Ultrasound Appt

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Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Wed Mar 23, 2005 08:24 pm

Hi Kim!

Appointment went well today. My fears for low amnio were put to rest. The boy is measuring about 4.2 lbs and has enough fluid to swim in for the time being. He passed his NST test today with flying colors and my Peri told me, "Don't tell anyone anything, we don't want to jinx this!" lol. He's playfully threatened me to either have a problem with this pregnancy or he will send me to a regular OB. I have to laugh. He had me laughing and crying while pushing my second daughter out just over a year ago. I can only look forward to what kind of antics he will put on this time around. Plan of attack for this pregnancy? Go until we can go no more and then have a baby! If I make it to full term, WOW, won't that be a surprise for my system as well as a HUGE baby! lol At a 1/2 lb. per week from now until 8 weeks from now, this kid will be over 8 lbs and I know that they underestimated my second daughter last time. Said around 6 lbs and she was 6 lbs. 15 oz.

Now if we can just get my husband's knee to cooperate. He had his right knee scoped on Mar 4th and relapsed last week because they added weights to his regime. Well, he felt fine during the PT session but later that night and through the weekend, Lord have Mercy! I was about ready to done gloves and break out a chainsaw to amputate to help this man's suffering! I am concerned for him though. He's going to try to go back to work tomorrow for the first time and I know it will be hard for him to drive a stick shift car home after working for 8 hours. It would be one thing to use his left foot to drive in an automatic but we have a stick shift car. YEAH! lol

Braxton Hicks are kicking my butt .. or is it my son who is kicking my butt and causing Braxton Hicks? I have a feeling the spicy nachos I ate on Monday night sent him into a tizzy. I know carrying around this added weight and knowing this baby is bigger than my other two, WOW, my poor back muscles are complaining. He's head down thankfully and has been using my bladder as a pillow religiously. I still pray to get some energy back after I have this little Tazmanian Devil! His sister didn't throw his ultrasound picture in the trash can this time around, but she did take the picture and try to bite it. Hmmm .. warning signs. LOL

Tomorrow shall be back to normal with just lil' girl and I. Big girl has school until Spring Break starts on Friday afternoon, and Big Boy shall be going back to work, hopefully able to tolerate it. I'll get to watch all four episodes of BABY STORY on TLC and then take my usual mid afternoon nap with the lil girl. Ahhhh .. sounds like a dream day to me! lol And then Suzy woke up and saw her laundry pile staring at her.. hmmm.

Love to all and I will post again!

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by kfreeman » Wed Mar 23, 2005 07:16 pm

Hi Sue,

I hope your appt. went very well today. I enjoy reading about your posts, you are too funny. Be sure to update on how everything went.

Kim (38)
Jeff (45)
Married June 22, 2002

Mom to:
Andrew 4-18-91 @ 32 weeks
Justin 12-26-04/12-26-04 @ 24 weeks

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Wed Mar 23, 2005 05:12 am

It's ME again. I have an appt. today with my Peri and his Nurse Practioner. I go for NST tests, Ultrasound and Biophysical Profile I believe today. For some reason I am worried about low amnio showing up. I believe the baby may have dropped because I feel more pressure on my pubic bone and can breathe a bit but am not for sure. Braxton Hicks hit me the night before last and woke me up out of a good sleep. This kid is active, I'll give him that! I had low amnio with my daughter 16 months ago when I was induced to deliver her but she was 36 wks along. I just feel this boy is bigger than the girls have ever been because my stretch marks are smooth and my belly button didn't stick out last pregnancy but it is now! lol Wish me luck.


Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Tue Dec 21, 2004 10:23 am

Well, it's Tuesday. I'm tired from working until 1 am last night and dealing with the last minute shoppers. I have a nice cough going with the cold weather and my asthma. I'm tickled to be working again tonight, NOT, but it's money to help pay the bills, I cannot complain. I am actually happy to be employed and still able to work. I do worry about the baby and make sure I am not working myself to death with this. Poor little girl this morning was tired but fought a nap like you would not believe. She got all of 15 minutes rest I think and is up going again. I've fed her and given her more to drink and hope she will drop off to a full nap around 2pm. Pray she does! I've sent my husband out to run errands today, isn't that nice of me? lol ..

