What's right with me?

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Re : What's right with me?

Post by timelessbeauty » Tue Apr 26, 2005 04:40 pm

Well, there is the funny part. Originally the doctor said I was going to deliver by 39 weeks or be induced. I was told today that he won't deliver me by induction before 39 weeks without an amnio, which I'm not into the "Oh Happy Dagger" routine like Shakespeare. LOL ... The BPP went fine today as he practiced his breathing, showed off his "gross" body movements and his heartbeat. It's a strange feeling but now it's like I'm nervous because things are going good versus being nervous about possible problems in the past. I cannot believe it myself as I have gotten this far and show no signs of going anytime soon. Cervix is soft but not effaced nor dilated. He's a stubborn cuss, this little boy of mine! I mean, I am glad that he's taking all the time he needs to "bake" properly but WOW .. what's up with being healthy? LOL ..

I know I should be shot for seeming like I am complaining about being healthy but it's a baffling fact of my life right now. I've gained 26 lbs which is a normal weight gain for pregnancy where I barely gained anything last pregnancy and still delivered a healthy baby girl. I guess part of it was my mindset in thinking and gearing up for delivery by now and almost a sense of disappointment that I don't have my son in my arms by now. I feel like I have senioritis and I'm not even in high school anymore! lol .. I'm so ready for this pregnancy to be over but then again, I'm surprised and happy that all is going so well.

Whacky isn't it? Had I not known the signs for PE when I lost my son in October of 2002, called my OB and gone to the hospital, I would not be here today to try this again. But how can I go from having such a horrific pregnancy with tragic ends to being on top of the world with a healthy pregnancy? It's a good thing but it still leaves me feeling awkward. I cannot explain.


Re : What's right with me?

Post by denise » Tue Apr 26, 2005 01:08 pm

Holy Cow Sue!!! You have made it so far with this pregnancy!!! That is so awesome. Hmmm, so you are looking at another two weeks or so of being pregnant. What does the doc say about delivering before he goes out of town? How did the BPP go?

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What's right with me?

Post by timelessbeauty » Tue Apr 26, 2005 12:37 am

I went in for my BPP(Biophysical Profile) appt today and I am officially 37 wks, a personal best! I don't understand it and I guess neither does my doctor. The nurse practioner said that he was using me as an example the other day, name excluded, but mentioned how I had been on death's door and had a stillborn and now have this pregnancy thing down pat!
I still cannot shake the "shoe drop" feeling while I wait for this boy to be born. I know that may seem like a pessimistic view on this pregnancy, which I do not mean to be. I am happy to have a healthy pregnancy yet I am "over" the feeling of being pregnant which I have heard many other pregnant moms say. They told me I would not go past 39 wks for delivery yet, when we tried to schedule the induction for after the 39th week, it ends up he's out of town and I will have to schedule my induction for the night of May 15th. It's possible I could have him that night or early the next morning. I tend to go pretty quick. But seeing that would put me almost at 40 wks because I am originally due May 17th, I may , may I say, go before that.
It's almost like I am having a hard time being "healthy". Isn't that weird? I had false labor on Friday night and didn't end up calling anyone, not even the doctor. At around midnight I felt what I thought at first were feet pressing up in my diaphragm but it turns out were contractions every 10 minutes. This lasted for 3.5-4 hrs and then went away. What's up with that??!?!?!?! Granted I was thinking, Why Why must you wake up to do this in the middle of the night? I didn't want to disturb anyone at midnight or later, so I was going to wait until they got closer together to call anyone and as a result I am glad I didn't call right away.
Well, here I sit, waiting for my oldest to come home from school and dealing with my 17 month old who has a cold but otherwise is feeling ok. I sit, feeling like I am playing some cruel waiting game even though I know the longer he stays in the better off he is.

37 wks.... all I can say is WOW and Owwwwww .. get off my pubic bone! lol