Arizona roll call

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Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jillmushet » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:22 am


Re : Arizona roll call

Post by atanya » Wed Mar 15, 2006 00:08 am


Its Atanya,[:D][:p][:)][8D][:o)][:I]

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jillmushet » Tue Mar 14, 2006 11:59 pm

It's been a while since we had a post here. AZ members, please stop in and say hello!

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jillmushet » Wed Oct 12, 2005 11:10 am

Hi Holly: Welcome! Thank you for telling your story. Very glad to hear that Braden is doing great. Wow, it's been some kind of year for you.....

Your story is very fortunate in that you sought medical help at the time you needed it most and your doctor took you seriously. I'm so happy for you.

Thank you for posting, and please stop by the other boards for more information and support....

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by mommy1st » Wed Oct 12, 2005 00:27 am

Hello Everyone! My name is Holly and am from Phoenix. Here is my story for you all. My husband and I got married on January 8th 2005 and before we got married we knew that we wanted to have children right away so we went to the Doctor and found out that I had PCOS(poly cystic ovarian syndrome). So, my doctor put us on Clomid to get pregnant well I took the first cycle of clomid and got pregnant right away. I used to tell people that my husband and I just said " I DO" and that's how we got pregnat, LOL. We were so thrilled to get pregnant and at that so easily. During my pregnancy everything was going pretty well I started swelling in my feet and hands at 4 months but other than that I was fine that was until I went to visit my parents in July and they saw legs, face and hands. My Dad and brother had to sauter off my wedding band!! That was when things started getting bad. My voice started changing, I couldn't wear my contacts anymore because my eyes swelled, I had SEVERE headaches, massive weight gain and I started getting blurred vision. It was really weird because at my doctor appointments my blood pressure was fine and urine was fine also. On August 20th( 33 weeks pregnant) I was on the phone with my friend who told me she had preeclampsia when she was pregnant with her daughter and she advised me to call my doctor right away and I did. He told me to go and get my blood pressure checked at my local walgreens and call him back. It came back as 192/120 he told me to go to the hospital right away. When I got there my blood pressure got worse it became 195/125 and my organs started shutting down. It basically came down to mine and my son's life or give birth soon. I chose giving birth early. My doctor gave me a steroid in my hip for 48 hours to help my son's lungs to matture. They also gave me magnesium sulfate so that I wouldn't get seizures or have a stroke. The doctor finally did an emergency c-section on August 22 and I gave birth to our son Braden Gregory Coolman at 9:20 that night weighing 3 IBS 11.5 oz and 18 1/2 inches long. Braden was rushed to the NICU and was there for 16 days. We were so happy the day the doctor and nurses told us we could bring him home!! When Braden was in the NICU he luckily had very little problems he had to learn how to suck and swollow and gain weight. Unfortantley I was not allowed to go home 3 days after I had him like most women do who have c-section births. My blood pressure would not go down very easily so I was in the hospital for 8 days and left with being on some high blood pressure medicine. Today I now have been off of the blood pressure medicine for almost 2 weeks now and doing well. Braden will be 8 weeks old on Monday and weighs 7 Ibs and 20.5 inches long and doing very well now!
Through all of this my husband and I never seemed to question God we jsut knew there was a reason for this to happen weather we know it now or later. We believe in our hearts that Braden is a miracle from God. We are so lucky for Braden to be alive and for my health:)

Braden, 33 wks, 3Ibs 11.5 ozs

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by little_maries_mom » Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:07 am

Just wanted to say hi to all the new AZ people and I hope your all doing great. Be good and come chat with us on the other boards sometime, it is really fun.

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jamilyn » Sat Aug 20, 2005 00:51 am

welcome - this is an amazing foundation, im glad you have found it.
Rachel i was like you with my second experience in the NICU. my first experience in the NICU was a very rocky one and my son ended up not making it. with my last pregnancy with my son just 4 months ago i had the hardest time in the NICU, i think its just that those old memories come back and you start to associate it with bad things.
Good luck to you all!

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jillmushet » Fri Aug 19, 2005 03:18 pm

Welcome Nevin! Thank you for posting! I hope that you find this site informative and supportive. The Trying To Conceive area on the forum may be especially helpful to you. Please let me know if I can do anything for you.

Thanks again for saying hello...

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by 4wheelinmama » Wed Aug 17, 2005 05:58 pm

I have jsut registered with the site; also my hubby and i have also decided it is time for another. with my first pregnancy i was on bed rest the entire time at first due to a bicorniate uterus and towards the end because of preeclampsia. I was then hospitalized for three weeks before my son was born by c section at 9:41 pm on 9/27/04, he was able to go home with me when i left( how lucky we were). Our son will be one this september and we have decided that we are ready to try again even though there is such a risk that i can get sick again. i would like to get some womens opinion on this, i just do not feel like i could be happy inside with myself if i did not have another child; a piece seems like it is missing. I thank god for me having such a supportive husband and for blessing us with a happy healthy baby boy. god bless all of you mothers and fathers that have experienced this terrible sickness.

Re : Arizona roll call

Post by jillmushet » Mon Aug 15, 2005 01:00 pm

Hi Rachel: Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations on 4 wonderful children! I'm glad you found us and hope that you find this site helpful.

I live in Chandler, so we're neighbors. Please let me know if there is anything I can personally do for you.