Well, I should go and do some baking today before I run out of energy in total. I feel like making our old family recipe of true Scottish shortbread and maybe some banana bread with the ripe bananas in my kitchen. I have a recipe for Choc chip orange bread that sounds interesting. Who knows what I will make up. And if anyone wants a piece at work, maybe I could charge $0.50 a slice to gain funds for PF. :-)

Write again soon,

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Mon Dec 20, 2004 06:20 am

It's Monday and I have to work tonight. Hubby is off at work and I am at home with the two girls. Laundry is piled up to be done, I have dishes to do and I'm tired from yet another night of weird dreams. I cannot explain how weird they are and how disjointed they seem as they don't make any sense. Just enough of a twist of weird to wake me up or not make me feel comfortable in the morning when I awake. And yes, I couldn't help but eat something like a bowl of cereal before I went to bed. Baby was hungry! hehe

I keep checking my weight as I see my stomach pooching even further out but so far I'm still around the same weight of which I started. That is good news because any weird increases freak me out to PE showing up. My feet haven't been showing any signs of swelling but I do wake up in the morning where my arms, hands or a foot may be asleep. I wait a few minutes before getting out of bed to make sure I am not going to fall on my face or that I can actually pick up my youngest daughter without dropping her.

Humidifier is still running full blast in our house as I have been waking up each morning, from breathing through my mouth, and my lips are cracked from dryness. It's been helping the kidlets with their sleep though, that is good. Luckily it's big enough, we only have to fill it twice a day.

Little girl now says "pretty tree" when she sees our Christmas tree all lit up. And last night while I was surfing until I could fall asleep, I heard her softly sleep talking over the monitor and it was so cute. Yep, she's one of my kids as the oldest sleep walks as well. I now know I will have to triple gate the upstairs at night to prevent escape.

I don't know how I shall balance this life of two little ones and a slightly bigger one when the time comes this spring. I know, too late to think about all that seeing it's going to happen now regardless. lol I just think, I've been the mother of one girl for so long, having a family of three children now is such a new experience. I keep praying I do a good job to show them all how much I love them every day. The little ones will require more of my time for basic needs but I do not want to sacrifice my oldest's emotional needs as she is getting closer and closer to being a teen. I am thankful my husband is working hard so that I can be home with the kids. He and I feel strongly about this and it works for us. I cannot say all women feel comfortable being a stay at home mom but I do.

Well, I better quit babbling and get back to my matronly duties. lol No, I'm not the only one that knows how to do laundry and put dishes away. I have to say my husband is great in how much he helps out around the house as well as the emotional support he offers during these difficult pregnancies. I know I'm high risk but I try not to be high maintenance. I still try to keep a degree of independence while I'm watchful of my health and the baby's.

I just picked up my crochet for the first time in a year. I was able to work in one entire skein before bedtime last night. So I am now one third the way done with a very pretty light yellow baby afghan. Felt good to be able to work on it again, relaxing. I will get back to working on the preemie hats for the hospital soon, too. I know the preciousness of getting a hat or a blanket to take home when you cannot take home a baby.

Love to all you moms out there,

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Sat Dec 18, 2004 06:17 pm

Hello Angelina! Thank you for posting to my running babble! hehehe I look forward to getting a meeting going for February, just have to clear the time, place and duration through the Executive Board and it will be posted from there. Hopefully all that wish to attend will see it and come running! hehehe I'd like to get a network of us in Indiana together to help others who are going through PE at the various hospitals or have gone through it already. Family members I believe should be welcome to get a better understanding of what their loved ones have faced and what others have faced as well. Maybe even a Dad's group as well as a mom's group? Or just a family gathering to talk? I'm just thinking out loud right now but welcome suggestions. I know some people who do not have children and have faced loss would be uncomfortable with other children around but then it might show them the hope of what treatments are available to get them to their goal. I wouldn't ask those who have to travel from out of town and who have kids to leave their children at home if they have no other way of coming to the meeting. The whole idea is we ALL love children, or we wouldn't be hurt so bad by what happens when we run into obstacles that prevent us from that happy outcome.

