vit C and E research has shown us, what "makes sense" in theory doesn't always match real outcomes.

Not too encouraging, I know :). But just remember that *just getting pregnant again* gives you a very good chance of not getting sick again. What has your doctor said about your specific case and chances of recurrence?

Re: Alternative Supplements?

Post by sam10 » Wed Jul 11, 2012 10:03 am

I always check with my doctors before taking any supplements. Firstly, you might have some medical conditions and your doctors might have some reasons to advise you against taking them. Secondly, as supplements are not well controlled, any company can produce supplements and the actual ingredients and/or components might not be exactly as labeled. For both reasons, I am always very careful what I am taking regardless of being pregnant or not.

Alternative Supplements?

Post by » Wed Jul 11, 2012 02:53 am

Hi Everyone,

So I am in the quest for maximum health before TTC. I am taking calcium, folic acid, omega 3+6 and LDA already. I came across a supplement called Moringa, touted for its nutrition benefits. Anyone know anything about this supplement? I am not endorsing it nor expecting an endorsement from the forum, I have not decided whether to take it or not (personal choice). I just wanted to hear from the moderators or any other mom out there if they have additional information on the benefits or harm of taking a supplement such as moringa prior to conception and/or during pregnancy. I wonder if it may interact negatively with the current supplements i am taking...all i read is that it is a natural product, and rich in this and that etc...of course a healthy diet is the best way to acquire nutrients, but sometimes even when we think we are eating from all food groups, it is not enough :)

thanks for any inputs,