Severe PIH previously

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Re : Severe PIH previously

Post by tafkap » Tue Oct 04, 2005 10:33 pm

From what I understand, it's not necessarily a "Link" as the two flow together- and the reason has to do with weight.

PCOS can appear in overweight women, and overweight women are more likely to develop Preeclampsia. So while it may appear that the two are related, they are entirely seperate issues.

In fact, I was just talking with my endocrinologist about it today... it's interesting.

Of course, this is my NON MEDICAL opinion. : )

Re : Severe PIH previously

Post by krumtum » Tue Oct 04, 2005 02:56 pm

Went to the dr yesterday. They're testing me for PCOS. I didn't know anything about it, so I came home & was researching it only to discover how many with preeclampsia or pih also have PCOS. I had no idea & after seeing so many with this "coincidence" there has to be a connection. Have any with PIH or Preeclampsia found out after the fact that they have PCOS? have any of you went ahead and had another baby with this knowledge? Just curious.

Re : Severe PIH previously

Post by tafkap » Mon Sep 26, 2005 07:43 pm

Hello & Welcome!!

We have a great group here in Colorado, please feel free to e-mail anytime.

Colorado Coordinator

Re : Severe PIH previously

Post by akemt » Mon Sep 26, 2005 06:37 pm

I also failed to mention that you might find the "Greif and Loss" and "Trying to Conceive" forums helpful.

Again, my heartfelt apologies for your losses,

Re : Severe PIH previously

Post by akemt » Mon Sep 26, 2005 05:29 pm

Welcome to the PF forums! I too dealt with PIH in both of my pregnancies, but luckily, neither of mine required premature delivery.

I am glad that your children are doing well and am so sorry to hear about your losses. Have you been tested for any underlying conditions? Some of the conditions like autoimmune and clotting disorders that would make someone more susceptible to preeclampsia can also make someone more suscptible to multiple miscarriages.

We can definately understand your desire to have more children, and hopefully with enough knowledge and careful monitoring on your part and the part of your doctor, you can do so successfully.

Best wishes,

Severe PIH previously

Post by krumtum » Mon Sep 26, 2005 04:33 pm

I am telling my story of PIH. I live in Aurora. I have 2 gorgeous boys. One 5 the other 4.

It took me 7 years of trying to conceive my first baby. Finally we had completely given up and surprise I was pregnant. I had never felt better during that pregnancy. At my dr visit during my 7th month my doctor my blood pressure had risen and my uterus didn't grow as it should. She sent me to a perionatoligist who monitored me 2x wkly for the remainder of the pregnancy. At 34 weeks the baby was under distress and the decided to take him by emergency c-section. He was only 3lbs 4oz, but in every way perfect. He stayed in the NICU there for 10 days. Immediately after he was born my bp came down.

Shockingly, at my first son's 3 month dr appt I found out I was pregnant again. The doctors convinced me that just because it happened the one time doesn't mean it would happen again, but again at 30 weeks my blood pressure soared to 150/106. Again bedrest. This pregnancy was different. The first one I felt great even though the baby wasn't doing good. This time, though I was having severe headaches. At 32 weeks I went to the hospital overnight. At 33 weeks I was put in the hospital and 5 days later they decided to take my 2nd son by emergency c-section. He was 4lbs 9oz. While he was doing great in my womb I wasn't. His lungs weren't fully mature at delivery, but with oxygen & bilirubin lights he came home after only 6 days. Never any further complications.

Both boys are extremely healthy.

In 2003 I unexpectantly got pregnant again. I miscarried at 10 weeks. I tried everything to get over it, but I haven't. Early this year we tried again to get pregnant. Again I miscarried.

I want to try again, but I am very scared both of having another miscarriage and of pih complications for me or the baby. Most people tell me that I shouldn't take the risks. My doctor says that as long as we watch everything closely as we did have with the last 2 that everything should be ok again.

This is my story of PIH. I wish they had a cure.

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