I would love to discuss talents. See who can do what and how we could use that to our advantage to raise funds for our Foundation. Even if it's a talent for talking everyone one of their family members into donating $1.00 to help further our cause. Trust me, for some family members out there, that would be talent! hehehe

I've never played Bunko which is a successful fundraiser for some so far. I know where I can find the game and will have to research it's potential. hehe Maybe even do a trial run at our meeting? :-)

I'll keep thinking of what else we can do. My mind stretches in many directions with possible ideas. Just have to get a solid lead on something in which we can all join together to make into a success!

I'll post more later. Have a great night and hope to see you some more print other than my own! hehe


Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by anggriffin » Sat Dec 18, 2004 04:43 pm

Hi Sue,

Congratulations on the boy! I'm glad everything is going well for you with this pregnancy. I have enjoyed reading your posts.

I'd be interested in a meeting in February 2005. I live in Fishers. Let me know if I can help with anything.


Mom to daughter, Billie, 09/23/99 @ 37 weeks due to PE

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Fri Dec 17, 2004 01:35 pm

OK, it cost me just under $200 for the car to be repaired. YUCK. But at least it was repairable, that is the main thing. Anything worse than that and I would have been looking at no car for months! Sigh... It's a dog eat car tire world out there. lol

So far still feeling pretty good. I'll be lucky to see my husband for more than half an hour a day the next week because we are both working so much. We work around each others' schedules to be there for the kids.

So here's to life one paycheck at a time! :-)


Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by mom2tori » Thu Dec 16, 2004 06:00 am

I had to laugh reading your last post because my husband and I were just saying to each other that our car is running really well.......so what part of the car is going to brake now!?! It seems like everytime we get something fixed and it is running great something else brakes and sets us behind. Never fails, so we are waiting on pins and needles for something to happen. Hopefully nothing expensive though I am sure that is wishful thinking. Victoria has been her sassy self so she must be feeling better after being sick over the weekend. I told her she was my favorite girl in the whole world and she told me, 'I don't know what you are talking about, please stop talking to me.' So, yes, my girl is back to her usual self! I hope your car gets a clean bill of health, and your children remain problem free!

Alissa mommy to:
Dominic 9/10/97-9/11/97 @ 28 weeks
Victoria 1/8/02 @ 30 weeks

Re : Ultrasound Appt

Post by timelessbeauty » Thu Dec 16, 2004 05:39 am

To continue that thought from last night at around midnight, the worst thing you can do it go to work and THEN become hungry as a pregnant woman. Ohhh .. and this kid doesn't like sugar! I eat candy or anything sugary, and he rejects it. I have to have spicy or more healthy food. That's a good thing for the kid, but bad when you have a sudden craving and the only you have to depend on is a vending machine. I wanted a turkey and swiss sandwich on rye but I was restricted to the available sugar cookies. UGH!

Well, I'm off to run my poor car to the "dr" to see what is wrong with the exhaust. Hopefully it isn't something expensive. I've had this car for over 7 years and yet I still think of it as new. Weird, eh? lol ... And this is the GOOD car in the family. My husband's car is having problems with the drivers window not going all the way up so it's taped off right now with packaging tape. (Looks wonderful as you can imagine but keeps the cold air out for now) And we have to fix the brake pads from rubbing and making noise even though those are new from within the year. Sounds like one of the pads is loose and rubbing. If it's not raining some days it's pouring it feels like. But this is life and it's what we all must deal with I know. As long as it's the cars and not my children having a problem, I'm ok with that.

Well, I'm off for now. Hope to hear from you soon!